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[14 Jul 2012 | 20 Comments | ]
Utah’s True Colors to be Revealed

The BYU-Utah rivalry might survive after all.
The PAC-12 and Big Ten announced Friday that their planned scheduling partnership that was to begin in 2017 has been cancelled.
As it turns out, the powers that be in the PAC-12 decided that the schedules could get too taxing and that it would limit their non-conference scheduling opportunities.
USC and Stanford have traditional annual battles with Notre Dame. Add in the nine-game PAC-12 slate and a game with a program from the Big Ten each season, and Trojans and Cardinal would have just one open …

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[11 Jul 2012 | 24 Comments | ]
BYU vs. Utah: Death of a Tradition?

Utah athletic director Chris Hill’s announcement on Tuesday that Utah has elected to not include BYU on its football schedule in 2014 and 2015 should have come as no big surprise to anyone who cheers for the blue or the red.
It has been suspected for some time now that the Utes’ move to the PAC-12 was going to threaten this long-standing, heated rivalry.
The 2014 season will mark the first time the game will not be played since 1945 when the U.S. was in the midst of fighting World War II.
The …

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[20 Jun 2012 | 17 Comments | ]
Summer Sneak Peek: BYU vs. Utah

In less than three months BYU and Utah will face off on the gridiron for what could be the last time for years to come. Emotions are sure to be as high as they have ever been over the past 80 years of the Holy War battle.
Bragging rights for the next several years could be on the line and both teams will be looking to deliver their parting shots as this nasty series likely takes a break.
And if that isn’t enough to get BYU up for this game, the …

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[11 Jun 2012 | 56 Comments | ]
The End of the Holy War?

The Holy War is on life support.
After 80 years the annual gridiron showdown between the Cougars and the Utes may well be coming to an end following this season’s show down on September 15th in Salt Lake City.
That’s because the Utes are likely to pull the plug on the one of college football’s most heated rivalries.
It if happens — so be it.
It will be sad to see this historic annual grudge match come to and end, but on the other hand it’s hard to get too much up in arms …

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[7 Jun 2011 | 54 Comments | ]
Utah Still Living in BYU’s Shadow

I had to  chuckle last week while listening to sports talk radio on KALL, ESPN 700 in Salt Lake City, the flagship station for the University of Utah.
I was listening to the Bill and Spence Show (actually one of the better local sports talk tandems in Utah), when host and Utah play-by-play voice Bill Riley made a comment regarding the Utes’ television schedule in 2011 and their PAC-12 conference debut at USC, which will be televised on… wait for it…
What had me laughing was Riley’s comment, “I thought we left …

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[11 Jan 2011 | 15 Comments | ]
Rivalry Game Lacks Interest

There doesn’t seem to be much buzz for the BYU vs. Utah rivalry game up at the Huntsman Center.
Featuring one of the best players in the country, BYU is ranked nationally in the top 10.  There should be more anticipation for this game!
This made me think about the goals and priorities of this 2010-11 team compared to the teams I was on from 2005-2007.
Coach Rose took over in 2005 after our 9-21 year. We had limped through a tough re-building season that year with most of the players being freshman …

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[7 Nov 2008 | 26 Comments | ]

Man what happened to the TCU defense that last drive and what was with the Frogs offensive coordinator not giving the ball to Aaron Brown. I understand that Dalton has been playing well in the last few games, but Brown could of ran you all the way to the BCS.
Alas, I am still somewhat thankful that the team from the North won only because it keeps BYU’s chances alive.

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[24 Oct 2008 | 18 Comments | ]

I have been delaying this post for obvious reasons, but I have to be objective and give respect where respect is due. The team up north is playing good football. Their defense continues to shut down opponent’s running backs and secure good field position for their offense.

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[22 Sep 2008 | 8 Comments | ]

September 22, 2008
Yes, I too, am keeping a close eye on the Utes as the season progresses.  To a true blue Cougar fan, all of these “other” games pale in comparison to the Utah game to be held in November.  Yeah…it’s nice to beat Wyoming, New Mexico and TCU.  Even the UCLA win was nice, but all of those wins won’t be the win everyone talks about for the next ten years.  Beating the Utes will be what everyone remembers and reminisces about.
So here is a little sampler, as we …

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[15 Sep 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

September 15, 2008
All the talk about the Mountain West being inferior can stop.  The past two weeks Mountain West teams were 5-0 against Pac-10 teams.  UNLV beat Arizona State in a thrilling overtime victory that stunned the Sun Devils on their home field.  UNLV’s win may have also saved Mike Sanford’s job, and breathed some life into a struggling program.  TCU rolled over Stanford to the tone of 31-14, positioning themselves just outside of the top 25.  If they win against Oklahoma, the Mountain West will have three ranked teams. …