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[21 Nov 2008 | 18 Comments | ]

I, too, praise Quinn for keeping this blog running and for the unique insight that is given daily. Not only that, but thanks to him for taking the TIME to do it. Quinn tried to elicit my assistance a couple of months ago and I agreed to help out with the blog, only to

Former Cougars, Where Are They Now? »

[18 Nov 2008 | 34 Comments | ]

First and foremost, Quinn, you are doing a marvelous job of giving priceless insight to Cougar Nation.  With all the catchpenny rubbish and hearsay that I’ve read on all the other sites, it’s quite refreshing to come onto your blog and read an intricate, even “doctrinal” analysis of the game from a intelligent and articulate player’s point of view.
To all you cougar fans out there, if you wish to satiate that thirst for true knowledge of the game of football, and how the Cougs play it, don’t be an ignoramus, …

Former Cougars, Where Are They Now? »

[12 Nov 2008 | 11 Comments | ]

“Hey there, Cougar Nation! I am glad that I am able to share a few words and memories with all of you. Quinn has done such a great job on the site and I believe that the insider perspective that he shares in most of his posts, are distinctly unique and most likely very much appreciated among all cougar fans. I know for myself, simply reading and reminiscing about some of the moments that have been written about really take me back.
Well a little about myself since, BYU. After the …

Former Cougars, NFL, Where Are They Now? »

[29 Oct 2008 | 17 Comments | ]

There have been quite a number of inquiries as to how John Beck is feeling about his experiences in the NFL thus far.  In an answer to these requests I -Markell- interviewed John to find out what the former BYU QB is up to in Miami Florida.
To answer this question John shared with me the advice he got from Chad Lewis when John was a sophomore.  Chad told John, “No matter what your goals are, no matter what mountain you want to climb, as long as you keep stepping you …

Former Cougars, Where Are They Now? »

[28 Oct 2008 | 37 Comments | ]

So fall of ’07 I’m sitting at football practice and Greg Wrubell, the KSL play-by-play commentator, approaches me and asks, “Nate, have you ever thought about getting into broadcasting?  James Dye can no longer do the sideline reporting due to his business pursuits and we need someone to take his place.  We’d pay for your trips to every game, give you a little extra money as payment for your services, and just ask that you don’t miss a single game.  You’d be watching the game from the sidelines and would …

Former Cougars, Where Are They Now? »

[21 Oct 2008 | 27 Comments | ]

This man has been a force in the comments section of the blog and continues to provide insightful and emotional comments. Thanks Markell, and keep it up!!!
“Who Am I and What Am I Doing:
My name is Markell Staffieri, formerly #36.  Right now I am living in San Diego, CA working as a partner with my father as a financial planner, managing small pension plans and investments, as well as doing life insurance for our clients.  It is a job that I never knew I would …