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Deep Shades of Blue seeks to be the leading online gathering place for fans of BYU Athletics.

We are committed to providing a place true blue fans can come to and receive insight and analysis that is unavailable anywhere else, without being harassed by trolling fans of other programs.

Deep Shades of Blue was founded in 2008 and today enjoys tens-of-thousands of monthly readers from all over the country and world.

We hope you enjoy the insights and commentary, and encourage you to contribute to this site by providing your own comments and thoughts.

Welcome to the Deep Shades of Blue community!


  • Brady Crawford said:

    First off, thank you for the insightful information.

    Second, having never been a part of a football program, I was wondering if you could go into a little detail as to what is on the game preparation DVDs and other prep materials. Are they posistion specific? (I would assume so) What are the athletes asked/required to do as homework, etc.?


  • Quinn Gooch said:

    Check the Q&A page for answers to questions.

  • Dustin Gabriel said:

    call an ambulance!!….nice Quinn, I never knew you were such an ambitious writer. good work, seriously.

  • Nathan Copier said:

    Nice Gooch, nice. It’s good to see you are alive old friend…

  • Spenceer Pope said:

    Great Job! I am really excited to read your insights throughout this season. I have really been impressed with what I have read so far!

  • Doug Holland said:

    I really like your insight, it is as if you actually played football at one time.

  • Brad Christensen said:

    I absolutely love how intensive the informaion is on this site. This is now a website that I check mulitiple times a day for updates. Thanks Gooch

  • Jason said:

    Gooch, I absolutely love this site. You are providing detail and context that I don’t get anywhere else. Thanks.

  • cougarblueutehater said:

    quinn, great site!! its great to get a former players perspective on the game and greatness that is BYU FOOTBALL!!

  • Rex said:

    Quinn –

    Would you mind giving us a brief rundown of “cover 2″ and “cover 3″ and some of the other flavors of zone that BYU and other teams play?

    Explain which coverages involve LB’s dropping into short zones and safeties helping the CB’s over the top, and what parts of the field the 4 DB’s cover under each flavor.


  • Two X Chromosomes said:


    As a female football fan, thanks for the great blog! As a member of the “gentler” sex, I never got to play football but I love college football season even more than my husband does! (Me:”Sweetie, turn off the videogame!” Husband: “Why?” Me: “The Ohio State game is on! It has national championship implications!” (though not anymore) Husband: “You’re strange.”). :) As someone who never got to get as close to the game as I would have loved to, it’s great to read the expertise from someone who did!

    Keep it up!

  • Aaron Wagner said:

    Great Work Quinn, Keep it up…I’ve always thought that the message boards should have some feedback from people that truly know how it is….but i rather enjoy all the speculation nonetheless.

  • Michael Smith said:

    Love the blog and thanks for answering previous questions of mine. I do have a couple general comments about the site. First, it’s time for a different picture of yourself. The snowcone stained jersey does nothing for you and half of your head is mission. Surely, you have a better pic in your archives! Also, your blog is a little hard to navigate. I don’t have any suggestions on exactly what to do but I know others have complained about this issue. Other than these two minor issues, I love the blog and really enjoy your insight.

  • lcastleton said:

    Great site! Love it . . .

    Any way to change the password to something I can remember more easily?


    Lowell Castleton

  • Tom Watkins said:

    Great work Quinn!! This site is awesome!! Have you been playing any softball? I still love those Puma shoes you wore to the game. Good thing you are a nice guy as I probably did miss one or two of the strikes you threw :)

  • allenc said:


    What did you think of Bronco’s comments on scaling back the playbook and using less plays? It made me a little crazy! Also you mentioned that Max Hall needs to spread it to more recievers. What happened to spreading the ball around and who would he though it to? It seemed like there was a lot of pretty good recievers on that 2006 team that John Beck would through to and tons of people were catching balls. Do they play other people besides Collie, Pitta, Reid and Unga? Those complimentary recievers seem to be non-existent. Certainly not the 6-9 receivers that you would like to see! What are your thoughts on that?

    I just decided to jump on to your blog after listening to David Locke and hearing you on the show. I like your insights!

  • allenc said:

    Sorry I kept spelling throw wrong and didn’t notice it until my comment was already posted.

  • allenc said:


    A couple more things. Are we ever going to get DB’s in the face of the receivers? Simple math tells me that if you have a third and 10 situation and you give the guy a 13 yard cushion, your odds aren’t good for stopping them from getting the first down. That has driven me nuts for so long and I never understood why teams didn’t just run 7-yard hitches all the way down the field. How can they change that? I like the odds of making the QB beat us long on occassion. Thats not a very high percentage play and I know we don’t have a ton of speed but that cushion is crazy!

  • Mike said:

    Quinn, as a former player and current fan i find it difficult to get my football fix. Talk radio wears me out most of the time but i listen anyway because i need my fix. This is a great site. keep up the good work.

  • Chance said:

    I agree. Very, very impressive sight! I’m sick an tired of reading the crud on Cougarboard that people post who have no idea what they are talking about. Thanks for everything!

  • Rick said:

    I’m new to this site, today, and earlier I came across a paage I could buy a tee shirt with an oval Y and the haka on the back, now I can’t find it. great website also. I would like to buy a couple shirts

  • Jordan said:

    Hey Quinn and crew,

    I want to say thanks so much for this site, it is awesome. Great insight from former players. I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time on this site!

  • Jason Sainsbury said:

    Can you report any details that you have about Austin Collie’s status? IS he going Pro? Any talk of him staying? What can you tell us about this. Have you talked to him?

    By the way, I love the site! Great work!

  • Corwin said:

    It is so sad to see the ripping. We were all distraught at what was going on with Coach Crowton, and now how can Coach M have football be #5. I was sad to see what happened in Vegas, but I will always stick with my team.

    Quinn and Crew,

    What do you think went wrong in Vegas and with the team in the second half of the year? How much of an impact do you think the Jacobson will have in his return. Do you know of anybody else that is getting back from a mission that should be making an impact next year? Especially on defernse?

    Thanks, Corwin Hudson

  • Brett said:

    The new banner for your newly designed blog still says “arthemia” … which if i’m not mistake is the design name for the template you changed to. Did I just catch it at a bad time, will the blog still be called Deep Shades of Blue?

  • Aaron said:

    Hey – can you guys start a forum? I’m sick of the stupidness that is cougarboard.

  • Markell Staffieri said:


    What do you want from a forum? Do you want to start your own dialogue outside just commenting on the posts? There is generally pretty good discussion running through the comments.

    Define your expectations and we will deliver.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Forums are tricky because of the time needed to manage them. The reason there are so many joker on Cougarboard is because it’s so big that no one can monitor the content.

    This suck needs to some significant cash flow before I can donate that kind of time.

    Leave some comments and sign up for the RSS comments and you’ll get an email when someone responds to the same article as you. Then the conversation continues.

  • scott said:

    Hey guys,

    In light of the Te’o dismissal, I think it would be interesting to see how Bronco handles a situation like this. Obviously, we don’t need to call out Te’o’s situation specifically, but I am sure you guys saw this happen before. how does Bronco address the player? how does he tell the team? how does the team react to the situation and to the player? What are the options for the player?

    This is unfortunate and I am sure Bronco has given him chances (rather than just dismiss him as a rapid response). I am just curious to know how this all works.


  • AF Coug said:

    You know, I just found this site yesterday and I am greatly impressed.

    I think the thing I like is that you guys monitor the comments so that I don’t have to read stupid board postings and Ute trollers (it’s fun during that week but have you ever read the comments section on the SL Trib?) This is a much more intelligent look at cougar football and one which I appreciate given how much daggum time I spend following it.

    I have a suggestion you might consider to increase following and potential revenue. If you could team up with Cougarfan.com and have a page that daily has just about every single new article on the web about Cougar sports and then combine that with your comments and insights as well as individual shots from guest writers, like you did with JoBeck, then I really think this would be my one stop shop for cougar sports.

    I seriously check cougarfan once or twice a day, even off-season and there are quite a few of us out here that do this – but that site is pretty boring beyond the links.

    This is a very nice website with a ton of potential. It’s definitely a premium product due to the fact that it is you guys who are producing it. There are plenty of real old and newly old cougs that we would love to hear their side of the stories we all participated in and remember so well. And now that you’re picking up sponsors like Fillmore I think you guys have a good thing going.

    This is a very unique niche market you have found. There are a lot of us, we are fiercely loyal, incredibly interested and with a product this good we will be back and back and back some more.

    Please keep it up Quinn. I know I’ll support your sponsors just to continue to have this website available.

  • DodgerDoug said:

    Dear Quinn, Markell, and Ben

    I love this site especially getting such great insite from former players. Hey, I am sure you have many former players who reply and respond to the various posts. I would love to know if a former player is responding. I know you highlight your names in blue when you respond but could we also highlight the names of other former players when they respond so that we can know they are a former player? Great job, keep it up!

  • sheffie said:

    Just like AF Coug said I just found this site thanks to my brother and its amazing. I am a die hard Cougar fan and this time of year I’m trying to get as much information as I can about BYU Football.

    Also, I check Cougarfan.com at least daily but I’ve never seen a link from there to here. I am sure tons more people would read this if they knew about it. On cougarfan you can suggest news and they can post a link to what you suggested. Maybe you’ve already tried.

    Also, I am excited to hear what former players like you guys will have to say. I’ve only read a few articles so far and explored the site but I’m definitely going to read back through as much as I can.

    I am really excited that this is going to be a positive look at BYU sports. I’m tired of negative comments and people who don’t know what they are talking about.

    I also am excited for some in-depth insights into the BYU Program. I’m a little tired of reading articles that aren’t in depth enough. I want to understand our offense and defense better and who has what responsibilities. I know football pretty well and want to know more than the fact that we are in a cover 2 or cover 3 and stuff like that. I don’t know the linebackers responsibilities very well and I don’t know the intricate details of who does what. I know you are trying to write to a large audience, but I just ask that you give us the benefit of the doubt and recognize that a lot of us want as much depth and detail as you can give.

    The typical articles that are available to read are newspaper articles that are dumbed down for anyone to understand. I expect guys that really understand the team and opposing teams to give more meat and not just the milk.

    Sorry for such a long post, but I just think this is an amazing site. Go Cougars.

  • TruBluCoug said:

    Found you from Bleacher Report. Glad I did. Keep us updated on Jan. Sad to hear him on the radio middays, cause I know it dosn’t bode well for his career on the field.

  • Steve M. said:

    Ban Markell his is a liar!!!

  • Steve H. said:

    Ban Steve M and tell Markell to come back! I enjoyed his comments/insight even tho I didn’t agree with the QB fiasco yesterday.

  • Brad said:

    Hi there,

    Given your interest in BYU basketball and all things Jimmer, I thought you and your readers would be interested to know that the Marriott Center will be offering $1 Hot Dogs during the BYU-CSU game tomorrow.

    The offer is only available through BYU Express, the Marriott Center’s new service that allows fans to order concessions via text message and have them delivered right to their seats at no additional charge.

    To use the service, fans need to create a free BYU Express account at http://www.BYUexpress.com, then text BYU to 626-442 when they get to the game.

    BYU Express actually uses technology developed by two BYU graduates, who turned it into a business called Mangia Technologies (full disclosure – I work for Mangia). They have an iPhone app as well (search “mangia mobile” in the Apple app store) though AT&T connectivity is pretty poor at the Marriott Center during BYU basketball games.

    Anyway, just thought I’d pass that info along. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for your time and GO COUGARS!

  • kiyoshige said:

    1. This game is a neutral site. This is not a home game for TCU. This is similar to the Oklahoma game. Oklahoma was a top 10 program. TCU was a top 10 program. We will generally do these neutral site games for top 10 programs or some teams in BCS conferences. Some teams in

    2. Our 2011 schedule may overall prove to be a tougher schedule than 2010.

    3. Why does everyone think our 2011 schedule is so bad? Because it is lacking quality teams playing in LES. But compare 2011 home schedule with the previous 3 years.

    2011: Utah, UCF, Utah St., SJSU, Idaho St., Idaho, NMSU
    2010: Washington, Nevada, SDSU, Wyoming, UNLV and New Mexico.
    2009: FSU, CSU, USU, TCU, AF, Utah
    2008: Northern Iowa, UCLA, Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV, SDSU

    My point here is that besides MWC teams, we really haven’t been able to get a “marquee” team to come to LES, unless you call FSU, UCLA and Washington “marquee” teams. We have Notre Dame on the horizon. With the short notice this year it was even tougher to get a single BCS school to come – in 2011 Utah is our “UCLA, Washington, FSU”.

    4. OF COURSE we want to get into a so-called “BCS” conference, like the Big 12. Then you have these “home and home” agreements built in. Every other year you get to see the Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Texas Techs come to your place. But that hasn’t happened yet and like Holmoe, I’m not holding my breath. I’m sure he and the powers that be are looking into all these options.

    I would take a wait and see approach before being overly critical of our football schedule. When was the last time we played an SEC team? We did a home/home with Mississippi St. in 2000-2001 and we did one game at Tuscaloosa in 1998. So I think a one game with Ole Miss is great.

    If we want teams to come to LES, we are going to have to make it worth their while. This means some big payouts. Payouts are driven by TV ratings (advertising revenue). TV ratings are driven by how good the team is. So we have to be top 10 year in and year out to get those people to come.

  • LouisianaCougar said:

    Where are the articles about how BYU’s basketball team is shaping up?

    They head to Greece for several games. I am a BIG hoops fan. Football is fine, and all that, but I love BYU basketball.

    How about a status report?

  • NWACougar said:

    Thanks Brett for the awesome blogs and for providing away for those of us that are too far away from Provo to really get good analysis of the BYU sports programs.

  • RDJ said:

    Dear Brett, your last two articles were the only honest appraisals I have seen about what is really happening in BYU football. Ironically, we have some of the best talent, and most playmakers I can ever remember at BYU right now, but the worst coaching. You are 100% on point on Reaching the Ceiling and on getting Taysom on the field.

    We will NEVER be a top program with Bronco the Robot…and after hearing him after the game tonight, which sounded even more Robotish and babble speak than on Saturday night after not being prepared to play Utah (again), that fact is more clear than ever.

    After agonizingly watching the game I listened on the Internet and once again, it is obvious why we cannot beat any team with a winning record.

    Bronco actually said he made his two point decision on the 20 yard line…he said didn’t think we would have momentum again and said he would not kick the extra point if given the chance to kick it again…he said “I would go for two again in a second”…what a stupid fool…he is an is an embarrassment…only at BYU could this idiot survive…he says the same thing every week “their effort, their resiliency, I love this team, just a great testament to the human spirit…what is he talking about?

    FYI, Riley is not a #1 QB, he is #1 Leader, #1 tough guy, with # 2 talent (or less) and to top it off he is hurt and had a concussion. Bronco does not understand football…he said on the radio; “there is just one standard to measure up to, when they do that in practice the coaches trust them to play.” It is like listening to a Santa Cruz stoner- Bronco is all about New AGE MORMON do babble speak. He said he “lost track of the turnovers…was it 5? “ Wow-really? In the last six quarters of football Riley Nelson has six turnovers…how about that stat?

    He then says; “Well Riley Nelson is my #1 QB, I hope he can play next week”…”I love the kid, I love his toughness”…earth to Bronco…Riley is not a linebacker or a fullback…he is a QB. He tells the KSL breathless radio heads, “I would do it again every time…we were gathering momentum, I could feel it”…we might not get it back”…what? He is asked, but coach you had no Time Outs…his answer, “we knew we had no time outs, it just didn’t work out”. What-he is not a strategist or a game manager…he does not care about massive penalty accumulation which stops drives…he just loves toughness since he sees himself…very little talent but a tough guy…tough robot.

    The KSL HOMER RADIO HOSTS DON’T CHALLENGE THIS STATEMENT? No time outs, he has 3:37, he knows he doesn’t have TO’s but he hopes he can stop them…even without a first down, there is no time for us to score, especially with our fault FG kickers. What is wrong in ZOOBIEVILLE? How can anyone make concessions for him Bronco has no clue over football tactics, this is not basketball. He has all the momentum…if he kicks the extra point, all the odds are in his favor…Boise State will have to try for win, not hold the ball. His D could get a turnover…the complexion of the game is changed…they have NO FB KICKER…he could win the overtime.

    Instead, Bronco babbles on about Riley being tough, loving this team…his season is DONE…if he sticks with Riley he is looking at losses to Utah State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Oregon State…that would be six losses and one more and no bowl game. Instead he tells KSL, “This game does not change my belief in Riley…he is still my #1 QB, I love how tough he is”…he keeps saying he loves how tough he is…what is he talking about? HE IS A HEAD COACH…Riley is not 50% the QB as Taysom…and at 100%, he has a VERY WEAK ARM…Taysom Hill is head and shoulders above him in talent…it is obvious to anyone who sees practice…Taysom just needs reps…he is bigger, faster, stronger, great arm, he just needs reps…

    This is more of why BRONCO is a terrible coach. He does not get it….playing QB is not just about toughness…it is about talent..Riley is simply not that great a talent, and certainly not close to Taysom in talent…who unlike Jake Heaps is well-liked and is also a leader and seems like a pretty tough guy himself…he dragged three Boise State Players into the end zone with him tonight.

    Broncos solution for next week? The KSL boys breathlessly ask him: Bronco Robot speak: “We need and I need to ask more of the offensive coaches and players to do more and make the expectations clearer…I will ask more and make the demands and ask Coach Doman to do more…I trust him, I will set clearer expectations for him…BYU players do what they are asked”. Again, what the living hell is he babbling about? He is not a football coach any more than Obama is an adequate President.

    His next comment, is an arrogant and stubbornly pronounced “If anyone will beat us they need to play four quarters… that is what I can see”. KSL responds…oh yes coach, that is true. REALLY? WHAT IS GOING ON? Everyone has to play four quarters…that is what a football game is…you played 8 quarters the past two weeks with superior talent and lost both games…and this game was 100% on coaching an specifically on Bronco.

    Coach, does Riley has health issues? Oh, that is too early to say…”I can only hope he can play be next game, he is a tough guy (again) he is our leader”. I wanted to jump through the computer and smack the robot battery out of him…WHAT IS HE SAYING? HAS Any coach ever talked like this? He would be LOL out of any real university who gave two cents about football…even at division 2…he is an arrogant idiot who is running amok with the program, lecturing and threatening anyone with his false piousness and dependence on gospel over winning.

    If Tom Homloe listens to the crap and does not bring this fool into his office and rip him a new one, he should be questioned to his competency as well. Great, we can beat loser teams and the 5th place team from PAC10 and MAC…what is Bronco’s solution for turning it around next week? “They have to play hard to the very end…who knows what the score will be and it isn’t relevant to us, hopefully we get a couple more points but that isn’t the issue. They might be 5-6 more games just like this one this year…” LISTEN TO THAT CRAP…AND NO ONE CHALLENGES HIM.

    I am shocked at this guy being a coach and saying what he says…Last year he was out of control rude and arrogant to the Cougar Club for questioning his coaching and decision-making, tonight he was out of control proud of making one of the single worst coaching decision anyone can ever remember seeing in any game at any level. Bronco is not qualified to be a head coach…only at BYU could he have even been hired, much less keep a job. Tonight, he should have tied the game but much, much worse, instead of admitting his bone-headed bad decision, he told all of us listening that he would do it again…and he is proud of it…proud of his stupid decision that everyone is now making fun of him… and it is all over the national news…everyone laughing but BYU fans. This alone says all you need to know about why we need changes.

  • Kyon said:

    How much of a difference will Robert Anae make?

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