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First Hand Fan Perspective in Dallas…this is good!

8 September 2009 Markell Staffieri 21 Comments

images The following is an email I received from a member of my softball team here in California who was on hand in Dallas to witness that great game.  It fired me up to read this.

“Oh yes…. I was there (cue music)

ESPN radio AND all the commentators right outside the stadium –  they said 
on loud speakers right to our faces – ALL four of them – that Oklahoma was 
not only going to win…. but also beat the spread of 22 points. “It’s going 
to be a long day for Max Hall and BYU”, “BYU’s defense has never seen an 
offence like this and simply will not be able to stop them”, “BYU’s young 
offensive line is going to get a rude awakening this evening”

Then… we took our seats and saw 70,000 Oklahoma fans pack the stadium. 
Moments before the game, ALL of them stood up, boldly and proudly raised 
their hands (#1) and recited their poem of champions.  The big screen showed 
scene after scene of championship moments in OU’s history – 3 minutes 
straight –  The OU band was there drumming a powerful, slow and steady beat 
like they were ready to go to war.  I confess… the intimidation worked. 
It felt like we were going to get throttled…. But then…

Just before the cougars took the field, the giant 70yd HUGE screen faded 
from red to blue…. and the BYU fans stood proudly to their feet.  The 
mega-tron played the first 2 minutes of this 
clip…Today Every person in that 
entire stadium focused on every word.  Then they followed it up with this 
one.  BYU 2009.  The players took the 


Bronco on the Big Screen

Bronco on the Big Screen

Can you Handle the Stare Down?

Can you Handle the Stare Down?

Welcome to the Deep Shades of Blue Community!


  • Gregg Prettyman said:

    I’m excited for the season ahead but feel like a man who just had a great first date but on the heels of a bitter divorce. I’m encouraged but know there’s a long way to go and my past tells me to take it slow and use extreme caution.

  • Cougar Jeff said:

    Wow!!! That gave me chills and inspired me to go re-watch the game (for the fourth time). Love it! Love the site! Love Cougar football!

  • kevin long said:

    That was cool! To bad that clip of BYU 2009 did not have a shot of the Haka.

  • kiyoshige said:

    The stadium was silent after the Bronco Today commercial and the OU fans, many of them fresh off of hours of tailgating and a 3-4 hr drive down from Norman, must have thought, “Does this school even play football? What kind of football team shows a commercial with the head coach talking to a bunch of students (non-athletes) in the locker room? Yeah, I guess what I do today does matter…”

    A long way from the “I told the truth” commercials I grew up with. I can imagine the stadium organizers, “OK, BYU you have two minutes on the Megatron before you come in, what do you want to play?” “Um, oh, um, I guess it doesn’t HAVE to be football related. Yeah, we could play that, I guess, if you really WANT to…”

    I think they understood a little bit more about our institution and I love how Bronco (not an alumnus) has used this win to highlight our school and conference IN ADDITION to the football team. When are we going to get this guy an honorary degree???

  • Lynne said:

    I love this site, for all the info you can’t get anywhere else! Thanks.

  • Anti-Utite said:

    That clip of Bronco always gets me fired up! “So much depends on what YOU do Today!” That must have blown the OU crowd away when they show him in a classroom. Definitely a in stadium goose bump moment….I’m surprised no one committed to baptism right there on the spot.

    Thanks for the first-hand info.

  • Spencer said:

    I was there as well. One thing about the ‘Today’ clip was that the A/V system in the stadium is still getting its kinks worked out, so at least from where I was sitting, it was hard to hear what Bronco was saying.

    There was this other video they showed later on in the game that was definitely chill-inducing. It started out similar to the BYU 2009 with silhouettes of guys in suits with some smoke around them. I was thinking, “that is kinda cool, show the guys in a different theme.” Then they showed some highlights and they threw in some clips from ’84. They show the guys in suits again and you could see it was a bunch of guys from the ’84 team. It then went on with a Tradition theme. Pretty dang sweet, even if the meaning was lost on all the OU fans.

  • CavemanCougar said:

    Bronco is not an alumnus of BYU, but he is a member of the Church who gets what the school is all about. I’m proud to have him as our coach.

  • Oceanographer said:

    Just to let everyone know, although it isn’t an honorary degree, Bronco was made an honorary BYU alumnus by the BYU Alumni Association. I can’t remember the date, but it was earlier this year (February, I think). He gave a special talk/fireside/speech for the alumni association that was broadcast on BYU-TV. I saw the broadcast. During the Alumni President’s intro of Bronco he gave Bronco a certificate making him an official and honorary alumnus. It is also mentioned on Bronco’s Wikipedia page:


  • Ben H said:

    I have the chills.

  • joes mrs. said:

    this was awesome. love it, love it, love it.

  • devin said:

    Wow, that was awesome. So glad you posted that…so wish I could have been there. Wow. Bronco is the man.

  • Emily said:

    So awesome!! I have seen that video before. I wish I could have been there to see it in the stadium like that.

  • Walt said:

    To those of you who were at the game, did our team do the Haka and if so what reaction did the Sooner fans have and if not, why not?

  • kiyoshige said:

    The team did the Haka at the end of the game when there were only BYU fans in the stadium (OU fans started filing out after the missed field goal). Before the game, the teams lined up in straight line and approached one another and shook hands in a show of sportsmanship. I thought for a minute they were going to play “Red Rover”, but they shook hands. It was a nice gesture.

    The OU fans were classy to say the least. Multiple times I had guys come up to me, hold out their hand and say, “Congratulations, you guys played a great game.” No excuses and no buts. TCU fans were similarly gracious when we came to Amon Carter 3 years ago and the Beck-led Cougars and David Nixon’s sack put a hurt on the Frogs.

    This was an top tier program, from start to finish – coaches, players, band, and even the 60,000 fans. I wonder when we as BYU fans will get to that level where we are gracious losers to TCU, Utah or whoever upsets us this year. I tried to be when I walked out of Amon Carter last year, but I certainly did not hold out my hand to random TCU fans and give them props. I hope that if we lose at Lavell Edwards Stadium this year that BYU fans will put aside their disappointment and heartache for a second and take time to congratulate the visitors for getting the job down in a hostile environment and thank the fans for traveling to Provo.

  • kiyoshige said:

    BTW, the Sooner fans who did stick around didn’t seem to mind the Haka and it wasn’t an “in your face” thing or anything, but more of a celebratory atmosphere.

  • YLife said:

    I can’t tell you how good those BYU commercials looked in HD. What is the resolution of that screen? 1280 billion x 1040 billion? lol

    I was so proud to be a BYU alumnus that day. Thank you, Bronco.

  • YLife said:


    I could hear it fairly well where I was sitting. Also, when the “Today” commercial came on, the stadium fell to a hush while it played (I was completely surrounded by OU fans).

    It was very quiet and I do think most OU fans felt “something” (or were at least moved) as Bronco spoke. No doubt in my mind. Who wouldn’t feel inspired by the message? It is a powerful lesson.

  • Triumph said:

    I was an extra when they shot the “Today” video with Bronco. Now that I have been on the Big Screen I just have to wait for Hollywood to call.

  • Walt said:

    They shook hands at the Boise State Oregon game also…is this going to be a trend and if not do you think we will go back to doing the Haka before kickoff?

    Finally, have you all seen all of the clips (1:50 – 9:00 minutes long) on U-Tibe? they are keepsakes.

  • Stevie H. said:

    Great Stuff I wish I went to that game. We did great and I really was surprise on how they held Oklahoma on that goal line stand to force them to kick a feild,and I think Max Hall and our offense did great on the last drive to get that touchdown to Mckay. I think that if we can play as good as we did at the Oklahoma I think we will play for a national championship. To add something we would still have probably won if Sam Bradford was in because of how our defense was holding him even in the first half. Lets have a great season.
    Goooooooooooooooooooo Cougars!!!!!!!!!

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