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3 September 2009 Deep Shades of Blue 8 Comments

colbyIt’s hard to say what’s going to be crucial on Saturday. There are so many things the Cougars have to do in order to leave Dallas with a giant “W”. In my opinion the game will hinge on our defenses ability to stop the run and our offensive lines ability to keep Max’s head attached to his neck/shoulders.

Of course special teams, turnovers, the BYU corners and running game will be almost equally important. Yet, if the Cougar’s front seven can limit the OK running backs yardage our defense can switch up defensive looks/coverage’s and hopefully be able to keep Mr. Bradford guessing. I know what your thinking, “why put the ball in the hands of Mr. Heisman trophy winner?” It’s a tough choice, but throwing the ball presents the highest probability for mistakes. Also with a young batch of receivers we can all hope they are more concerned about how they look on the super-sized jumbo plasma screen; instead of what they need to do on third and long.  Keep in mind that Bradford will be without his go to tight-end and…well, it doesn’t look like a bad proposition.

If putting the ball in Bradford’s hands and asking him to lose the game doesn’t give you a cold sweat. How about the fact that OK has the highest rated defensive line in the country and we have a brand spanking new offensive line. I’m not saying that our guys will be out manned or out played. What I am saying is there will be a few talented and mostly untested offensive linemen on the field.  It will be interesting to see how our tackles handle the speed of the OK line –which has been a trouble spot in the past- and how we communicate from guard to guard when picking up the blitz. I also hope they can keep Max off of his backside. If The offensive line can give Max time BYU’s offense has enough fire power to move the ball and score –and hopefully control the ball and clock on the way to touchdowns.

-Oh and look for a monster game out of Manesa Tonga. He could earn a ton of money with a strong performance on Saturday.

If I may, I have a few words about our secondary. I do think our corners will be outmatched, but that doesn’t mean they’ll give in or play bad. There are plenty of things that Coach Hill can do with the surrounding players to help out the corners. One would be putting the safeties in deceptive positions to mask coverage’s. Both Johnson and Rich have the understanding of the defense to a point where they can cause confusion in a quarterback. Again it comes back to if our front seven can stop the run. If the Cougars have to bring one or both safeties down it will open our defense and possible exploit vulnerability at the corner position. If Johnson is unable to finish the game for some reason I think Bills has more than enough talent to come in and fill in. The corners will need to play the game of their lives, and honestly…this is a once in a career type game.

I wish I could have played in a game on a similar stage.

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  • Rooney said:

    Man, I hope your right. I want to see the cougars win so bad! I know it’s a long shot, but I have faith in the Cougars. Oklahoma is not invincible. We spanked the 06′ Oregon Ducks, who happened to beat Oklahoma. We need to set the tone early. Give the ball to Manase! Let him show the OU defenders what BYU football is all about. We have a great offense. The corners have always been the weak-point of our D, but we have made do in the past. Hopefully either Hooks or Pendleton can become a play-maker for our backers.

    My question for you guys is this: Can Hooks or Pendelton become the playmaker we need from the LB corps? Our LB’s are all solid, however, we need a playmaker. We’ve seen what Bauman, Doman, and Clawson can do. They are great players. But not big-time playmakers (i.e. Kehl, Nixon, Jensen). Just would like to hear your insight on the LB’s. You guys know more about the D and the team and general than anyone else on the web.

    Go BYU! 25,000 strong are on their way to Dallas! And let me tell you, cougar fans on the road are a sight to behold. I was at the rose bowl for the UCLA game in 07′, and the BYU fans made as much noise as the home crowd! GO COUGARS!

  • Rooney said:

    Mistake. You guys know more about the team in general.(not and general) Y’all should contact 1280 or 1320 and talk to them about getting on the radio (or just go with Criddle). This site is way better than cougarboard or any other cougar site. Most people on cougarboard are a bunch of jack-***es. deepshadesofblue.com is where the real fans of the game come to learn about football and discuss the game.

    Here is my message to cougar fans everywhere:
    1.Respect Coach Mendenhall. He has done more for the program than any of us could imagine.
    2. Find reasons to be optimistic, instead of pessimistic
    3. Don’t second guess the players or coaches. They dedicate their lives to doing everything they can to play the best football possible.
    4. Always be respectful and thoughtful when posting comments (i’ve read some pretty ignorant stuff on behalf of cougar fans)

  • Dave Beckstead said:

    Thanks for the continued insight. This site is water to a thirsty cougar soul.

  • Robb Cundick said:

    Thanks for this. I saw a clip of Jaime talking about facing OK and he mentioned that stopping the run was, key, too.

    A guy on one of the boards was saying that one of the main issues last year was at nose tackle. He theorized that going faster and lighter at that position is a new approach that will result in better line penetration and that that’s why Bronco has personally taken a hand in coaching the nose tackle position. He thought better play at the nose would propagate throughout the defense and result in much improved play all around this year. What’s your take on that?

    And here’s something I’d like to know more about:

    How does the snap count work? How does the offense know exactly when the ball will be snapped? Is it easy for the o-line to mess up and go to the line not knowing what it’s going to be? Or are miscues there just due to getting to antsy and trying to anticipate the count?

    What are the elements of the count, i.e. what words/numbers does Max yell and what do they mean? Are some of them just nonsense to throw the other team off or do they all mean something? How do other teams’ snap count routines differ from ours? Is there a lot of variation?

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Faster and lighter is never a good thing when your running a three/ four. In a three four your linemen need to be gap control guys. That is to say they need to be able to sit in a hole and keep OL off the linebackers who need to flow and make plays. A skinny nose tackle will result in a soft interior line, which is never good. Speed at the DE is a different story. They can be utilized on specific downs and distances.

    The nose tackle is good, but most of all we need linebackers that scream down hill and blow running backs up. Our defense is based on gap control. Guys need to know where they are supposed to be in order to play team defense. If you understand the defense the ball is supposed to flow to the Mike LB fist and then to the Buck LB next. After that normally the SS and the strong side linebacker should make the most plays.

    Crappy nose play interrupts the flow of the Mike and Buck and leaves running lanes open and unattended, which results in first downs and tackles after five or six yards -instead of two.

  • Robb Cundick said:

    So, then, it would seem to be a bad thing that Russell Tialavea has lost so much weight. On the other hand I would guess that the weight loss is probably mostly fat–not muscle. So that brings up the question of whether putting on weight to play the line is really that useful. Sure, bulk would be harder to move, but wouldn’t it make for slow and sluggish?

  • Walt said:

    I am predicting a win 31-30.

    My good friend, Sean Brown, who play safety in 92-93 thinks that we will hang with them until about mid-third quarter and then, much like our games against USC (Quinn- did you play against them?), they will begin to separate themselves from us. I asked in earlier posts what the mindset is when you’re playing a team that is athletically better than you and Markell just said you have to believe that you can win every game you play. Obviously, but we also thought we could beat Arizona last year in the LV Bowl and look what happened. Yes, I know we do not want to be there so I hope that there is not a time during this game when we wish we had not scheduled this game.

  • Appleseed said:


    I know most players will never admit to being intimidated by the opposing teams players…but, how much did you guys want to check out the guys on the other team during warmups. I’d be pretty curious to see the size/intensity of the opposing guy I was going to go against. I guess it goes both ways. You’d want to project strength and confidence if the other team was watching you.

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