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[5 Jul 2013 | | ]
BYU’s 3-4 Defense a Model for Success

by Louis E. Deaux
Why are programs at Alabama, BYU, Wisconsin, Stanford, Notre Dame and other 3-4 style defenses so successful these days?
The short answer is their extreme flexibility to respond to whatever they face for a given team’s style, and down and distance tendencies. 
Recently, after suffering through one of its worst defensive years in history, USC replaced Monte Kiffin with Clancy Pendergast, who promptly installed the Oklahoma 5-2 set.
In reality, it’s just a slightly different version of the same 3-4 variant that BYU runs. 
Many programs in the so-called …

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[5 Dec 2012 | 21 Comments | ]
Developing a Quarterback–Part I

At the end of the summer of 1985, I had just completed an incredible run as a utility player for the Stanford Cardinal baseball team and was contemplating a few of life’s important questions: Why didn’t God give me better hand-eye coordination? Who would want to marry an over-achieving, seldom-used college player? And, what should I do for a living?
The legendary Bill Walsh, at that time a two-time Super Bowl winning head coach for the San Francisco 49ers, was holding a quarterbacks camp for “invitees only,” at Santa Clara University. My buddy, Tim Ammonetti, was …

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[13 Nov 2012 | 18 Comments | ]
What Winners Are Made Of

For BYU sports fans, this is a great time of year.
The football team still has three games to play, including another bowl game in sunny San Diego. The basketball team looks fast, athletic and able to score at will.
In addition, the women’s soccer team is drawing record crowds on its way to a No. 2 national ranking and tournament play at home.
The women’s volleyball team is nationally ranked–again! The men’s cross country team is headed to the NCAA again as well. And let’s not forget BYU’s rugby team capturing the 2012 …

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[28 Aug 2012 | 19 Comments | ]
BYU’s Experience a Predictor of a Big Season?

Louis E. Deaux is a contributor to Deep Shades of Blue. Deaux is a member of the Football Writers Association and has covered college athletics for decades, including writing for the Football News for many years, covering the WAC and MWC. —

Statistics and mathematical patterns have always intrigued me.
As a professional that works with numbers and geometry in multiple dimensions, my mind tends to wrap itself around problems that require the methodology of analysis most often associated with changing forces.
Calculus is of course the branch of mathematics that deals with …

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[4 Apr 2011 | 24 Comments | ]
A Look at New Cougars for 2011-12

First off, let me congratulate Jimmer Fredette for be named as BYU’s first ever winner of the Naismith Award.
A fitting recognition for one of the most electrifying college basketball players to come down the pike in many years!
He certainly made the right decision to come back for his senior year.
Now on to today’s topic:
I’d like to give a shot out to my brother Greg for helping write this article, he is always the one to notify me of new Cougar signees and keeps me up to date on who we …

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[27 Mar 2011 | 20 Comments | ]
Top 10 Moments of the BYU Basketball Season

This time of year I feel envious of the football team.
They get to win their last game of the year about half of the time and march off into the sunset, riding a wave of momentum into the off-season and feeling great about a nice accomplishment to cap off their year.
In basketball, we always end the season with 15 guys hurting in the locker room after a tough loss, walking towards the bus, wondering, “Was the season a success?”  It can be hard to reconcile.
I remember that feeling after my last …

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[23 Mar 2011 | 24 Comments | ]
Florida Scouting Report

Deep Shades of Blue welcomes Mike Rose back to our team!
Hello DSB readers!
It has been a while since I’ve written, but I am still walking on cloud nine after the Gonzaga win and cannot seem to get basketball off of my mind, so I wanted to do an entry.
I thought you all might be interested to see what kind of things are put in our game plan/scouting report. Having been through these meetings for four years, I think this is pretty close to what will …

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[24 Jan 2011 | 7 Comments | ]
Keys to Beating the Aztecs

If you’re like me you’ve had January 26th marked on your calendar, highlighted in anticipation of the showdown between the 4th-ranked San Diego State Aztecs (20-0, 5-0) and the No. 9 BYU Cougars (19-1, 5-0).
San Diego State is one of two undefeated teams remaining in college basketball, and has now cracked the Top 5.
Both teams have taken care of business in conference, and have won games on the road in tough college basketball atmospheres. Wednesday night will be no exception for this game in Provo.
Expect the Marriott Center to be …

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[15 Jan 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Why Dave Rose is Such a Great Coach

I’ve been thinking of writing on this topic for awhile and after reading Dick Harmon’s article in the Desert News I thought it would be a good time to add my two cents on what makes Coach Rose — well, Coach Rose.
What’s interesting for me was I able to see Coach Rose in two different roles during my career.
During my freshman year Heath Schroyer was on the staff and was the main guy when it came to implementing a defensive game plan.
Schroyer also took on the role of motivator and …

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[11 Jan 2011 | 15 Comments | ]
Rivalry Game Lacks Interest

There doesn’t seem to be much buzz for the BYU vs. Utah rivalry game up at the Huntsman Center.
Featuring one of the best players in the country, BYU is ranked nationally in the top 10.  There should be more anticipation for this game!
This made me think about the goals and priorities of this 2010-11 team compared to the teams I was on from 2005-2007.
Coach Rose took over in 2005 after our 9-21 year. We had limped through a tough re-building season that year with most of the players being freshman …