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Brett Richins – Managing Editor

Kevin Curtis – DSB Analyst


  • Jason said:

    Just wanted to let you guys know the new site design looks great!

  • Brett said:

    The new site design looks fantastic! Nice work. I appreciate your love for BYU football.

    Also wanted to let you know, my friend and I, students up at Weber State but BYU football fans for life, have started a new blog dedicated to college football in the Mountain West and WAC. It’s called The Upset, and you can find it at the-upset.blogspot.com

    Thanks for all of your great insight to the best football program in the land!

  • Orem Cougar Fan said:

    It’s been almost a week. With it this close to football season I’m dying for another story. There were a few days there you guys were posting almost daily, I love it! I’m hoping you three will post something soon, the site is slowly creeping down the charts of my favorites list. Still would love to read a story on the O-line. Thanks for the Info!

  • Steve M. said:

    Ban Markell, he is blatant liar!!

  • Cole Murdoch said:

    Hey guys, i appreciate you guys knowing what on earth you’re talking about. i was wondering if you think that corby eason is the answer @ corner this next year? it’s tough for me to get excited about a 5’8″ corner. i mean, he can play, but brian logan was caught in a lot of bad situations over the past 2 years just on fly routes. honestly, is he too small? couldnt we use him as a nickle corner? or sub him in to bring him on some corner blitzes, which he seems to do well at? i’m just dying to have some athletes in our secondary for the first time in a long time… and i can’t help but like the prospect of 6’3″ everett @ one corner, and a 5’10” jordan johnson at the other, both of whom are supposedly super athletic, and then behind them ryan comer, and joe sampson, or preston hadley who are all 6’0″ around 200 and can flat out fly if their 40 times are legit. im just giddy at the prospect of having those types of playmakers in our secondary, especially with our linebackers probably the best i’ve ever seen. you guys know more than me, and i’d love it if i got a little feedback from you, just on your oppinion about next years secondary. thanks guys.
    Cole Murdoch

  • Teddy Baer said:

    Are any of these other guys ever going to write again?