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Funny memories from the 05′-06′ Air Force games.

13 November 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 8 Comments

This is probably the funniest thing I remember from the Air Force games. It was in 2005 when Cameron Jensen was roaming the middle at linebacker -Kelly Poppinga did something similar, but I remember it more distinctively from 05′-06′.

During AFA’s offensive series in the 05′-06′ games the defense could hear the Air Force quarterback calling out signals at the line of scrimmage involving numbers and -if I remember correctly- colors. As the game progressed the quarterback kept repeating colors and numbers followed by identical run plays.

It was a difficult code to decipher, but the D managed.

As Cameron and Co. caught onto the signals he started yelling out where the players were going, who was getting the ball and what the running back’s girlfriend’s favorite color was.

You could just see Carney’s frustration mounting as Cameron would yell who was getting the ball and what gap they were running into. This friendly exchange proceeded for a couple of series until Air Force finally changed up the signals and decided they would rather play the game without Cameron being part of their offense and our defense.

There was also a moment late in the 2006 game where the back-up quarterback came in the game, looked to the sideline got the play and yelled it out to is teammates. As I heard the call I recognized the numbers and yelled out where the ball was going. The quarterback stepped back from center, looked at the coach who said,” run the play dammit!!.” They ran the play and I blasted the pitch player as he caught the ball.

I got up, shook my head, turned and trotted off the field. I chuckled the whole way back to Provo about that play…dammit.

Football is an easy game if you are able to understand your job well enough so you can start paying attention to the details. Isn’t there some kind of Chinese proverb that says “it’s all in the details”….maybe not, but there should be.

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  • Markell Staffieri said:

    Quinn I still remember them calling 24 – Fall for the QB Follow Play and then calling 48 River for the Reverse. Those signals were so obvious. I mean if I can still remember their offense two years later, it must have been pretty obvious.

  • SonOFpeRdiTioN said:

    “runningback’s girlfriend’s favorite color” hahaha, classic. Great to have a sharp sense of humor when you’ve got your opponent pegged.

  • Mike said:

    For being such a smart bunch of players (really, you have to be smart to be admitted to the AFA), that sound’s pretty stupid.

    That’s a classic story!

  • Adam said:

    Cool story, Hansel.

  • BYUJACK said:

    Air Force games just aren’t the same without Carney and Deberry. I still remember waiting with great anticipation for Brady Poppinga to take Carney’s head off. I just don’t see anything new like that flaring up with Bronco and the new Air Force coach.

    I am looking forward to picking up my favorite MWC stadium food at Air Force. “Deep Fried Pork Chops on a Stick.” I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is going to the game this week.

  • Butch said:

    I personally am looking forward to the turkey legs…yum yum

  • Colby O'Very said:

    I think the real rivalry was between Poppinga and Chance Harridge. Harridge was good, and he was cocky. I hated the guy, but he was one of those guys who you love to have on your team, and hated him if he wasn’t (ie Travis Hansen). I’m pretty sure Brady got at least one personal foul for hitting Harridge, and I remember thinking it was totally worth it just to see Harridge get blasted.

  • mac said:

    I don’t know where Chance Harridge is now but I hope he’s showing the same attitude toward our Nation’s enemies that he used to show to BYU. I used to really hate that guy but I always remembered that I was going to be glad when he was giving some jihadi the same treatment.

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