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Eric Drage: BYU Football – Then and Now

15 December 2010 Eric Drage 19 Comments
Eric Drage - DSB Football Analyst

Eric Drage - DSB Football Analyst

Let me start by saying I am excited to be a part of Deep Shades of Blue!

Thanks to Brett for the invite and I look forward to sharing the little bit of knowledge and insight I have. I hope to be able to provide you with a player’s perspective, even if it is “very old school”!

I am excited about the Cougs making it to a bowl, regardless of the situation. The extra practice time will be invaluable to such a young team. Plus it will be a great reward for righting the ship.

Times sure have changed!

I remember if we had bad weather, practicing in the Smith Field House on the west end where we could only run curls and slants! We used to pray for snow so practice would be easy.

Not sure if Bronco has the red-line to heaven yet or not. Lavell used to make the call when we were in meetings and we’d come out for practice and the blizzard would stop and we’d have to go outside!

I’m glad Bronco puts so much emphasis on winning these bowls. Not that we didn’t want to win when I played, but truly they seemed to be rewards for good seasons and maybe we could have taken them a bit more serious.

Prediction for the game: BYU 38 UTEP 10. (Prediction for the other bowl Boise St. 42 TUN 7. Is that wrong to put on here? haha)

Anyway, I really am looking forward to posting on here from time to time. Hopefully it will either 1) give you something to think about, 2) make you laugh or 3) make you mad! If there isn’t emotion involved, it isn’t worth discussing!

Eric Drage

Welcome to the Deep Shades of Blue Community!


  • Aaron said:

    Welcome to the Blog, Eric! And say hi to your bro, Garrett for me. We were Brick Oven buddies.

  • ProV1 said:

    Talk about dropped passes. I can’t remember you dropping a pass in your BYU career. How do we overcome the problem? Is it mental? Is it coaching? Is it rocket passes from the QB? Expertise please.

  • Rich M said:

    I second ProV1’s request.

  • Michael Davidson said:

    I was a freshman in 92 and must say that you were my favorite on the team that year. I’ve got great memories and glad you’re here. (And yes, the utes will lose their game.)

  • WaybackCougar said:

    It’ll be fantastic to have your perspective and please respond to the dropped passes question. Even with improvement, quite a number were still being dropped at the end of the season.

  • Geoff J said:

    Looking forward to your posts E. Drage.

    PS — I was at BYU while you played. Your hands were epic. Thanks for the good shows you always put on for us fans!

  • Hydro said:

    The name Eric Drage is synonymous with BYU greatness!

    Always been a big fan due of your toughness (both mental and physical).

    Thank you for coming on board. I look forward to reading your posts.

  • Seasider said:

    Eric,there’s been quite a bit of mostly internet chatter of more coaching changes being made on Bronco’s offensive staff in the off season. We know that you along with Ben Cahoon applied for the receiver coach job in 2005. If an opening came up again, is that a job you’d still be interested in? I think you’d be a great fit there.

  • YLife said:

    With those predictions, Eric Drage just became one of my favorite Cougars. That was AWESOME. Thanks, Eric.

  • BerliNY said:

    DRAAAAAAGE! Oh man! Growing up in Utah we would all try to be Eric Drage when we were playing touch football at recess (and Derwin Gray on kickoffs). So good to hear from someone who bleeds blue! I look forward to hearing more!

  • Bryan Taylor said:

    Eric Drage and Tyler Anderson were so fun to watch and were always threats to catch a deep bomb over the top! You and Tyler Anderson were the best duo receivers BYU has ever had. Never forget those days! Go Cougs, let’s get back to national prominence next year by winning some big games!

  • Matt S said:

    I’ve always been a big fan of yours! It’s about time we get to see you around the program (even if it is just writing and giving insight). The receivers of that time were really something special and could teach players now a thing or two. Great to have you on board here!

  • Mike said:

    Just want to say, Drage you are da man. I will never forget sitting high atop Jack Murphy (as it was called then) as a young kid with a bunch of Ohio St. fans asking me who in the h*&l is Eric Drage because they could not find anyone to cover you. Good memories. Welcome to the board.

  • Brandon said:

    We can hardly wait to read your articles! Thanks for being a loyal cougar.

  • Eric Drage (author) said:

    I’ll try and write something about the dropped passes questions (as well as why we can’t seem to get open) in a future post. Thanks for all the kind words. I’m just glad you guys don’t remember the hot head and trouble I seemed to cause (or if you do, thanks for not mentioning!). As for coaching changes, that is still my dream job to coach at Y but I’m sure Bronco has things under control. And finally, I was never a threat for the deep post over the top unless the corner and safety ran into each other!

  • WaybackCougar said:

    Hey, the safety/corner collision play can be very effective as Max and Andrew George amply demonstrated to close out last season.

  • CougarBurke said:

    Excited to have you on board, look forward to your insight!

  • Vesparider said:

    Eric, I loved watching you play as a cougar. Not only did you have great hands but the passion you had for playing showed on the field every game you played. The 52-52 tie with SDSU comes to mind. YAC is also something I remember about your career at BYU. I believe YAC has as much to do about effort and desire as skill and talent.

    I’d also like to hear a little about what it was like for you to be recruited to BYU and if you were always a Cougar fan. I didn’t really follow recruiting back then.

    I believe you played on the same teams as a good friend of mine, Eli Herring. What a great guy.

    Go Cougs! Beat the Miners!!

  • YCodger said:

    Hi Eric

    Great to see you writing for Deep Shades of Blue.

    Enjoyed seeing you play all those years ago. I’d still take you as BYU’s best clutch receiver ever.

    I’d like to see a word or two on Ryan Hancock, who had such a great year at QB in 1992 coming from 3rd string.

    His name, like Gary Sheide’s, always gets lost in lists of great BYU QB’s. After all, how many of them beat Penn State (and good)?

    All the best.

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