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Harvey Unga Talks About His Future

16 June 2010 Brett Richins 32 Comments
Harvey Unga

Harvey Unga

Former BYU running back Harvey Unga has officially declared for the NFL Supplemental Draft to be held next month.

Harvey is spending several hours a week working out to prepare himself for what he hopes will be a successful attempt at making an NFL roster this coming season.

Unga made national news shortly after BYU’s spring football camp when he removed himself from BYU for violating the school’s honor code. His attempt to return to BYU in time to resume his college football playing career was later denied by the university.

Unga and his agent Eric Metz, who has represented several other former Cougars, are in contact with multiple teams who are expressing interest in BYU’s all-time leading rusher. In fact, Unga recently spent over an hour on the phone speaking with the front office brass of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Teams that use a pick in this year’s supplemental draft must surrender a pick in next April’s draft. That can make it difficult for players in Unga’s situation.

In addition to his training regimen, Harvey is also taking a big step in his life this weekend. He and his fiance Keilani Moeaki will be married in a ceremony to be held in the Chicago area.

In this exclusive interview with Deep Shades of Blue, Unga talks for the first time since leaving BYU about his plans for the future.

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  • Spencer said:

    Unga is such a stud. He picked our team up in 2007 when we were supposed to have a down year and we have been riding his back till now. I hope that NFL teams see that and utilize his gifts. Best of luck to you Harvey. U truly are a BYU legend!

  • Jim said:

    We will miss having you in the backfield! Good luck Harvey and thanks for al you have done for BYU football!!!

  • abudhabi said:

    Brett, you’re doing a terrific job on coverage of BYU football. I look forward to your articles everyday. My heart goes out to Harvey. He’s an amazing kid, and it’s unfortunate how things played out. I have no doubt that he will have a successful and long NFL career.

    Good luck to you, Harvey. You will forever remain an inspiration to BYU football.

  • Trevor said:

    Harvey, we love you! Good luck in your career, we will be cheering for you!

  • YLife said:

    Unga is a BYU legend and I will miss him greatly (especially this year). I hope he has a long and prosperous NFL career, but I hope he has a longer and happier life and marriage to his beautiful bride-to-be. They are a great couple and I hope they know there is nothing but love for them from BYU nation.

  • Jeff said:

    Good luck in the future, Harvey. I wish you nothing but the best. My question is why would anyone enter the supplemental draft and risk getting drafted by a team that could be a bad situation when they could just sign as a free agent with a team who would fit their style? I know you’ll go wherever, but… That way the team retains their draft pick.

  • Wes said:


    I will especially love to see you succeed in your career. You are a great guy and our hearts and prayers go with you.

  • Jay said:

    @Jeff: every player has to go through the draft. You can’t just skip it and sign with whomever you like. If you could, all the players would do it. So, the supplemental draft is a way to get through without waiting all the way until next year. If he’s not picked in the supplemental draft, then he is free to sign with anyone.

  • LNK said:

    I would like to know, if you can find out, just what BYU (AD and Admin)have been doing during all of this expansion news/talk. I don’t think I have heard anything coming from BYU. How active have they been?

  • Steve said:

    Harvey is one of the greatest BYU football players ever both on and off the field. I hope that an NFL team will be able to see that and bring him in and utilize his talents. Im glad to see that it dosnt look like he is harboring any ill feelings towards BYU after all that occured. I just wish we had him to knock the yewts around again this year. Heavens knows how difficult it will be to have to listen to them brag about their invite to the pac 12 for the next year. A nice 20 yard run up the middle for a touchdown worked well to shut em up in the past. Lets hope Quezada can pick up where Harvey left off. Harvey go get em in the NFL!

  • Mark said:

    How is Harvey a BYU great off the field if he can’t live the Honor Code. How is he a stud ON the field when he’s NOT on the field for his senior year having let his team down? He was a great runner. Too bad he didn’t finish what he started.

  • Tyler said:

    Shut up mark you’re an idiot. Get off your high horse.

  • Glade said:

    Mark, I am afraid you have some growing up to do, some hard lessons to learn. Don’t put people like Harvey, who may have been one of your heros, on a pedestal. Harvey can be a great person, on or off the field, even though he made a mistake with respect to the honor code. We all make mistakes, even you, but you are probably a great person too. Harvey’s heart appears to be a good heart, and that is what counts most. No one said he is perfect, but he can still be a great person.

  • Seasider said:


    There’s a lot more to a person than how well they live the BYU honor code. Harvey for the 3 years he played was a positive role model not just for his teammates but the local community. He messed up and took responsibility for his actions what more do you want? As for letting the team down, this team is going to be just fine. Yes, they were counting on him to be there this season but they’ve moved on. Harvey gave BYU 3 solid seasons with some memorable performances. I prefer to look at the glass half full when I think of his time as a Cougar.

  • Brent said:

    Its great to hear from Harvey. We support you and wish you the best in the NFL and with your future family!

  • BYU DUDE said:

    Harvey Thanks for all you did for BYU. I am glad you will return for your degree. You are getting married to a great athlete, that tells me there are some Boys headed this way. No question in my mind you will get a standing ovation at the next BYU football game you attend.!!! good luck.

  • AF Coug said:

    Yo Harvey, you are the man. Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts both on and off the field. And best wishes in all your NFL and life endeavors. We all remember the emotion of the touchdowns, of seeing you hits dudes at a point of attack so low and hard they fell back, and listening to your ridiculously humble post game interviews. I for one will always remember two things about you. The first is a video of you pregame against the Tutes a couple of years ago and you were just hanging out chewing the fat with one of their running backs, Mack or Asiata, I forget. I think that speaks volumes of the person you are and the competitor. That is what is important.

    Second was an article about your little brother and the effort you put into helping him trim weight every day all summer so that he could go on a mission. According to the author your effort, your encouragement and your example is what kept that kid pressing to go on a mish even when he thought things were unfair and maybe a mission wasn’t worth it. You made a difference in your brothers life and in the consequent lives of all the people he will touch on his mission, which will be significant. The touchdowns are great but we are here to thank you for much more than that. Our most sincere best wishes on everything with you and Keilani. Please keep dropping notes here on DSB because you are a welcome friend in this community.

    P.S. The Chiefs?! oh no, don’t play for the Chiefs unless they just pay you a truck load of money. Go to Oakland and let Manase keep opening holes for you to bowl through.

  • Mark said:

    Call me names. Spit and rant. The facts are… Harvey let his team down. He didn’t let me down. I don’t matter in the equation. But in every team sport, when you don’t show up to a practice, miss games due to eligibility, you are letting your team mates down. You may love Harvey and feel he is a wonderful person — and he probably is — but, can you really say BYU is better off without him or just as good without him? No. Therefore, his team mates will miss having him and he won’t be there for them. They’ll live, but take your emotions out of this and face reality — Harvey’s actions have cost him (he admits), hurt his academic progress, and have hurt his team. He knows this and I believe he is far more willing to admit this than some of the ranters on this site.

    Great people fall from grace all of the time… but the really great ones get up, learn and go on. I wish Harvey all the best. I hope he does terrific in whatever he does. If he listens to many of you he won’t have the benefit (as I have a number of times) of learning from his self-imposed disasters. It’s been tough. Discretion is the better part of valor.

  • Brandon said:

    I have to agree a little bit with Mark. Don’t get me wrong, I think Harvey is a good person and in a lot of ways a great role model. Yes, he has handled the mistakes he has made well, but what about all those players who didn’t make mistakes and kept themselves eligible? They were all faced with the same temptations and were able to overcome them. Unga was a great player and has indeed taken responsibility of his actions, but as a father I would rather have my children look to those who are able to resist temptation rather than to those who gave in to temptation and handled it well, and I do not think that saying this means I am sitting on a high horse.

  • IndianaCoug said:

    I agree with Mark. Harvey was a great player and did some really great things off the field–I have always been a big fan. BUT… he did make one big mistake. I wish him well, but I won’t be naming my next son after him (my oldest is named Eli, after Eli Herring).

  • Steve said:

    Mark, if you wanted to zero in on the negative attributes of BYU football players I’m sure you could write paragraphs of information on almost every player past and present. But why do that unless you are a yewt troll? I am one that acknowledges that what happened wasn’t what was best for anyone involved, but at the same time I choose to focus on the positives and all the good Harvey has done and continues to do. I hope that I never have thousands of people review and stew over my most serious mistakes. If that were to happen I would hope that people would come to my defense and not judge me too harshly. That they would be able to see that I am still a good person and that they wouldn’t complain because I let them down over something as inconsequential as a game of football and that they could no longer name their son after me. I am not trying to put anyone down I just wish people would realize that Harvey is more than just the guy that set every running back record at BYU and more than just the guy that made a mistake. He is an awesome person! This is all I am going to say on this matter because Brett has done such an amazing job turning this into the best site for BYU football information on the web and I don’t want to take part in steering this board away from all the awesome work he has done. Thanks Harvey you are a stud!

  • BYU Blue 2003 said:

    Harvey and Keilani, Congratulations on your pending marriage. We of the Cougar Nation wish you two all the best.

    And to those who feel the need to lecture others about their mistakes, please do us all a favor and keep quiet. I hope that when someone goes back and looks at your personal legacy, you’ll have several people there to point out all of your mistakes and how “you let others down.” That would be poetic justice. Thankfully, the Savior doesn’t remember any of our errors after we repent.

  • Dboy said:

    I don’t know Harvey other than watching him play football. There are a lot of other kids at BYU who mess up and violate the honor code, not because they never had any intent to violate it, but just because they make bad judgments, get caught up in emotions and feelings, and ultimately put themselves in a position where they make a mistake. It happens. I’m not sure exactly how it came to light that he made the mistake, but if he went to his bishop to confess and that is how it was made known, I really respect him for that. He would have risked his senior season, and damaged his chances to make a big contract in the pros. Why?, to do the right thing and get himeself right with God. Plus, he harbors no apparent bitterness towards BYU. Sounds like a quality guy. I really loved watching him play. He was our best player three years in a row. It is the few guys like him that make football something I love to watch. His talent, his heart, his effort, and his demeanor on the field. He did it right. I will miss Harvey. I hope the best for him.

  • Talei said:

    Harvey! I’m so happy for you and wish you the best with all the exciting things for you coming up. You’ve been working so hard in the gym with Dave…So proud of you and love that this interview was held in ASAP. Much love and Alohas!

  • Nebraska Nate said:

    Thanks for the update on Harvey. He has shown tremendous courage on and off the field. He is a bigger man for handling himself the way he has and I can only hope that is myopic critics live to have their life so publicly scrutinized.

    Harvey, you have been a joy to watch and I will certainly cheer for you in the League.

  • Ben said:

    Harvey, if you’re reading this: you were a stud player for BYU and an all-timer. I’m grateful I got to cheer for you during the time you were at BYU. Best of luck in the NFL buddy.

  • MissouriCoug said:

    Bring on Unga!… Please! I have been in Kansas City for almost 3 years now and have had a very hard time becoming a Chiefs fan… do you blame me? This would FINALLY give me something that i can cheer about.

  • Jay said:

    You have a lot of fans following any info about you. Please keep us all informed. The best for you and your family!

  • Paul said:

    If you happen to read this, Harvey, Cougar Nation wishes you the very best. Congratulations on your marriage.

  • kiyoshige said:


  • Josh said:

    Bret and DSOB Admin –

    Great job on the site; the content has been great. I recently saw that your Harvey Unga interview was used by the Orlando Sun Sentinel talking about Miami’s interest in picking up Harvey. Check out the link


  • Brett Richins said:


    Thanks and thanks for the heads up on the sentinel story.

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