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Big Names Lining Up to Face Cougars

17 May 2011 Brett Richins 86 Comments

LES to host many big name programs in the future (BYU photo)

Just because you haven’t heard BYU announce any new future football games recently, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on that hasn’t been made public yet.

The truth be told, the BYU administration and coaching staff have been blown away by the number and quality of programs that are trying to line up for a chance to play the Cougars on the ESPN family of networks.

You may have heard BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe comment multiple times in the media over the past several months about how surprised he has been by the number of high-profile programs that have shown interest in scheduling games with BYU.

He’s not kidding.

It appears that one of the developing issues in this new world of independence for the Cougars is a real concern about over-scheduling themselves with powerhouse teams if they take every opportunity that is presenting itself.  The response has been overwhelming, and as Holmoe has stated publicly, the key is to have some semblance of balance in the schedule.

That said, Deep Shades of Blue has learned that BYU is well down the trail of striking deals with several big-name opponents.  In some cases, deals are done with certain schools, with BYU and ESPN biding their time for the right moment to make the announcements.

Holmoe was apparently ready to release some of the games to the public at the same time that Utah and the PAC-12 announced its new TV mega deal.  The decision was then made to delay the announcement of those games until a time that the Cougars can be front and center in media reports.

Among the scheduling news to come, the Cougars appear set to face multiple Big Ten programs, a collection of teams that the Cougars have rarely faced, except in the occasional bowl in years gone by.

As has been rumored for a while now, it does appear as if BYU is close to announcing a three-game series with Wisconsin and Nebraska.  Both series will reportedly include a game in each team’s home stadium, as well as at a neutral site. The biggest challenge in finalizing these deals has been the arrangement of neutral site locations.

Deep Shades of Blue has also learned that a similar series is in the works with Penn State.  According to sources close to the program, BYU has been able to leverage the long-time friendship between LaVell Edwards and Joe Paterno in order to rekindle their series from the early 1990’s.

Also according to inside sources, another home-and-home series is in the works with USC, while the Trojan’s crosstown rival, UCLA, has approached BYU about starting up another set of games.  The Cougars and Bruins have squared off 10 times over the past 28 seasons, with UCLA holding a 7-3 advantage.  BYU has won the last two games in the series however, including a 59-0 shellacking of the Bruins in Provo in their last meeting  in 2008.

Since the announcement that the football program would go independent just nine months ago, BYU has announced a six-game series with Notre Dame, a four-game series with Georgia Tech, a two-game series with Hawaii, a two-game series with Central Florida and neutral-site games with West Virginia and TCU. A two-game series with Texas was announced just days before BYU announced it was going independent.

One interesting tidbit for Cougars fans is that BYU has turned down some game opportunities presented to them by ESPN. One source told Deep Shades of Blue that BYU has adopted the stance that they will not look at taking anything less than $1 million to make a road appearance on the “worldwide leader in sports”. The same source says that the Cougars will get paid as much $2 million in some instances.

One of the reasons a dollar figure has never surfaced for ESPN’s contract with BYU is that the deal is essentially open-ended, with a guaranteed minimum (rumored to be around $8 million per year).  Then, as various opportunities present themselves, the two parties will negotiate additional financial terms.  The result is that BYU stands to make much more revenue from the deal than anyone outside of the inner circle has considered, perhaps as much as 12 to 13 million per year.

In recent days a rumor has also surfaced regarding BYU potentially joining the Big East Conference.  Deep Shades of Blue has learned that the conference did indeed contact BYU about becoming a football-only member, but that the proposal was turned down by the BYU administration.

Big East programs have been among the many schools that have been talking to BYU about future games.

BYU seems very focused on making football independence work in a big way, and despite the lack of news coming out of Provo,  it appears the Cougars are making significant headway in putting together the kind of schedule that was envisioned when the decision was made to embark on a path to independence.

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  • Nate W said:

    Wow. Turning down the Big East would be a bold move. The easiest AQ conference to win? The traveling would be a huge pain, but we would get to keep playing TCU which is a series I like (when we win).

  • Kyle M said:

    You just made me so happy, Brett. Thanks for the great reporting

  • c. shorter said:

    Sure hope there will be a game in Wisconsin soon. That would be a lot of fun.

  • Brett H said:

    Some suprises (Big East approached BYU?), some not (Wisconsin been rumored for a while).

  • David Moore said:

    I don’t see BYU joining any league until the Big-12 decides contraction to ten doesn’t work. TCU joined the Big-East readily since they knew or had some obvious inside intelligence that the Big-12 would NEVER take them. While Commissioner Dan Beebe says the door is closed right now, rumors abound that it is BYU and a TBD school (anyone but TCU, Houston, Memphis or Tulsa) with Arkansas or Louisville being the targeted institutions for future Big-12 expansion. Also rumors of a possible Nebraska return to the Big-12 have heated up since they were recently expelled from the academically prestigious AAU.

  • Nate W said:

    Thinking of those games (and payouts) you’ve mentioned does make me giddy, though.

  • Hoax said:

    I am not happy about turning down the Big East invitation is this is true. Yes, I like the scheduling that’s coming out, Brett some of these are VERY exciting, but if an invite from an AQ conference was extended, BYU is crazy not to accept. Sorry. I’m dissapointed.

  • Spencer said:

    So if the big east actually did come calling and byu refused what exactly would have to be offered to the school in regards to conference affiliation for them to accept? In your opinion of course.

  • Brett Richins said:

    Hoax, Spencer and others,

    Let me clarify — BYU did not turn down an official invite from the Big East. As I understand it, they were approached by the BE with the idea, but that BYU isn’t interested in being the Hawaii of the BE. Now if they came back with something that included full membership then that might be a different story. My primary source on this has been right on everything they have told me in the past, including informing me that BYU was going to go independent and move their other sports to the WAC three weeks before it became public. We made a decision at that point not to break the story for fear that it would be harmful to BYU if the info got out. The BE idea may well of been hatched out of the fact that Big East teams have had significant interest in scheduling BYU as an independent.

  • Geoff J said:

    Man I hope you are right about this stuff Brett. Virtually everything you just reported made me happy.

    The fact that teams are lining up… the money BYU has potential to demand… All of it is great stuff.

  • Brandon said:

    We should have kept the Big East on the line to at least explore the option, IMO. I would actually prefer football-only as a BE member anyway.

    Sounds like we’re committed to independence. If the regular season scheduling works out my only complaint would be our bowl tie-ins. They are terrible.

  • Chris I said:

    Brett, what are your thoughts on BYU handling the issue of 2 for 1 games. Is administration trying to fill it with “smaller” programs 1 and done.

  • CBT said:

    I see no problem turning down the Big East. The home schedule would improve some, but adding games with TCU, WVU, Syracuse, Cinci, SFlorida, Louisville, etc, is cool, but not awesome. I’d rather have some cake walks with 3-4 huge games each year, and it sounds as if BYU is on that track right now. The BCS tie in is not the be all and end all in my mind. Plus, a playoff is coming anyway, so stay Indy.

  • Greg said:

    BYU fans have been quick to deflect the “Notre Dame of the West” title since announcing independence, but it makes far too much sense to ignore:
    (1) National fanbase (Notre Dame’s is bigger, but BYU’s is growing faster)
    (2) Regional TV markets (Notre Dame owns parts of both Chicago and Indianapolis. BYU owns parts of both Salt Lake and Phoenix)
    (3) Religious affiliation
    (4) The desire to be a light to the world

    I’m not advocating that BYU call itself the “Notre Dame” of anything. Notre Dame is a great school with a great tradition, but it’s not BYU. BYU can and should be unique. The fact that ESPN realized early on that it had a valuable commodity is telling. Even more interesting is this “trial run” that is proving to be very successful. Even next year’s schedule isn’t a step down from the MWC. If anything, the schedule’s a draw but will only improve over time.

    All of the recent TV contrat negotiations lately have resulted in tons more revenue for universities. My guess is that BYU will have some very successful seasons over the next eight years and then negotiate a ridiculous contract that most of us can’t even imagine right now. That’s when the Big XII and PAC-12 will also come calling (to the latter I hope we say “Sorry, you already stood us up for the Prom. No thanks!”). Whether we accept a Big XII invite or not, I don’t care. BYU will make the best decision just like it did last summer. Go Cougars!!!

  • Jared said:

    Giddy-up! BYU is doing just fine, thank you very much. I’m glad to hear all of this news, including the big east thing (that affiliation just doesn’t make sense to me, and the big east doesn’t appeal to me at all in football – basketball would be a different story). I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!!

  • Brett Richins said:

    Chris I,

    The only 2-1 arrangement currently is Notre Dame, and actually that starts out 0-2 then goes home-and-home over the next four meetings. Texas is a defacto 2-1 in that they added a home-and-home to what was going to be a one-and-done this year.

  • PunkA said:

    I just want to point out once again how important it seems for BYU to control there our product. They learned their lesson the hard way when Comcast ruled the MWC/MTN deal, made no concessions, and basically limited what BYU could do. BYU had no choice but to get out of that deal because Comcast was a horrible TV partner, while ESPN is proving to be an ideal TV partner. BYU Gets to package its home games on ESPN, still broadcast 1 per year on BYUTV, and show as many reruns of each game it wants. BYU can also so no to ESPN on certain deals, so while ESPN may match-make, ESPN does not own BYU.

    I look at Utah now, and am jealous of the $20+M per year they will soon get, but am not jealous of their lack of control over their own product even in local markets. Utah signed that all away, while BYU gains some control. So Utah gets more $$, a bump due to conference affiliation, but they could get buried in the PAC-12, much like Indiana is in the Big 10, or Washington State is in the PAC unless they win. If they are middling, they can expect all games on Versus in 2011, and FX in 2012, because it is clear they are not a first choice of ABC/ESPN or Fox main. Utah could end up the flagship team of FX starting in 2012.

  • cougarman said:

    Wahoo! Great time to be a cougar! Thanks Brett!

  • Bloodyblue said:

    If you look at the cycle of TV contracts and the BCS, everything is lining up for BYU to get an invite from the Big XII ethier in 3 years or 7 years. I would lean towards 7 years if we schedule too many games in advance or those will be very expensive buyouts.

  • Oceanographer said:


    Thanks for the info – I really appreciate the work that you and others at DSB do (tell your source, “Thanks!” as well). It all sounds good to me and I trust Holmoe.

    As with some of the others I would be happy to join an AQ conference for football only. I really like our arrangement with the WCC and wouldn’t mind staying there for our other sports. Sure, their basketball arenas aren’t huge, but the reality is that most universities (even in AQ conferences) do not have arenas the size of the Marriott Center. The money is in TV, not the arenas, and it seems like the deal with ESPN is a perfect fit for BYU – we get money and freedom.

    Go BYU!
    Go BYU Rugby this Saturday!

  • Seasider said:

    Going to the Big East for football only would not have made any fiscal sense and is frankly an insult considering they invited TCU as a full member and BYU has a much bigger and better athletic program overall. Now if they split their conference up into 2 divisions and had one division be of western teams then that could be a doable arrangement. Of course this could be part of broader strategy to get the Big 12 to force their hand and expand again.

  • Kay said:

    Great news! It has been interesting to read all the articles about how happy Holmoe has been about going independent lately. We all knew something big must be coming. Let’s hope this article is correct! Love it! Go Cougs!

  • detmer14 www.realfansstand.com said:

    Holy Crap, huge bombshells guys. Way to get twitterverse hopping. I don’t doubt it, but how is it that no one else is reporting on this yet? Haven’t heard a sniffle of some of these rumors till now.

  • Brett Richins said:

    Detmer 14,

    The Wisconsin and Nebraska games have been rumored for a while… BE contact as well.

  • ALRMCoug said:

    Great work Brett! I really enjoy your stuff. Keep it up, and if there is anything we can do to help let us know. I’ll link this on my facebook page.

  • Bob Henstra said:

    Lets give our Tommy and his guys their three years, Greater things are coming. But please, while they’re talking about further exposure, money talks, and is one of the main reasons we’re doing all this, and is the main reason we’ll be successful at getting greater exposure!

    Great job Brett!

    Join the Cougar Club, lets help out!


  • David Moore said:

    The Big-12 has 2-3 years before they need to start renegotiating their first tier rights with ESPN/ABC (they recently received the significant boost sought from FOX-Sports for second tier rights), but perhaps as early as 2013 an invitation to BYU from the Big-12 could be coming. Since the BYU deal with ESPN is fairly open ended, moving BYU into the Big-12 would be much more seamless than many realize, and I think firming up many of these OOC games with the likes of Wisconsin or Nebraska is perhaps more tentative given the possibility above since the 2013-1024 home and home with Texas could become league games. Tom Holmoe is likely only firming dates he knows he can keep with respects to possible further league realignment that could hit before mid-decade, and in this instance envelope BYU.

    What people need to realize is that any league affiliation for BYU is under the governance of the BYU Board of Trustees and the leadership council of the LDS Church (The 1st Presidency & Council of the Twelve), and they must be in a consensus to make such a move. This has placed a handicap on the latitudes Tom Holmoe and Cecil Samuelson have, and the independence option at this point was the best compromise they could engineer last summer given the further handicaps the Big-12 has had with Nebraska’s destabilizing departure. But also there are reports that some in the top echelons of church leadership have been opposed to BYU going to such a high profile conference since now with Utah gone to the Pac-12 it could further put Utah State behind the curve with respects to their athletic program. Why else would MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson go to Utah State before Fresno State or Nevada but to politically blackmail BYU into staying in the MWC? For BYU to break away from the MWC wasn’t an easy task for Holmoe or Samuelson in this regard at all.

    But besides football, there are other sports BYU must worry about finding the best league affiliations for given that Tom Holmoe had to work extra hard to convince Dave Rose to stay on as head basketball coach last month particularly with his interest in Oklahoma and Utah’s interests in snatching him given he felt the basketball program was tossed under the bus 9 months ago when it was “downgraded” to the WCC.

  • detmer14 www.realfansstand.com said:

    Ya, I know that Nebraska and Wisky have been rumors for a while, thanks for confirming that. Penn St., USC, UCLA, and the Big East stuff was all new to me.

    Also, did ESPN offer us (BYU) to play those games that we said No to, or did ESPN ask/request us to. Huge difference there. If we were “asked” to, I hope that didn’t hurt the relationship any and that ESPN is understanding.

  • Polesmoker said:

    So we will be getting more than Notre Dame is getting from NBC? I think someone is being unrealistic with this article.

  • detmer14 www.realfansstand.com said:

    I’m still curious why no one else is reporting the new rumors. It would just be nice to have some more confirmation. DSOB has always had good insights into Spring Camp, position battles, etc. So this does get my hopes up. But if I get my hopes up too much, it’ll be a letdown if the majority of these rumors don’t pan out. Call me skeptical, but let’s call this a “by the mouth of 2 or more witnesses” thing.

  • Jimmerfan said:

    I think the Big 12 is going to come calling for BYU within the next five years for multiple reasons.

    1) The Big 12 will realize that they are more successful with a 12 team system. They will want 2 teams to come make it a 12 team league again, and they have a lot of interest in BYU.

    2) BYU will create a ton of money and publicity for the conference. They easily made the most money and exposure for the MWC, and they will get even more of that in a powerful conference.

    3) BYU is one of the top programs in the nation when you combine their success in all sports. They have a dominant football, basketball, track soccer, and rugby program, and there are probably a few sports that I missed. The Big 12 will benefit in just about every sport they have.

  • detmer14 www.realfansstand.com said:

    Personally, I don’t think I’d like BYU in the Big 12. I wouldn’t want Texas to have the ability to push BYU around like they have all other Big12 schools. BYU in no way (especially not its leadership (LDS church)) wants to have someone else mandating what they can and can’t do. Mitch Harper’s blog today sums it up pretty well. This is not spam, just linking to another resource – http://cougarcenter.net/2011/05/17/byus-declaration-of-independence-is-a-long-term-plan-and-doctrinal/#comment-35

  • Mick said:

    You know, I am loving DSOB almost as much as BYU football. I love this site, and the news that seems to come from here. I got my PhD from Nebraska two years ago and if we could get a home-and-home series with the Huskers I would have to wear a split shirt. Football Saturdays are crazy in Memorial Stadium and the Husker fans are some of the best and most classy fans I have ever been around.

    BYU football is on the way up. Independence and weekly football games on TV to 55 million homes is something other teams across the country can only dream of. Thanks Brett for your timely reporting. You just gave me (and my office friends) something to discuss for the next week until something else incredible comes along.

    The Cougar Nation is ready to rock-and-roll. GO COUGARS!!

  • Rob said:


    Thanks for all the insights. This word needs to get out to prospective recruits so that they can see how well the table is being set for future years and take that into consideration as they decide where to play their college ball.

    Go Cougs and Beat Cal on Saturday!

  • David Moore said:

    @Detmer14: Only one prominent high ranking GA doesn’t want BYU in any BCS league as I eluded to in my post above. This more than anything is why President Samuelson talks the way he does. As we also found out after the Utah State basketball game last November, how BYU treats Utah State (the scoreboard incident) is a highly politically sensitive issue.

  • Harrison said:


    BYU is not going to be tied to USU for long. It’s really illogical to be tied to them in the first place considering they hate us more than Utah fans do and only hope we fade into irrelevance.. but I don’t see them dragging us down long term.

  • BlueHusky said:

    A bunch of us in the OC are going to Oxford. I’ll probably go to the OSU game (I got Ph.D from there). The game in DC would be a lot of fun – DC is a happening town!

    Being in a boring conference? I think we’ll really get used to independence.

    However, the Big12 press always mentions BYU as the first expansion choice. The Big12 games we play as an independent will have a big influence, not to mention recruiting visibility in the hotbed of college football.

    I graduated from UW and frankly, it was great playing USC, UCLA and Oregon every year, but we really liked playing other big boys. Those games were special because they were rare. I think BYU can play all the big boys they want to play. For UCLA, 1/3 of the crowd was wearing blue and white. That got noticed, big time. BYU over Oklahoma was noticed. This is a true national brand.

    The anti-BYU trolls on the Trib and DesNews sites are going to be suffering as the PAC12 teams prove to be much much tougher than the MWC. Few Utah games will be seen, and probably none nationally. BYU will be on ESPN all the time.

  • Ralph J said:

    ND’s contract with NBC is ancient iirc.

    “I look at Utah now, and am jealous of the $20+M per year they will soon get, but am not jealous of their lack of control over their own product even in local markets”

    They may get money which will help their athletic budget (which was losing money and unable to do anything to increase revenues) but there’s no guarantees that they will get any games on TV. I’d rather have TV exposure than $$$.

    When a coach is pitching Ute football to a recruit it’s not going to matter to him how much the school is getting from their contract, just how many times his family and friends can see him on TV and also on ESPN Sportscenter (ala the Jimmer).

    Coach Whitt, “Well kid, we get close to $20 million annually from our Pac12 TV contract, how does that grab you?”

    Response by the 4-5 star athlete, “I don’t care what YOU get from the deal, what do I get out of it (WIFM)?! How many times will I be on national TV (and not some regional cable sub channel)? I want exposure!”

    Says Coach Whitt, “Well kid, you get to play BYU once a year and they are all over ESPN as well as ESPN Sportscenter so I can guarantee you one game a year on ESPN. How does that grab you?”

    Replies the 4-5 star athlete, “Sounds like I need to make a call to Bronco Mendenhall!”

  • Ralph J said:

    “Few Utah games will be seen, and probably none nationally.”

    Utah will get at least one game nationally televised each season, thanks to the largess and grace of BYU!

  • Ralph J said:

    Also, anyone wonder why the Big East didn’t include basketball in that invite to join their conference? Betcha it was because of the no Sunday play….who wants to bet?

  • manaen said:

    There’s a financial upside to BYU’s position right now that I haven’t seen discussed much. ESPN $ now appears to be $8-12 mm per year, starting this year, unlike Utah’s phase-in of their $20 million.

    However, BYU receives all advertising revenue from our network. Utah’s share of the purported PAC-12 network’s ads is a nebulous TBD. If we gain confirmed viewership, especially buying viewers, BYU could be selling commercial time for our games not to Rhodes bread and the rehab camps in Utah but to sponsors like Toyota, Ford, Gillette, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart, and Progressive / Allstate / Esurance. This could be some serious money from BYU’s perspective.

    The next level out from that would be for BYU to win them as clients to produce their ads for BYU’s unique audience. Immediate funding for the school and great relationship and resume builders for our marketing students.

  • manaen said:

    @ Blue Husky, one service picks Utah to win Pac-12 South this year. That’s at least partly a comment on the collapse of the PAC-12. Still, a championship is a championship — at least that’s how I defend 1984.

    But ESPN has scheduled 4 BYU games and 1 Utah game — as Ralph J noted, it’s their game with BYU.

  • David Moore said:

    @Harrison: The “Utah State factor” won’t last much longer since one GA is out voted by the others and is a distinct minority despite rank. I don’t see Tom Holmoe or Ute-AD Chris Hill agreeing to any new football contracts that will send their teams to Logan. I see $$$ games for the Aggies in Salt Lake and Provo if they want to continue to play them. Hey, it’s only a bus trip!
    @Ralph J: The No Sunday Play” policy of BYU is often used as the biggest red herring with respects to upward league movement by BYU. If a league wants BYU, they know they will have toaccommodatee BYU without any Sunday dates.

  • TX Colonel said:

    Great move turning down the Big Least. Not a good fit. Even though it is a BCS conference, it is a crappy conference. And the travel would be a killer. Let’s ride the independence train for a while. Who cares about the BcS.

  • Brent said:

    As always – I love this site.

    I smiled biggest when reading that we weren’t interested in the Big East. I think we wait for the big 12 invite or ride the Independence train. I love being football independents I just worry about our other sports. We are so good in so many sports and they need some support too.

  • Lavell Christensen said:

    BYU admins must think indy is better than Big East right now. If Big East would offer all sports, BYUtv freedom, etc., then they might consider it. Or they might know something about the Big 12 wanting to bring them on board in a few years. Or they might actually think indy will be the best long-term plan. I do worry about the other sports. I am still struggling a bit with the idea of bypassing an AQ invite, but I suppose I could be convinced over time. I do trust the BYU admins, but my faith is sometimes a bit weak.

  • Softbear said:

    Great article!! Only hope half of it comes true, we will be in such an awesome position to accept, if we want to, anything that might come along. Why wouldn’t any of those teams mentioned walk away from an opportunity to play us: good money, exposure, quality team, fills stadiums and an international following. How can you beat that!!

    As for the bowl tie in’s: stop worrying about it. If we have the seasons we are hoping for we will end up in a better bowl. Those we have now are just insurance. If we don’t produce enough to move up, then we didn’t deserve a better bowl to begin with. But I expect we will move up each year, perhaps not to a BCS bowl, however, there are still alot of good bowls besides those.

    I’m a football guy, but I think the other sports are going to love being independent and even glad to be with the WCC for the current time. Look at all the great basketball teams we can schedule now, including those in the MWC they still need to make some money and they will come calling before to long.

  • O said:

    I keep reading all of the ute fans crowing about the $21m that the school will receive each year under the new PAC12 contract, and if you do simple arithmetic I can see where you would get that idea. These contracts are never that simple with graduated payments, options, and minimums. The reported $3b is a best case estimate if all of the estimated targets are met, and the money is always weighted toward the end of the contract.

    Sandy Barbour, the AD at Cal is reporting that the new contract is a net increase of about $5m for a total of little over $9m in the first years of the contract. This is combined with requirements to upgrade facilities to accommodate television, and the net is only a modest increase in the early years.

    In Utah’s case they also don’t get full benefit in the first year or two. They may need to hope that for the first years of their new deal, they don’t go negative.

    With all of these unknowns, it is still better than the MTN.

  • BlueCoug said:

    I can understand why BYU would hesitate to join the Big East as a football only member.

    Joining the Big East could possibly lock BYU into an extended agreement with the Big East, and possibly sabotaging BYU’s chances of joining the Big 12.

    I’m actually looking forward to BYU independence for awhile. It will give BYU the flexibility to play a lot of different teams that probably wouldn’t be possible with the limited 3 or 4 game OOC schedule most teams in a conference have.

    The WCC will take some getting used to, but it should also be fun for a couple of years.

    The only sport that really concerns me is outdoor track and field which is going to have some real challenges as an independent.

  • StanfordCoug said:


    I love your articles, and this one is my favorite yet.

    Quick question: How sure are you on the $8m? That would be phenomenal news. But when you say it’s been “rumored,” are you referring to what your inside source says, or just general hearsay?

    To that end, when you say “BYU stands to make much more revenue from the deal than anyone outside of the inner circle has considered, perhaps as much as 12 to 13 million per year,” is that coming from your inside source, or is that your best guess?

    Keep up the good work!

  • BYU Deek said:

    I suspected the monies paid to BYU in the ESPN deal were higher than originally thought from the start. The BYU-Oklahoma game had very high viewer ship. But, what amazed ESPN about it was the amount of viewers in So Cal, Phoenix, and all over the west. They realized that these were BYU fans watching. BYU’s viewership footprint is quite significant in the west. That means ESPN can schedule BYU’s games later and get that viewership still because most BYU fans will be watching in primetime. That’s worth a lot to ESPN. Also, I traveled to the UCLA game in ’07, as well as the USC game back in ’03. The whole south end zone was full of blue at the USC game, and we weren’t a good team that year, under Crowton. BYU fans support their team. Just imagine how many BYU fans would show up for a USC game that’s being played at a neutral site like, Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. I’d go, and I live in Spanish Fork.

  • Rev SJ Bobkins DD. PhD. (Church of BYU Football) said:


    WE SHOULD HAVE GONE BIG EAST IT would be beautiful to be playing TCU every year for the championship, then taking a guaranteed BCS spot. $20,000,000 a year and the yewts would go crazy with jealousy as they will never get there. $20,000,000 a year and the yewts would go crazy with jealousy as they will never get there. $20,000,000 a year and the yewts would go crazy with jealousy as they will never get there. $20,000,000 a year and the yewts would go crazy with jealousy as they will never get there. $20,000,000 a year and the yewts would go crazy with jealousy as they will never get there.


  • Bob Henstra said:

    WHY?? Because Tommy’s not stupid! Just heard an advertisement for the TEXAS Longhorn Network. They spent a couple of weeks in Provo looking at BYU’s new Broadcast Center. Somehow, I’m getting the feeling Texas isn’t long for the Big 12. The ad was on ESPN!

    I fully expect to see more schools with their own networks, USC and Missouri could well be next.


  • BYU Deek said:

    ESPN is a part owner of the University of Texas’ TV Network, which would help explain why the commercial was on ESPN. Also, ESPN’s contract with BYUtv will allow BYUtv to broadcast any WCC Basketball game that is not being televised by the “Mothership”. This means that the WCC has just as big of a TV Footprint in PAC-12 territory as the PAC-12 does. BYUtv will stand to make considerable amounts of money from the advertising they will be able to pull. Also, the prestige of BYU’s broadcasting department, and marketing departments will increase because of BYUtv. This will make BYU a much more recognizable institution, (as if they needed more recognition). All signs point upward for the Cougars!

  • JP said:

    Folks, BYU has no plans on joining a conference in football and they shouldn’t. BCS, who cares! If/when we win games, we will go BCS bowling anyway. With a tuff schedule and zero losses, we will have just as good a chance at an NC game as we would in the Big 12 or Big East or wherever. We will have more exposure and more luxuries as an indy. We havn’t even played a down as an indy and we are already going to get more money. As time goes on as an indy the money will continue to grow from various sources(as long as we are winning games).
    Don’t worry about our other sports. The WCC is a good fit(all are faith based schools)and have good programs in many sports. Basketball will have just as good of comp, exposure and will have the same oppurtunity in the big dance every year.
    BYU is on the rise! This next year has the making to be something special. Love the talent and all the hype! I believe in Bronco! GO COUGS!

  • Rev SJ Bobkins DD. PhD. (Church of BYU Football) said:

    The only goal BYU can possibly have to be part of the BCS which was created to serve it’s members and shaft all others. Your in, you’re the big boys, your out, you’re a mid-major, small school, who cares!
    They control ALL the big money bowls, even sending a non top 25 league champ to a $20 million BCS bowl while a top #, #3, or #5 school has no choice but to play in the Las Vegas Bowl for $1 million.
    BYU would play in PA, New York, Kentucky, Conn, Florida, Ohio, and at home, filling the goal to get exposure, they would have a better chance of winning the conference than anyone but TCU. the travel would be no more a problem than it is now.
    I would love to see BYU play Wisconsin, Nebraska, Mizzo, Kansas or Kansas St, , Penn State, Miami, on a regular basis with UCLA, Wash St, Cal, Ariz, ASU, from the PAC

  • Outlier said:

    The BYU football program will grow in phases:

    Phase 1: Through the freedom of independence, build up and maximize the “brand value” through all means possible -BYUTV, ESPN etc. Prove the “value” of the BYU football franchise.

    Phase 2: Now that you’ve built up the brand value (say over 3 years), use this as leverage in negotiating with one of the established conferences (e.g. Big 12). If independence successful, your bargaining position is optimal.

    Phase 3: Continue with independence of join a conference if the money AND exposure/conditions are better.

    It’s always better to negotiate from a position of strength. I’m sure there are a half dozen profs from Marriott School of Management providing ongoing advice on this…. fans need to chill out and take a long-term view on how best build value….

  • BYU DUDE said:

    If you go the the Big East Schools Football Boards, it is lit up with BYU to the Big East Talk. Here is one of the articles that sheds some light on BYU from BRETT RICHINS,

    Click Below.


  • Gayle said:

    To Blue Coug,
    Don’t be concerned about BYU’s outdoor track and field teams. Conference affiliation was pretty much meaningless in terms of the competition. The track team has had a national schedule for quite some time now, and the only outward sign of conference affiliation was the annual conference championships. Track is all about qualifying for nationals, and the absence of a conference meet will give them an additional week in which to schedule a meet against better competition.

    To others,
    I like the fact that BYU is independent and would not want them in the Big East or any other conference. As far as access to BCS games goes, I don’t really care. Yes I would like them to play the best competition that they can, but outside of the championship game the other BCS games aren’t any more meaningful than the Poinsettia Bowl. They do pay more money, but the fact that BYU doesn’t have to share their Bowl winnings already gives them a lot more bowl money than they were getting before. If BYU is ranked 1st or 2nd at the end of a season they are guaranteed a slot in the championship game, so how is that different? I would rather see them play great teams throughout the season every year than to see them play just one at the end of the season. Another thing I like about independence is that BYU won’t be playing the same teams every year. They won’t have to deal with the same sour grapes envy that fellow MWC and WAC teams developed after years of being dominated by BYU. Yes , there will always be people that hate BYU, but they will no longer be the team that keeps SDSU, or Wyoming from winning the conference, and maybe some of the devisiveness will dissipate. Not holding my breath on that, but it would be nice.

  • BYU DUDE said:

    Here is what one of the Biggest all conference sports websites are saying. Most of it is very positive for BYU.
    There are 5 pages of comments.

    Click Below.


  • Brett Richins said:


    $8 mil is the most common number that has been thrown around. My source says it could easily be 12-13 before all is said and done and could grow from there.

  • LanceWArchibald said:

    The Big East is in an interesting situation because they have been such a weak football conference. No other BCS conference would have even considered extending an invitation to TCU, because BCS conferences care about TV markets, not winning % (see PAC-10 adding Colorado). In my opinion the Big East invited TCU because they are worried that they may actually be in jeopardy of losing their BCS status due to their poor performance. Now the Big East can attribute TCU’s success over the past 5 years to their own conference when all of the conferences are reviewed for bcs access. The Big East may be desperate enough to be able to show success on the football field that I wouldn’t be surprised if they invited BYU as a full fledged member soon. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t offered Boise State as a football only member, they have had a remarkable 5 years, and maybe that’s proof that my theory is a bit off. It is just the only reason to invite TCU, so I figured the Big East must have been on the hotseat.

  • David Moore said:

    @LanceWArchibald: Keep in mind that the other critical component of BCS leagues like the Pac-12 and Big-Ten is academics in addition to potential TV sets. Boise State does NOTHING academically for anyone, which is why I laugh at anyone who suggests them as a potential Pac-12 invitee down the road. They would have to somehow get all of Idaho’s (Moscow) post-graduate programs relocated south, and even then that probably would never be enough. The big knock against BYU is it is a “PhD-lite” (only 25 doctoral level programs at present) religious institution and when you look at Stanford, USC or Northwestern; they are all secular private institutions with HUGE graduate research operations. The Big-12 is the best fit for BYU given the old Big-8 and Texas schools have dealt with private religious schools presently (Baylor) and in the past (SMU, TCU) and as well BYU was the original religious institution they invited to the table in 1993.

  • BYU DUDE said:

    I had no idea how respected BYUs brand is around the Country. Here in Utah our little brothers up North, and the other teams around the MWC all tell us no one cares about BYU outside of Utah.

    And then the talk of BYU being in the Big East comes up, and a national dialog sparks an avalanche of admiration, and not only teams in the Big East but other conferences. The Big East want’s us Because we are respected and revered for the Quality football program we are.

    BYU will more than likely not go to the Big East but it is nice to know you are wanted.

    Here is one more link I found, when reading through it you will find just how much BYU is wanted.

    Proud to Be a Cougar today and always.

    Click Below.



    David Moore hit it right on the head. I am a Wisconsin fan (would love to go to Provo and see a game) however, as he blogged, you muxt be a research university to be admitted to some of the power conferences. Also, let’s face it, their is resentment to some religeous schools out there. It stinks, but it’s there and it’s not going to change anytime soon. My guess is Notre Dame soon will not be given the ‘auto’ bid as in the past and the bowl selection field will be a little fairer for schools like BYU which will be good for everyone. When that time comes my guess is South Bend will be included in the Big 10 footprint and the Big 12 will want BYU. Don’t get to excited about Big East football cause it’s too far, continually teetering on insolvency plus The Big 12 would be a much better fit.

    P.S. Where would you rather travel to: Austin or West Virginia, Villanova or College Station?

  • utahn husker said:

    Please be true. I would sell my wife to get front row tickets to watch my huskers play my second favorite team.

  • Greg said:

    As I see it, BYU has the following options (in order of preference):
    (1) Remain Independent – Sports will be broadcast on either the ESPN family (minimum of 4 home football games + other sports in the WCC) or BYUtv and oftentimes both. BYU can form friendships and schedule football games across the country and literally around the world. BYU gets to take its team to the fans rather than driving to Laramie or Albuquerque each year (even though BYU has small contingents of fans there, too). The Church and University achieve their primary goal of exposure. The ancillary benefits are financial: $8M+ per year for football alone, plus increased revenue from advertising on BYUtv, revenue from all other sports, and the opportunity to keep all BCS revenues ($18M+) when we shatter the glass ceiling.
    (2) Wait for a Big XII invite – Big XII officials aren’t dumb. When the PAC-10 invited Utah and Colorado, the Big XII didn’t invite BYU for a combination of four primary reasons: Uncertainty about BYU’s financial draw (since proven), increased travel costs, concerns about non-Sunday scheduling, and the simple fact that inviting BYU alone doesn’t restore the Conference Championship Game. Tentative discussions with Arkansas and Notre Dame went nowhere and the Big XII is currently 40% Texas schools, so it couldn’t invite TCU.
    (3) Accept a tentative Big East invite – Due to travel costs, this doesn’t make much sense even if all sports were invited. For football alone the move smacks of desperation. BYU’s credibility will take a serious hit if it accepts anything other than a home run without giving Independence a try.
    (4) Wait for a PAC-12 invite – Due to religious bigotry and BYU’s lack of doctoral programs (BYU calls itself an “undergraduate teaching institution”), this will probably never happen. For travel reasons it makes tons of sense, but BYU can and will continue to schedule PAC-12 teams (USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon State, Arizona, and Stanford just in recent memory) in addition to Utah. If invited, I HOPE THAT BYU TURNS THE PAC-12 DOWN.
    (5) Entertain football-only invites to BCS conferences – See #3 above. It’s desperate and short-sighted. Even if we won the Big East, why would we want to follow in the footsteps of Pitt (2004) and Connecticut (2010)? I want BYU to show off a 12-0 or 11-1 record when it first arrives in a BCS game.
    (6) Rejoin the MWC/WAC/travesty – If this happens, I will continue to follow BYU football but I will also cry myself to sleep each night on my huge pillow.

    What did I miss?

  • Mick said:

    BYU simply needs to stay the independence road for a while. The Big East doesn’t make any sense unless it includes all sports, but then the travel back and forth is crazy. Yet, in football independence we’ll be doing much of that kind of travel.

    BYU’s independence is all about everything that is going on right now. We have national news, a national following, a great contract with ESPN (without even a conference for football), and the ability to control advertising, game broadcasts, and who and when we play (for the most part). All of that seems to be a pretty good win/win situation. Granted, some sports are hurting a bit because of a lack of conference affiliation but it still all boils down to opportunities at nationals and we are still there.

    Leaving the MWC is like looking in my rear-view mirror as I finally make it across Wyoming and am entering Utah. Yea, parts of it were really pleasant and there are some good people there, but I’m not going to miss it.

  • Big East BFF with BYU? « FRANK THE TANK’S SLANT said:

    […] the Big East apparently had a cup of coffee (or maybe a can of caffeine-free Diet Coke) with BYU to see if the Cougars would entertain a football-only invite.  Who knows whether this will really lead to anything, but count me in as someone that likes this […]

  • Jay said:

    The problem with the Big East right now is they’re desperately looking for teams not only to boost it’s current, albeit poor, standing amongst the BCS AQ conferences, but adding teams that may prevent it from collapsing in the future.

    If a team such as WVU and/or PITT were to leave the Big East, the football side of things would most likely fall apart. If they were to stick together, I don’t see how they would keep their BCS AQ.

  • David Moore said:

    @Greg: The Big-12 has NEVER had any doubts about what BYU branding is worth, they wanted them in the league to begin with more than Baylor, and many sources have pointed out over the years that political concerns at 47 East South Temple were just as big in keeping the Cougars out of that realignment as the Texas Legislature and Governor at the time proved to be. How big a draw was Utah back in 1993? NOTHING…which influenced where BYU landed then due to those concerns. The Sunday play issue is often covered by this more than anything (I think it is more of a red herring than anything). As far as academics in the Big-12, BYU is favorable since many of the large graduate schools (Texas in particular) want better access to the large pool of highly qualified undergraduates BYU puts out each year. Sometime ask anyone up at Utah how well they would fill their research and medical programs without BYU. Stanford and Cal continue to say no to BYU inclusion since they know they can get BYU undergrads due to being who they are and where they are located.

    @BOB IN PHOENIX: One scenario that could happen is Nebraska could get shoved back to the Big-12 due to their recent expulsion from the academically prestigious AAU. The general feeling amongst Big-Ten presidents over the last couple of decades has been if they ever take a non-AAU school it would be Notre Dame. A Notre Dame desire to join the Big-Ten could jettison the Cornhuskers and despite the bad blood developed last year during the realignment, the Big-12 would take Nebraska back, their loss was highly destabilizing to the Big-8 old guard (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma etc…). Colorado on the other hand was much more amicable and had actually been in the works since Arizona & Arizona State made the Pac-10 back in 1978. Many sources felt that Dan Beebe and the league presidents had plans to invite BYU immediately had they merely lost Colorado.

    The consensus I get from talking with people is that BYU will land in the Big-12, and some including myself feel it will happen perhaps as early as the 2013-2014 academic year.


    Do any of you guys remember the old WAC with schools like ASU, Arizona, Utah and BYU? Just think if the Big 8 had been pro-active enough and taken in those 4 to form 12 universities minus Texas. Wow what a blockbuster 12 teams that would have been and Nebraska would never have bolted and Texas never would have been asked to join the Big 8. Their are actually 13 really good/great teams with Iowa State the weakest. It would have been as good as the SEC.

    Iowa State

  • David Moore said:

    @BOB IN PHOEINIX: Building a league in the Mountain Time Zone is something that the WAC and MWC have NEVER been able to do an obviously never will do. Had Colorado and Texas Tech been able to be included in the original WAC configuration in 1961 history might be different.
    Colorado (Big-8 1947)
    Texas Tech (SWC 1957)
    Arizona (Pac-10 1978)
    Arizona State (Pac-10 1978)
    Utah (Pac-12 2011)
    BYU (Independent 2011, Big-12 2013?)

  • Eric said:

    I say forget the Big East, forget the Big 12. We are the Big BYU now and we are growing bigger. No revenue share and lots of freedom that we are not constrained within a conference area or conference rules.. Just picture BYU and ESPN traveling down a big interstate stopping to collect loads of cash along the way. Nope, there is no need at all to join up with any conference that would slow us down and kill this awesome road trip that we are going to enjoy this year. I am telling you we are going to get stronger and wealthier as we are. The conferences will come knocking and we should send them away.

  • Greg said:

    @David Moore: If BYU could undisputably add $$$ to each team in the current Big XII while overcoming the minor issues that BYU presents, they would already have been invited. To believe anything else is simply illogical. I know BYU has a lot of friends in the Big XII and has for many years, but the negatives still outweighed the positives. That’s how decisions are made.

    I’ve never been privy to the discussions at Church Headquarters, so I’ll accept your comment about the Trustees keeping BYU out of the Big XII at face value.

    While you discount the Sunday play issue as a red herring, I believe it’s actually one of the biggest factors. Having lived my entire life outside of Utah except my time at BYU (10 years in Oklahoma, in fact), playing sports on Sunday is a requirement, not just a reason to skip Church services. I missed half of every soccer tournament I ever entered because the important games were on Sunday. That’s just the way it works most places (I’m now living in Florida).

    I agree with you that academics is a non-argument. The research institution label could be, but BYU’s academic rankings are higher than all but 3 or 4 PAC-10 schools, all of which heavily recruit BYU undergrads.

    There are clearly multiple agendas at play, but as soon as BYU proves that it could add $$$ to every Big XII team, BYU will receive an invite. That timetable could be accelerated if another solid team also joins and allows a Conference Championship Game. Interestingly, the University of Texas has already reached out to BYU to work with our Broadcast facility (I think that’s part of the reason they were interested in the home-and-home series), so if we’re successful as an independent, Texas’ own declaration of independence might preclude BYU’s invite to a non-existent Big XII. In that case, BYU still wins because we have both OU (they’ll follow Texas into Independence) and Texas.

    P.S. The OU-Texas relationship is what we should strive for with Utah. Sure, we want the other team to lose by a trillion points, but they non-Troll administrators are also great allies to have.

  • Mick said:

    Maybe Texas will become independent, OU will follow. That will break up the Big-12 and then we will have Texas, OU, BYU, Notre Dame, as independents. We could form a league, invite Kansas due to their basketball draw, invite Nebraska back since they lost their AAU status and because of their football draw, and then invite the academy schools (Army, Navy, Air Force) for the patriotism and obvious league rivalries, and Kansas State because of their past strong football presence and form a 10-team league. Just kidding, but that would be a pretty fun league to be a part of, and the weakest in football would be Army. We could even invite Arkansas and Tulsa to join us so that we could have a football playoff.

    That would be a fun league and would have some serious national draw. I can only imagine how much ESPN would pay for that partnership.

    Man, I love to dream. Go Cougars!

  • David Moore said:

    @Greg: The big reason the Big-12 isn’t moving at BYU is the “who else ?” factor, and the finances over the past year have been a question mark until they successfully concluded recently re-negotiating second tier rights with FOX Sports. Had it merely been Colorado moving to the Pac-12 and Nebraska stayed put, you would have seen a serious move to invite BYU. It is what the Big-12 can get for its first tier rights that are due by mid decade that questions who besides BYU they could invite, as opposed to any “no Sunday play” issues.
    Again I think you’re overplaying the “no Sunday play” issue. The only consensus amongst the brethren I’ve been told on that is any league BYU joins must leave BYU out of any Sunday play and league championship events. BUT at least one feels strongly that any league BYU joins must be completely free of Sunday play I’ve also heard from some well placed sources. Keep in mind the MWC has allowed league Sunday events (women’s basketball) for the past few years even though it has never involved BYU. So what I think what you’re getting at is does this stricter policy take precedence with a league BYU is invited to, or does the more realistic stance of just “no BYU Sunday Play?” Keep in mind the NCAA despite their “BYU rule” about championships still authorizes Sunday events. I don’t see BYU shutting down or even scaling back their athletic programs as was done up at Rexburg a decade ago, although I’m further told there are those that wish to do this similarly.
    The academics should be a non-issue, but let’s face it, BYU should have 2-3 times as many PhD programs (BYU presently has 25 doctoral level programs) as they have and be competing for more federal research $$$. Besides the religious sponsorship issue this is where some university presidents have had a problem with BYU. Again this is something that is VERY political up at 47 East South Temple since some interests there feel BYU should not be competing with other in-state interests (most notably Utah State University) for such federal research $$$.

  • BYUdeek said:

    I believe the church has always shyed away from accepting federal money for anything. Even when the Teton Dam broke back in the 70’s the church advised members that lost their homes in Rexburg, not to accept government aid. BYU owns a number of patents and I believe they use the money generated from those to further their research. At least in the engineering department.

  • Chuck said:

    I am a PSU fan but must say that unlike Notre Dame BYU is making a real effort to schedule a lot of tough opponents. I admire that! I do hope that PSU and BYU can play again; the 1989 Holiday Bowl was an alltime shootout!

  • BlueJay said:

    Utah may be graduating into $20M a year from the PAC12 once they have full membership, but the Ute fans are getting the shaft. Season ticket prices have more than doubled. I work with a lady that buys Ute season tickets every year. Ticket prices went up more than double, plus the required donation to Ute boosters went through the roof as well. Ute fans are paying a big price for that conference patch. I haven’t heard about BYU pulling any crap like that! I think that administration respects the fan base.

    Utah may get $20M a year in revenue, but nobody is talking about how much it is costing them to be part of PAC12. I don’t know the numbers, but my feeling is that their profits are pretty slim compared to what BYU is going to rake in from our ESPN deal.

  • Marty said:

    I am a BYU fan and supporter though I am not LDS but all of you are crazy if you think the Big 12 comes calling for BYU. There is no interest and I REPEAT INTEREST IN bringing in BYU. Their goal if they choose to do so is to bring in a member from the Big East albeit 1 or 2. Arkansas will never leave the SEC.

    While I think BYU will do just fine as an independent there is little chance of making it to the BCS due to the Non AQ rule. Unless BYU plays a NAVY or ARMY schedule which will certainly not get it any attention at all.

    Why you chose not to join the Big East is foolish. The quality of play would be much more on par than joining the Big 12. Maybe it might be more equal in the PAC 12 but they were not interested.

    TCU did what they needed to do because either the Big East will become great and continues a trend of BCS appearances or even a title or they do so well that a larger wealthier conference comes calling.

    Smarten up BYU, this is the modern age and wishful thinking got BYU into the Independence Place in the first place as everyone thought the MWC would become a possible BCS conference and we see what happened.


    Last month Orin Hatch asked Eric Holder and The Justice Department to look into the BCS monopoly. Holder (of course) said he will, so stay tuned. Holder kind of shys away from going after the Taliban but he’s tough on social issues.

    My guess: Justice threatens the BCS with a lawsuit and schools like BYU gets a boost and Notre Dame gets the boot. Should that happen my guess is Notre Dame will either join the Big East or the Big 10. If that happens everything will change including BYU’s status.

    Now 10 to 15 years from now when Salt Lake gets a pro football team it will seriously hurt the Utes and BYU will prosper.

  • MBAmama said:

    BlueJay – I agree with you…just renewed my BYU season tickets last month and the per game price is the same as last year (with a 7th home game, the overall price went up, byut I’m not complaining!) Maybe when we get bigger opponents to come play things will changed, but money is hardly BYU’s challenge and they tend not to pass on big costs to the fans.

    I am thrilled about the new rumors and even if half of them are true, BYU football is in a great place! I can see that it seems like we are getting heavy away schedules, but I think that just allows BYU to leverage more and they will have plenty of great home games.

  • detmer14 www.realfansstand.com said:

    I’m guessing that many of you have already listened to this Tome Holmoe Interview on 1280 “The Zone” by now: http://1280thezone.com/THE-GORDON-MONSON-SHOW-WITH-BYU-AD-TOM-HOLMOE/7671910?pid=49780

    A lot of these rumors are blown out of the water.

    This was on May 26

    Says “The Internet Rumors are mainly wrong” – of which I believe they are referring to these rumors on DSOB. “Some of them are wildly wrong”

    “We have some games scheduled out until 2020″
    Holmoe admits that a lot of BCS teams they have been talking with have been requesting a 2 for 1 and not home and home.
    “It’s not in our best interest to play BCS teams 2-for-1.”
    Says if opponents are a top5-6 team than maybe it might be in BYU’s interest to play those teams 2-for-1.

    He specifically says “We are not in discussions with Nebraska”.

    Says they have a “list” of teams they would LIKE to play, but that they haven’t entered into conversation with many of them yet.
    USC, Alabama, Michgan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, etc.
    They return Holmoe’s calls, but the reply has generally been coming back as “No”.

    Says that ESPN has been a help to try to get teams to play them on neutral fields. And that approach will help them open the door with big name teams that won’t go home-home yet.
    Some teams are saying “Call me back in a couple years”.

    In regards to discussions with the Big East, Holmoe specifically says “We’re not in discussions with anybody”.
    “There’s nothing going on right now”.
    Says they have an agreement with ESPN and the ACC for all other sports for 8 years and they like that contract so far.
    Says any talk right now is “very very superficial”.
    Says he hasn’t talked with anyone about moving to a new conference.
    So he completely shut down any rumor of them having an invite from the Big East – that is unless you think Holmoe is hiding something.

    So, it sounds like the rumors of great matchups with the Big 10 teams are false.

    Basically Holmoe confirmed what we already know, that Independence is not an easy road and that he’s not going to try to sugar coat things where there is no sugar coating yet. Yes, ESPN has helped them, but not on the level we think they have. Yes, there will be some good matchups, but nowhere does he say that there will be a countless number of “great” matchups.
    Holmoe is being humble as we all should be. There are going to be bumps in the road, and if we BYU fans aren’t ready for them because we have our darkly tinted goggles on, we’re going to get hit hard.

    Obviously, Holmoe is still working hard to figure out how Independence will work in the future – which means that he doesn’t have it all figured out just yet.

  • Mars said:

    Update, re: 3 games with Nebraska, plus Wisconsin, Penn State, USC, UCLA?

  • Brett Richins said:


    Scheduling is being held up with everything going on with the potential playoff and conference expansion variables. Assuming BYU is still Indy when the dust settles, I expect to see an expansion of the series with Nebraska and a series announced with Wisconsin. Not sure where the Penn St. series is; the firing and death of Joe Paterno at PSU have probably altered things. Doubtful that USC and UCLA will be looking to schedule games with BYU now due to the PAC-12 going to a 9-game conference schedule.

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