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History hates the fact that Utah beat BYU.

1 December 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 38 Comments

This video link was sent to me by a reader.

Mr. H shows the right amount of passion, although I don’t think we need to bring Lavell out of retirement coaches. I liked watching the observers in the video react to Mr. H’s outburst and the best part of the video is when Hitler asks those who baught a “Quest” T-shirt to leave.

It will give you a Monday morning laugh. Enjoy.

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  • LoyalCougar said:

    I don’t see much humor linking BYU fans or the BYU program to the Nazis. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think it’s funny at all.

  • Josh F. said:

    That was great, thank you for the link. I especially liked the part about the firesides.

  • Jared Goulding said:

    Bravo to whoever put that together. People in the office are leaving their lunch to find out what has me in tears. Thanks for the Monday boost.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Wow, Wow, Wow…someone took that a little to literal.
    Crack a smile folks before the moment passes you bye!!

  • Kierstin Glenn said:

    Please take the video down. I think it is pretty offensive to most people.

  • LoyalCougar said:

    Perhaps I did take it a little too literally. It’s just that I associate evil with the Utes, not with my beloved Cougs. I guess the fact that the loss still stings me doesn’t help.

    BTW, Quinn this is a great blog. Thanks for your insights and explanations. I’ve learned a ton.

  • Markell Staffieri said:

    That was a great video. I got a good laugh out of that…


    I was curious if there is anything out there that Quinn or myself have not addressed that the readers would like to know more about?

    We are going to be putting up some new topics later today and tomorrow and figured if you were hungry for some certain topics I would give you the chance to let us know.

  • Petey said:

    That was hilarious. I could smell my top ramen burning in the kitchen but I couldn’t stop watching. I didn’t even know you could burn ramen…..

  • Paul said:


    I got one that I’ve been really interested in, mainly because it’s my profession. I always hear Bronco referring to warrior culture and I have also noticed, probably a lot more than most civilians, that Bronco integrates a lot of our honored military tradition and other military doctrine/training techniques. (The most recent example that I can think of is this year’s coin).

    I guess I’m just interested in how Bronco goes about integrating stuff like that. Does he come out and tell the team what he’s doing and why (or even historical significance), or does he just present it as something that he wants you guys to do and nobody really notices where he’s getting it from.

    That’s something about Bronco that I’ve been really intrigued about and I think it’s awesome that he does stuff like that.

  • Lynne said:

    Good grief, is there no end to the creativity this rivalry inspires? The biggest laugh is calling this season a “failure.” Having had my laugh about the Quest shirts, I am left with curiuosity as to what the Hitler character is actually saying in this clip. Thanks for the laugh, Quinn.

  • Spencer said:

    Quinn, Markell,

    This video is hilarious. I actually saw this last week, a friend of mine sent it and I thought it was a riot. What is funny is that I’m assuming that this was done by a ute fan to make fun of BYU, but BYU fans just see this as good-natured fun, i.e., able to laugh at themselves.

    I also have a suggestion or two about some topics to cover while we’re waiting for the bowl game.

    #1 You always hear that different conferences have different strengths and there is a different perception about them. Take the Pac-10 for example, since BYU will more than likely be facing them in their bowl game, coaches, etc. seem to refer their teams as a “typical Pac-10 team” I guess that means big and fast. But my question is, are teams from the Pac-10 really that different to play against than teams from the MWC or is it just a perception? And….is the preparation for these teams, whether it is a bowl game or not, really the same as it is for any other game or is that just “coach-speak” From a players perspective are things any different?

    #2 Could you comment on your thoughts regarding the possible Bowl matchup? What do you think would be best for BYU and what do you think of each of the possible teams that they may play. For example the possibility of matching up with Cal or UofA in the Vegas Bowl, or maybe Boise St. in the Poinsettia Bowl. You guys have played against each of these teams haven’t you? I’d be interested in your perception of each of them.


  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Thanks for the ideas, it will keep us going during the down time. Only 350 -or so- days until next season, but there is still plenty to talk about.

    And hopefully we can get some folks to enjoy a laugh or two along the way.

  • bfwebster said:

    For those of you somehow offended by this clip — you should know (and probably don’t) that this is a clip from the movie “Downfall” and has been subcaptioned like this many times for various reasons (e.g., the Dallas Cowbows losing in the playoffs last year, the current subprime mortgage mess, the US presidential election, XBox Live, etc.). If you go to YouTube and do a search on “downfall”, you’ll find quite a few of them.

    The only problem I had with this clip is that I’ve seen so many of these that I could pretty much predict what was going to be ‘said’.

    But I still thought it was pretty funny. ..bruce..

  • Adventures in Mormonism » Blog Archive » BYU vs. Utah: a post-game analysis…by Hitler said:

    […] tip to Deep Shades of Blue (a great BYU football blog run by ex-Cougar Quinn Gooch).  ..bruce.. Social Bookmark This Entry: […]

  • Kiyoshige said:

    Loved the video.

    Ideas for posts from the players’ perspective…

    1) Do you think that Bronco putting football 4th or 5th on his “priority” list decreases the tenacity and intensity of the players? I think it’s important to acknowledge that there is more to life than football. This being said, we know where football ranks on the “life” priority list, but when we’re on the field, we’re going for that ruthless, unrelenting, fanatical effort.

    2) What do players think about Bronco’s scheduling philosophy of 2 BCS teams, 1 non-BCS and then 1-FCS team? I can imagine players want to play the toughest competition, but they also understand that in the current system we need to go undefeated to make it to the BCS.

    3) Can you give us an idea of the transition from BYU to the NFL??? How do players decide on an agent and whether or not to go pro? Is it worthwhile if they go in the 2nd or even 3rd round? What if they don’t make the team that drafted them? Would it be better for the player to stay and go in a higher round the following year? What are the salary limitations and rules for NFL draft picks? I believe Staff mentioned some salary caps that go into play at the end of this year in an earlier post. How many players from the NCAA get invited to NFL combines? How many NFL teams come to BYU to see players who were not invited? What’s a best way for a BYU player to get drafted? Etc., etc.

    4) Can you break down the Assistant Coaches? What is the personality of each assistant coach, and what skills and techniques have they brought to the players? Do they emphasize one thing more than another? I.E. Does Weber know more about pass blocking or run blocking? Which assistant coaches do you think will move on and which do you think would make good coordinatory or head coaches? Which would/could replace Bronco?


  • fran said:

    As mentioned above, this isn’t very original.

    I remember seeing this version before we played UCLA and after Tennessee debacle against them.

  • ProV1 said:

    I would love a piece on recruiting and what it feels like from the athlete’s point of view. I realize Quinn walked on but what do other athletes say about recruiting. Also, what do you think of BYU’s recruiting tactics of early commitments and targeting a limited pool of potential players. Thanks.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    OUCH ProV1, I didn’t walk-on, I just looked like a walk-on. I committed to BYU my Junior year of high school, man..here I thought I was a prized recruite and it turns out I was never even recruited.


  • Oceanographer said:

    Staff and Quinn,

    I second the request to learn more about how Bronco incorporates the warrior culture into his coaching.


  • LoyalCougar said:

    This may not require an entire article, but I’m curious if Markell or Quinn have talked with Manase Tonga and if either of you have a status regarding his return to the team?

  • Petey said:

    I second the break down of the assistant coaches. I think that would be interesting.

  • Tim said:

    I would be interested to hear what the coaching staff does in terms of analyzing stats to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Does the team use any detailed analysis such as those employed by top MLB teams?

    I’m a big fan of the book “Moneyball” and loves stats in general, and I wonder if the team every uses this type of data to help it make decisions.

    Great blog, really love coming here everyday to see what you guys have to say.

  • Ben Criddle said:

    hahahaha that walk on comment about Quinn! I love it. Quinn tell them your high school stats for pete’s sake, they speak for themselves. No player can have those kind of stats and not get recruited..

  • Greg said:

    Thank you for putting that up. It helps to bring a smile to help ease the pain of losing to the Utes.

  • fullyinvestedgirl said:

    I will be so excited if BYU goes to Vegas again! I hear that Phantom is playing at the Venetian! Whoo hoo! :-)

  • Jett said:

    1 – Can you give us some insight what it is like to travel as a team? Do you have charters? Is the seating better than regular airline flights? How about motel/hotel arrangements? Can I assume you share rooms? What is done to help compensate for missing classes, etc.

    2 – What is done to help the players play better on the road? Playing at home has obvious advantages. What does BYU do to play better on the road?

  • kiyoshige said:

    Because I never, ever want this website to end, if I was introducing the webmaster, I would just use what the BYU football site has under his profile…

    Before BYU
    Earned All-America honorable-mention honors … selected first-team all-state and all-city as a senior … Southern Arizona Player of the Year … tallied over 1,000 yards and 15 touchdowns as a senior, despite missing six games due to a knee injury … recorded 24 receptions for 260 yards … produced over 600 yards as a junior, including 21 receptions and 18 touchdowns … defensively, recorded 12 interceptions.

    Parents are Gary and Sharee Gooch … youngest of eight children … older brother, David, also played for the Cougars … father, Gary, played basketball at BYU in 1958-59 … married to Dani Smart of Lubbock, Texas … served a Church mission in Germany … recruited by Arizona, Stanford, Northwestern, UCLA and Utah.

    BTW, your wife has got to be pleased with the great year TT has had…


  • Rex said:

    Thanks for posting this. It brought tears to my eyes, I was laughing so hard.

    I give it 5 stars for creativity – even if others have used the “Downfall” clip other times. The loss hurt so bad, I was in need of something offbeat to brighten my day.

    I hope we never lose the ability to laugh at ourselves. My favorite line was that we’d never lost a fireside.

  • shortbaldhonest said:

    LoyalCougar lighten up!

    This was a great tear jerker! but rather than Edwards we needed Chow, Edwards offence!

  • Mark B said:

    For those of you that were offended by the video, you are wound too tight. You may be the same people that think vampire movies are evil. RELAX

  • Cayce said:

    Yeah, I was laughing so hard I cried. My co-workers came in to see what was going on. Had to play it again several times, we all had a great laugh!

    Nice job!

  • chelsea said:

    that video is hilarious, thanks for posting it. quinn i have loved this site so much, thanks for creating it, i have learned a ton. i also have a quick question and yes feel free to mock me, it’s not that profound. why do the players wear those black bands above their elbows? my best guess is that it makes their biceps look bigger, please tell me i’m wrong. thanks again for the site

  • Mark Freckleton said:

    For those who were curious about the spoken dialog as opposed to the sub-titles, the high command is briefing the Fuehrer about the battle of Berlin in April 1949, just before the end. They are pointing at the various battle points on the map when Adolf asks about the offensive that General Steiner is to mount (that’s when he says that Max Hall will get them into the end zone). They tell him that Steiner’s attack failed and that’s when he goes into his tantrum.

    I watched several of the other take-offs of this clip on You-Tube and this is by far the best – not that I have any bias. What was interesting was the reactions among the comments – both Cougar and Ute fans. I can’t tell whether the producer is a fan of one side or the other, because it has an appeal to both

    As for those who objected to it as immoral – we can’t ignore history, but back in ancient times when I was in college and we only had a quarter century perspective on naziism, a common catch phrase referring to it was “the banality of evil.” I the poster boy for evil in the 20th century ranting about a defeat in a rivalry football game doesn’t illustrate the banality of evil, I don’t know what does. I guess I don’t understand what your objection is, because this certainly is not glorifying or even endorsing nazis.

  • Mark Freckleton said:

    I wish this site had an editing feature so I can delete the stupid mistakes before they are displayed to the world. The date of the battle of Berlin was 1945, not 1949. Also the second to last sentence should start “If the poster boy…”

    Anal retentively yours…

  • CougarCollin said:

    In addition to Mark’s explanation of the clip, a few translations for those who would like to know. When he starts yelling UNDEFEATED! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GO UNDEFEATED!! He’s really saying, “FEIGLINGE!” “DAS SIND FEIGLINGE!” Which means, “COWARDS!” “THOSE ARE COWARDS”, which refers to his own men, or perhaps the commanders, who lost the battle. When he puts his face in his hands and says quietely, “Der Krieg ist verloren,” he’s saying, “the War is lost”, and then at the end “Tun was Sie wollen”, “Do whatever you want now”. When he says “Deutsches Volk” and “Deutsches Reich” he’s saying “the German people” “the German Empire”. This was a classic clip, I as well, laughed very hard the first time I saw it. It’ll be fun to see what comes up next year when we actually win this game!

  • CougarCollin said:

    Anyone know the name of the movie? I would love to watch it the whole thing! I’m excited for the bowl game and I hope if we don’t play BSU that TCU takes it to them.

  • bluesista said:

    I don’t know if you guys are still entertaining requests, but could you talk about the transition from the mission to playing football. Did you think about football at all on the mission? What did you do to get your head back into football once you got off? Maybe some advice you’d give the guys coming back (like Mckay Jacobson) to help them get back into it? etc. etc.

    Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Swissh said:

    Absolutely fantastic, laugh-out-loud, shake-the-chair, terrific!

    Sorry…I live in Europe and probably get everything late. I absolutely loved this clip. What a riot! [And to show you how far away I live, I haven’t seen it used before!]

    Love BYU, love the Cougars win and lose (not or).

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