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Deep Shades of Blue Partners With Rivals.com

29 August 2011 Brett Richins 28 Comments

Deep Shades of Blue is now powered by Rivals.com

Deep Shades of Blue is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the Rivals.com network, a division of Yahoo! Sports.

Rivals is widely regarded as the leading, most respected name in team-specific college sports coverage with over 160 affiliate publishers nationwide.

Its parent company, Yahoo! Sports is the largest online sports media outlet in the world, with millions of daily readers. Earlier this month, Yahoo! Sports also entered into an agreement to re-brand the 180-station Sporting News Radio Network as the new Yahoo! Sports Radio Network.

Our new partnership with Rivals and Yahoo! Sports will provide Deep Shades of Blue an unprecedented level of exposure, and the ability to deliver BYU-related content and information to large audiences across the various Yahoo! platforms.

As a Rivals affiliate, we will continue to provide the free coverage, analysis and commentary of BYU Athletics that readers have come to appreciate. We will also provide our readers additional features including premium content, coverage of football and basketball recruiting, exclusive video content and insights from other Rivals team site publishers, including game preview reports on upcoming Cougar opponents.

In conjunction with our new relationship, we will be launching a new website in the next couple of days. We encourage readers to sign up for a free account in order to participate on the new Cougar Den message board where we will be able to continue to enjoy our association as a community.

Also, for a limited time, Deep Shades of Blue readers will be able to register for a 30-day free trial of our premium content, rather than the standard 7-day trial.

Welcome to the Deep Shades of Blue Community!


  • Ryan Farnes said:

    This sounds like a good deal for you at DSB. Congrats on making it happen.

  • jthork said:

    What an exciting move for DSB! Congratulations, Brett!

  • Steve-O said:

    Congrats, Brett. You’ve produced solid, reliably informative content and are being rewarded for it. Thanks for all the info, and I look forward to much more!

  • Burke said:

    Congrats, this is super!

  • Spencer said:

    I hope that “premium content” doesn’t include all of your insider information and I also hope that you keep responding to comments. It’s the biggest two reasons that I come here.

  • Brett Richins said:

    One of the things that we have lacked is a real message board on DSB. Our relationship with Rivals will provide us an opportunity to create the best BYU message boards for Cougars fans. This will give me, and our other writers a better forum in which interact with readers as well. In reality, we believe this will help us solidify DSB as the best place for BYU fans to congregate.

  • Spencer said:

    That should be way sweet. What is your monthly fee for the good articles and info?

  • Jared said:

    Sounds like a good thing for you. I must confess, I’m leery at the sound of “premium content.” I’m afraid it may mean the good stuff we used to get from DSB for free, will now be only for subscribers. The message board sounds good, too – there’s not really what I consider a good BYU fan message board right now. Anyway – I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fair for you to charge for the “good stuff” you have given away in the past. I’m just saying I’ll be sad to see it change and go. All good things come to an end.

  • Rick said:

    Dito to what Jared said. I have really grown to like DSB I check it more than any other site relating to BYU.

  • Ryan Farnes said:


    I’ve wondered how Brett managed to do all these things for DSB with obviously so little compensation. He has built his brand, and now has a way to distribute it.

    I’ll definitely consider supporting it…

  • Greg said:

    @ Brett –

    Congrats and best wishes! I will be able to read fewer of your articles as the content becomes “premium,” but that’s just a personal financial decision. Someday I hope to be rich, but that day isn’t today… :)


  • Woody said:


    Congratulations on joining Rivals. You have really done a great job since taking this over from Quinn. I am sure that any apprehension regarding basic news versus membership news you will be able to clear up once you have it.

    By the way (back to football) when will you release the depth chart or where can we go to find it?

  • Brandon said:

    Great work! Count me in.

  • Dave White said:

    Will you guys have a chatroom? Will you also be covering recruiting like traditional Rivals sites?

  • AZCoug said:

    My hope is that with the larger audience, the kind of (mostly) intelligent commentators on this site don’t get over-run with the all-too-common moronic BYU-haters that are all over most message boards out there.
    The great commentary from your fans on this site is another reason I love coming here. I’d hate to lose that aspect of your current site.

  • SoCal Cougar said:

    I’m happy for DSB, but sad to see things change. I really enjoyed coming here. I loved the great, well-thought out articles, but I especially loved the comments. I’d often come back to the same article several times to read additional comments. We have been lucky and spoiled with the great fans that come to this site and make comments. I’m hoping that doesn’t change with the larger message boards. No other site is even close in quality and insight of the commentary on this one. I’ll defintely check out the new DSB though and see how it goes.

  • Brett Richins said:

    Dave White,

    We can do a chatroom if that is something that people want. Just come over into the open message board and propose that once the site is up and we can see what kind of demand there is. Yes, we will cover recruiting like other Rivals sites.

  • Brett Richins said:


    We will continue to moderate the boards.

  • BlueCrush said:

    First time poster, long time reader. I’m really going to miss this site. I’m with Greg, personal finances just don’t allow for me to subscribe for “premium” content regardless of how much I enjoy the articles/insight. Maybe someday but it’s doubtful, it’s been fun. You certainly have earned whatever compensation you’ll be receiving. I just wish there had been a better way to leverage traffic for advertising to make it worthwhile for you while keeping it free for us. You can count me in for 30 solid days, but good things don’t always last forever. I think I’ll miss the troll free environment most of all. Man alive I hate the endless banter of uneducated haters on both sides of the line.

    Is there any way you can give us a glimpse of what might be free content vs what will be premium?

  • Kyle M said:

    Be harsh and swift with your moderating, Brett. I’ve learned from moderating a Mormon blog elsewhere to show trolls no mercy, for we shall receive none from them. :-)

    Also, congrats on the deal. I’ll definitely be subscribing, and hope other DSB readers will do the same.

  • Woody said:

    DSB Fsns-

    I asked Brett for the Depth Chart but right on BYU’s website is a fabulous compilation of game notes for the Ole Miss game and I am sure they will do this for every game and it has everything you would ever want to know:



    Also, you read it here first from me; I predict we go undefeated this year…but not necessarily a BCS Championship.

  • AF Coug said:

    This sucks. Good for you Brett. You’re doing tons of work and not nearly compensated enough (I don’t think advertisers understand how faithful a following you and Quinn before you have built.) But that doesn’t change the fact that this sucks. The only news source out there that was even close was KSL and that was just because they have massive resources.

    Yahoo sucks. They are a box to fit everyone and consequently fit no one. It’s overload with nothing remarkable. It’s complex, it’s ‘premium’, it’s uncontrolled, it’s neither simple nor elegant. The content will be guarded and even though you’ll sort of run the page the man will really run the page. Cougar nation just lost the best source it had going for it.

    Any former cougar players want to build a new website out there with their unique insight? Quinn are you listening?

    Good luck Brett and thank you again. I still think this sucks.

  • Brett Richins said:

    AF Coug,

    DSB will no more be “run” by Yahoo than Orangebloods (also a Rivals affiliate) is. Yahoo! Sports is rapidly becoming a major player in the world of sports media and journalism http://outkickthecoverage.com/how-yahoo-sports-became-espns-biggest-competitor.php. Neither Rivals or Yahoo will control the content of Deep Shades of Blue. Becoming part of Rivals/Yahoo! Sports will greatly enhance our offering, not diminish it. A good portion of the content on DSB will continue to be free to the public. We will also be launching something on the new site that all of Cougar Nation will be excited about, and it will be free to the public as well. There’s no reason to be bummed about our new affiliation.

  • Bummer said:

    Congrats. Your team has provided some good insight. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to continue reading you’re site. I am not a “premium” guy. Nonetheless, thanks for all your great work.

  • Jared said:

    In these economic times, all of us have to do what we have to do. I knew Quinn and his wife. Good people. But they moved on and have a life too. Brett needs a life too. Satisfying our every need for deep insight into good things BYU has been awesome, but not very financially supportive. I hope you make it OK. I along with many as you can tell on this board are very grateful for all of the time you and so many others invest just for the love of it. We are greatly rewarded because of your sacrifice and effort.

    I too think it is possible to go undefeated. Each of the programs we face this year do not have what we have this year, and especially next year. Things are looking extremely good. But every year we dream big, and every year since 1984 we lose something along the way. Hope we make it our year.

    We need a playoff. BCS has got to go! Joining the BIG 12,11,10,9 may get us into a prestigious association, and even a big bowl, but a playoff would solve a lot of problems for so many. These stupid presidents of all the unis just don’t buck it up and oppose the gadiantons. We need to recruit all the lower echelon BCS teams and all the non AQs. That would be a majority. In the voting, it is now 6 to 5 for the BCS. Democracy at work. As always, Democracy turns eventually to mobocracy. The wolves vote to shear the sheep. All you need is 51%. And they got it. Playoffs. push it. Push it. Push it. Playoffs!

  • Converted Cougar said:

    I for one will pay, if only to support the hard work Brett and team have put into this site. I love it, and it is by far my favorite of the Cougar sites. I feel the articles are both entertaining and insightful. Brett deserves compensation for the time and energy put in to this. Kudos to you for setting this up, Brett, and I look forward to seeing the evolution of the site.

    GO COUGARS!!!!!

  • Gary said:

    I think we all should reserve judgement about what this will mean for DSOB until it happens. It has been a great place to get solid information about the Y and those that comment are probably the most intelligent and mature of any board you can go to.

    Hopefully that will remain the same with added bonuses. I came to the site when Quinn first began and loved the insight a former player could give not only to schemes and formations but what was and might be happening in the locker room with coaches and players.

    Good luck on your new venture Brett. I will stick around as long as it remains as valuable as it has been.

  • Jaxemer11 said:

    Good for you! Any chance a BYU centric Yahoo! Sports Network radio station gets started?

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