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Florida Scouting Report

23 March 2011 Mike Rose 24 Comments

Florida's Kenny Boynton (1) and Vernon Macklin (32)

Deep Shades of Blue welcomes Mike Rose back to our team!

Hello DSB readers!

It has been a while since I’ve written, but I am still walking on cloud nine after the Gonzaga win and cannot seem to get basketball off of my mind, so I wanted to do an entry.

I thought you all might be interested to see what kind of things are put in our game plan/scouting report. Having been through these meetings for four years, I think this is pretty close to what will be written on the game board.

I have seen Florida play about six times and watched film last night, so this is what I think the report looks like on our locker room wall right now. Each player will also get printouts of the report to study at night, as well as diagrams of certain set plays.

Note: The scouting report is usually geared towards a man defense, but I think we will probably play 25 minutes or more of zone defense unless they get really hot from the perimeter.The tendencies of Florida ’s players apply to either defense, however, so that is why it is done that way.

Also, we always hope to be able to play man on teams and still consider it our base defense — that is the defense Coach Rose prefers. Without Davies, unfortunately, we have had to play a lot of zone to avoid foul trouble and to avoid teams wearing out Jimmer by chasing him off staggered screens, etc. which they were doing.

On the bright side, this is the best zone defense we have ever had, mainly because of one guy — Jackson Emery. He is absolutely incredible disrupting the passing lanes up top, and that is why Gonzaga was out of rhythm offensively. Jax was everywhere!

I played against him for a year and he is the most obnoxious defender I faced in my career. We used to hate playing against him in practice! He is the guy that goes 110% in walk through; we used to ask him if he thought it was a “sprint through”. It was funny, but that’s just how he is wired. Watch Emery fly around in the zone defense on Thursday, he is relentless.

Kyle and Charles have also been exceptional in the zone — grabbing rebounds, deflecting passes, and closing to shooters. I miss the solid man defense we played a few weeks ago with Davies, and hope to be able to play it without fouling on Thursday for at least 15 minutes. That will be a huge key to the game because they have good shooters. Anyway, on to the scouting report.

Florida Scouting Report:


Erving Walker (PG, 5’8″, 14.1 PPG, 39% 3-PFG, 191 3-pointers made) The engine and heart of the team. Makes big shots at the end of games, has the ball in his hand a lot. Extremely quick off the dribble. Will usually pull up to shoot going left and drive all the way to the hole going right. Turns the corner hard on pick and rolls like Daris Gary from UNM. Close out right to the shot and be ready for him to put it on the floor and attack. Big men, put your hands straight up and make him make tough floaters over you when he drives, he’s too good of a free throw shooter to bail out and put on the line and we aren’t deep enough to foul. He’s short, make him make difficult contested shots over us!

Match-up: Jackson

Kenny Boyton (SG, 6’2″, 14 PPG, 33% 3-PFG, 226 3-pointers made) Streaky shooter/scorer, not trigger shy…. had 27 points on us last year with about 5 3’s. With the ankle sprain he will be more likely to settle for the jump shot, but he has the ability to get to the rack. CLOSE OUT TO SHOT! Do not let him get going early and he will tend to disappear and float on offense. Concentrate on him early in the game, especially scrambling out of the monster(low post double team). In zone we need to know where he is at all times. He likes to float on the wing against zone defenses, waiting for Walker to drive and kick out. Get a hand up and contest contest contest!!!

Match-up: Jimmer

Chandler Parsons (SF-6’10”, 11.4 PPG, 8 RPG, 4 APG, 40% 3-PFG) Great all around offensive player, SEC player of the year. Loves the midrange jumper. Often drives and dishes off to the post, so guards need to fill and sink when our post players help on the drive….Take a charge on him! They like to run a slip or UCLA screen to get him in the post about 7 feet out. Bump and hold hard on that screen. Abuo needs to stay out of foul trouble so he can guard this guy. He will usually pull up for the jumper going left and continue all the way to the basket going right looking for the pass or lay up. Close to shot!

Match-up: Charles Abuo

Alex Tyus (PF, 6’8″, 8.7 PPG. 6 RPG) Long, athletic big. Likes to run the floor and get right to the rim on the fast break. Not very strong so try and push him off the block in the post! If he catches it at 10 feet as opposed to 3-5 feet he is far less effective. Allow him to shoot shots outside of 12 feet until he makes a couple. His jumper is suspect. Likes to turn over his right shoulder with a left handed hook shot in the post. Monster (the other post comes to double team) him when he takes his first dribble in the post. He’s a decent passer out of the post. Close to shooters out of the monster with high hands!

Match-up: Kyle Collinsworth

Vernon Macklin (C, 6’10”, 11.3 PPG, 5 RPG, 58% PGF) Strong, athletic post. Like Tyus, can run the floor well so big men get back on D after crashing the offensive boards and Jimmer can stay in the hole when he’s running hard down the middle on the break with our post trailing. Big men have to get back so Jimmer can close to Boyton on the break and not have to stay under the basket!!!! They love shooting the 3 in transition and all the guards can shoot. Macklin loves turning over his left shoulder in the post for a right handed hook shot. Not a great passer, monster HARD when he catches the ball in the post. We should be able to force turnovers by doubling him. Push him off the block!

Match-up: Noah Hartsock


Erik Murphy (PF/C, 6’10” 4.5 PPG, 2 RPG) Pick and pop shooter, show on the ball screen and hustle back to him, he’s looking to pop and shoot it. Box him out when shots go up, he will crash.

Patric Young (PF/C 6’9”, 3.5 PPG, 4 RPG) Energy, energy, energy. Keep him off the boards!! Pump fake him on offense to draw the foul and back cut when he inevitably over plays the passing lane. Take advantage of his aggressiveness. He loves to get right to the rim on offense, make him make shots outside of 5 ft.

Scottie Wilbekin (G, 6’2”, 2.6 PPG, 31% 3-PFG) Don’t let him get going. Role player off the bench, not as aggressive as Walker and Boyton but a capable scorer/passer. Close to the shot and be ready to be attacked off the dribble.

Keys to winning the game:

1)     Guard the 3 point line
2)     Rebound, Rebound, Rebound!!! We need 5 guys rebounding
3)     Transition defense, no easy buckets for them — they are going to try and outrun us and beat us at our game! Can’t happen
4)     Get stops so we can run and score in transition.
5)     Execute on offense and take high percentage shots, play like we play!! Nobody needs to try and do anything special on offense.
6)     Enjoy the moment, play on attack!!

So that’s probably what the scouting report looks like, I hope you guys enjoyed reading. I’m pumped now, I wish I was playing!

Go get a win Cougs, bring that “A” game to New Orleans !! This season may already be our best ever, let’s go make it better. We should play loose and free, as I think we’ve surpassed most people’s expectations already. We will have to play extremely well to win, but it is a winnable game.

-Mike Rose

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  • Brandon said:

    This is why I visit this site. Great insight and analysis! Thanks, Mike for posting.

  • Seasider said:

    Having our bigs in foul trouble seems to be a way of life for the team these days. I really hope we can keep Charles out of foul trouble, he’s one player who does so much when he’s on the floor and whenever he’s in the game the offense seems to have better rhythm to it, at least that’s my observation. If my memory serves me right Florida also has a history of their players getting in foul trouble. Jimmer went to the line quite a bit in last year’s game and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same story on Thursday.

  • oceanographer said:

    I agree with Brandon. Awesome to see how BYU prepares for games.

    Here’s hoping that you’ll have more reason to post additional scouting reports this season…

  • Matt said:


    I can’t even imagine how many open looks you’d get with Jimmer running the point this year. You would be sitting in the corner hitting 5 3’s a game.

    Great analysis. Totally agree with your comments. The only thing I would add is that I think Florida will have trouble matching up with us as well. I think a healthy Boynton can do a pretty good job on Jimmer, but Jimmer is Jimmer so that’s an advantage. I think Parsons would actually give him the most trouble because he’s long and a very heady player.

    I think Jackson will destroy Walker on the offensive end. Jackson thrives off of open looks and I don’t think Walker will do much to disrupt Jax shot. One other thought. I read a scout’s analysis on Jimmer’s defense the other day (which obviously wasn’t glowing) but he said that Jackson basically guards 1.5 guys per game to help Jimmer out. He’s a huge part of Jimmer’s success.

    I expect them to put Parsons on Collinsworth and I could see Kyle struggling to get his shot off on him. I do like KC’s work ethic lately and think he can contribute some “garbage” points

    I look for coach Rose to exploit Abouo on Tyus. While Tyus is a good athlete I think Charles could really do some damage off the dribble.

    One positive of not having Davies on the block is allowing Jimmer more room, so leaving Noah at the 5 has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It worked against Gonzaga getting Sacre out of the middle, and I think it will work again getting Macklin out of the middle. If his shot falls I think they’re in for a long night.

    The guys on the bench don’t scare me, especially the “defensive stoppers.” Jimmer eats those guys up because his game is so unique. Coach Few said that Mike Hart was their best individual defender and they tried him on Jimmer for about 2 minutes and then pulled him. I think the same thing will happen with Florida. Guys who haven’t played against him just don’t realize his range and his ability to score.

    Good to have you back Mike, see you in Austin.


  • Matt said:

    One more comment….I’m glad to see you talk about defense in your scouting report, I didn’t know you realize it existed (jk)

  • Smitty said:

    Nice insight, Mike. Can you offer any insight as to what kind of a defensive matchups and looks we should expect from UF? Obviously, Jimmer and Jackson shouldn’t have too much problem getting their jumper off over the shorter guards, but Parsons, Tyus, and Macklin make for a pretty long frontcourt. Are they as defensively imposing as the seem on paper? Are there any of their bigs we can look to exploit while we’re on offense?

    Perhaps I’m being pessimistic, but I don’t see us being able to shoot 50% from 3 again, and I feel like Charles and Noah are going to have to get to the hoop a little more than they did against Gonzaga.

  • Mike Rose said:


    There is no doubt that we will have to contiue to drain 3’s! I think Kyle and Charles will also need to be aggressive driving the ball, Kyle has made better moves to the hoop lately, just needs to watch the turnovers…. Our spacing is much better than a few games ago, that’s helping Kyle and Charles attack. Noah won’t be able to get by these athletic bigs, he and Rogers will have to make shots off the pick and pop. Hopefully we shoot above 40% from 3’s, that will be key. It feels like a game where we will have to outscore the other team to win, as good as Florida is playing. I don’t think we win in the 60’s.

  • Mike Rose said:


    Ha! I taught Jimmer everything he know about defense….

  • Chris said:

    For BYU to win it in regulation, going to need to hit 80. That means we hit shots. Otherwise, Florida will slow it down, play half court on us, and strangle out a win. But if we are on, they will have to play more up tempo to score, which plays into our hands. I love it when teams try to go up tempo on us. Means more shots per game, more open looks, and fits our style of play better. They lost doing that last year. Bottom line is, gotta get Jax, Abuou, Noah and Rogers to hit perimeter shots. That will open them up.

  • BoomerCougar32 said:

    I’ve read in a couple game previews that this year Florida is more of a halfcourt team and will be unwilling to run with us. The scouting report here seems to contradict that saying that we need to focus on transistion D and they will try to beat us at our own game. Anyone have any insights?

  • kiyoshige said:

    Thnx for the scouting report MRose. Will having these by the TV during the game.

  • Mike Rose said:

    Quote from Billy Donovan about BYU, “Let’s run with ‘em and see if they can stay up.”

    I don’t think he is playing mind games or anything there. They believe they are the better team, so why try and shorten the game by limiting possesions? I think that’s what they want to do and it makes sense with their athletes, transition shooters, and deeper bench. I believe they will run opportunistically, though, and if we stop the initial break they will back it out then probably try and pound it inside.

    Don’t expect them to play overly patient on offense like SDSU, Air Force, or Utah. Expect a style similar to New Mexico.

  • J 2 said:

    Thanks for the insight! Gets me pumped up to play…. which wouldn’t really help, but the adrenaline is still there.

  • CaseyA said:


    My thought was KC matchup on Parsons and Abuou on Tyus. I thought Abuou would be better able to move Tyus off a block and KC would have the length to close out a little better against Parsons. Thoughts?

    Also, I agree with you completely about the transition D. I think Florida is going to try and run with us. I think we win because of it as long as we find shooters in transition.

  • Jeff said:

    Agreed that this is the most insightful writeup about that game that I’ve seen. Can’t wait for tipoff!

  • LanceWArchibald said:

    CaseyA I don’t think we need to be too overly concerned about Tyus on offense. As long as Collinsworth stays in between him and the basket and we get the double team over (so many turnovers : ) he won’t hurt us too much (last year he was 3-11 for 6 points). I do think that Parsons is somebody that we should be concerned about (Last year he dropped 20 on us had 6 offensive boards (10 rebounds total) and 6 assists). Abouo will shut him down, he’ll keep him from driving the lane and dishing which is where Tyus and Macklin are most dangerous. Stopping Parsons with Abouo and stopping Walker with Emery will make a big difference in limiting their big fellas.

  • Mike Rose said:


    Yeah I think that match up could go either way, I agree. I feel like Parsons is their best offensive player and Abuo our best defender, but Kyle may feel more comfortable on Parsons. Whoever guards Tyus will be getting help from a double team I’m pretty sure. So you may be able to put Kyle on Tyus since help is coming.

  • CaseyA said:

    Good thoughts by both Lance and Mike. Thanks guys. I was also thinking about our offensive sets and how different they are this year from last. I think the Gators will have a real issue with their bigs who love to block shots, Tyus and Macklin, out on the perimeter guarding Hartsock, KC and Abuou. They will cheat or get frustrated. That can really help us like it did with Gonzaga.

    I’m amped for this game. Go Cougars.

  • BoomerCougar32 said:

    Florida’s main weaknesses seem to be turnovers and FT shooting, although both have picked up for them recently. This is a pretty good team we’re matched up against, and I think the outcome of the game will be heavily influnced by who wins the 3-point shooting battle. We’re certainly up to the task to take another victory here though, go Cougars!

  • Hunter said:


    Great insight on Jackson as a defender. I think what you said about us playing the best zone defense is dead on. While I like our team in man defense more, we cannot get into foul trouble. Jackson has not stepped up that many feel like he should on offense this season (although he did vs Gonzaga) but he has MORE than stepped up on the defensive side of the ball. He allows Jimmer to conserve a ton of energy by guarding the best guard. I expect him to lock up Walker as he did with DJ Gay this season 3 times. Not sure Walker doesn’t score but he will be limited. Great analysis. Noah and Charles MUST stay out of foul trouble, let Anderson come in and use his fouls and grab some boards… tell him if he touches the ball on offense to not shoot the ball unless there is no one within 8 feet of him.

    Let’s hope for a win.

  • WaybackCougar said:

    Thanks for insights we don’t usually have access to. Great stuff! More than anything else I want to see the team have energy tomorrow. When you see them darting around on defense you know it’s going to be tough for the other team. As I’ve said before, I think we can win a close one with so-so shooting but great D. But great shooting and great D makes us just about unbeatable.

  • CaseyA said:

    Some great facts. Analysis shows that BYU runs to score and scores on the run more than any team left in the tournament. For those thinking about Florida running with us tonight, they aren’t in the top 5. In fact, they are below SDSU. I still think this is a pace based game and I think we win it because Florida will stupidly run with us … try to run with us.

  • Ralph J said:

    Great Stuff! A big point you made was to attack on offense. Abouo is 10x better offensively when he attacks the rim, I hate it when he stands around on the 3 pt line and settles for jumpers. Same for Jackson, he got going and broke out of his slump in the Gonzaga game when he started attacking the basket in the 2nd half. Same for Stephen Rogers. We can’t afford to have guys just standing around on the 3pt line watching the Jimmer show.

  • Seasider said:

    Oh well, it was a good season and the Cougs gave us plenty to cheer for. BYU will move on and they’ll have other teams that will make a tournament run but Jimmer was a once in a generation player and I’m gonna miss seeing him in Cougar blue. Thanks for the memories Jimmer, Jackson and Logan.

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