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Brett Richins

Brett Richins

Brett Richins worked for five years as the play-by-play announcer for BYU football and basketball for BYUtv.

He also worked as a sports anchor and reporter at KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas covering Big XII Conference schools.

While at BYUtv, he also played a key role by working to secure corporate support to help fund the network that is now available in over 50 million homes throughout the country.

Brett has served as the Director of Sales and Marketing for two organizations.

He is currently the Managing Editor and VP of Sales and Marketing at Deep Shades of Blue. He and his wife are both graduates of BYU and are the parents of five children.


  • Markell Staffieri said:


    A good article might be an in depth response to Greg Wrubell’s article on Deja Vu…comparing the post 2007 season to the 2011 season. He leaves out a very important part…the BYU defense that finished in the top 5 and returned a bunch of starters. That was the main difference. This year we do no have that going for us…anyway, just a thought.

  • Brett Richins said:


    Thanks, yeah that’s a good idea. While the 2010 offensive situation is similar to ’07 the defense for 2010 is unproven. There is talent there no doubt, but there are a lot of question marks especially in the front 7. That wasn’t the case in 2007.

  • Aaron Merrick said:


    Will the Utah switch to the Pac-10 affect the BYU-Utah rivalry at all? Will we still play against each other?

    Is BYU going to switch conferences now?

    Also, what about BSU joining the MWC? A lot of shaking up in college football going on!


    Aaron Merrick

  • gdpsohm said:


    I love you this site. You do a wonderful job. I would love to read about who you think possible replacements would be for Bronco if he ever left. Not that I want him too, but we all know he doesn’t want to coach forever. In my opinion, I think Brandon Doman would be the top choice. What do you think? This would be a really interesting article if you were able to write it.

  • Austin BYU Chick said:

    Why are some articles on this site listed as written by you–Brett–but on Bleacher Report they are listed as written by Quinn?

  • Brett Richins said:

    Austin BYU Chick,

    Because Quinn set up the account with BR. I need to change it with them.

  • Tim said:


    Really enjoy this blog. One questions that I have always had is when BYU plans on making its stadium bigger. I love going to Cougar games and when the Cougs are playing good — finding a ticket or even getting decent seasons tickets is impossible without platinum legacy club status.

    When one Googles the topic, silly designs for filling in the open corners and adding a second deck to the east bleachers.

    The university has some well heeled alumni and a deep tradition for loving football. What are the chances of LES expansion in the coming years?

  • keith moore said:

    Markell Staffieri played at BYU right? i remember him he was way good. glad hes keeping up on the cougs!

  • Rod said:

    Have a question about Cougar / WCC basketball next year but couldn’t find a string to post this on. I know with the move to indy, BYU can broadcast football games on byu-tv, which was an exposure & revenue enhancement. I haven’t seen anything on what leaving the MWC does for basketball exposure & revenue (if anything). Does BYU have the rights to broadcast other WCC basketball games or is BYU interested in that at all (games other than the ones BYU plays in)? Seems like byu-tv is a decent venue to broadcast St Mary’s, Gonzaga, etc. games but I don’t know if BYU has interest / rights to do so. I don’t know if WCC games are currently broadcast any place in particular unless a sports network (EPSN, FSN, etc.) picks up the occasion game.


  • Brett Richins said:


    BYUtv will broadcast the games that ESPN does not. I also understand that BYUtv may be doing some WCC games that do not include BYU, i.e. WCC Tournament games, etc.

  • Marc Modersitzki said:


    Love to read your articles! Great to see you covering BYU again.

  • chad said:

    I enjoyed your article on Joe Dupaix but you might be missing something. Joe also played his frosh year under Paul Tidwell at Snow college where they ran the same offense BYU did at the time. When Joe played his sophmore year they tweaked it a little to make it more option friendly. Joe has deeper ties to BYu that just Doman. Tidwell and I think Bronco (defense coord at snow)know him from those days. Joe may have even run the scout team on offense when Bronco was the def coord his first year (i’m not sure about that one though).

  • Jeff Larson said:


    I’m a newcomer to DSB and I love the format and quality information I find here. Thanks to you and all the great writers and contributors. It’s very nice to not have to wade through the trolls and negative comments.

    I read an article this morning in the Deseret News by Dick Harmon titled “BYUtv Breaking New Ground” and in the article Dick said,

    “I asked the director (Derek Marquis) to expound on BYU’s broadcast partner ESPN as an independent, an arrangement many BCS schools are studying carefully.”

    I can only speculate on some of the “many” BCS schools Dick Harmon was talking about but here is a short list of schools I thought might be on Dick’s list USC, TEXAS, OKLAHOMA, AIR FORCE. Can you add some light on this subject, perhaps a followup to the article Big Names Lining Up To Play BYU.