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Let’s address these injuries…

18 November 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 22 Comments
Photo by Ravell Call

Photo by Ravell Call

At this point of the season there really isn’t a person on the field that is 100%. If you have endured 11 games without some sort of injury, you’re a stronger man then I ever was. That being said there are different levels of injury. Harvey is probably the most banged up player on the team, but that’s because of the style. Add in the fact that he touches the ball the most and you have a recipe for some sore Sunday mornings.

Most of Harvey’s injuries will only heal with time. Sorry folks, one week isn’t enough time for an aggravated nerve to settle down and go away. But his injury can be managed with some R and R during the week, physical therapy, and lots and lots of treatment, daily I vitamin, and massage therapy. I think he’ll still be very effective on Saturday and what he isn’t able to do, Fui will pick-up the slack.

Dennis’s knee is another story. A sprained MCL is no picnic to play with. Every time your leg turns a certain way your knee “gaps”. Basically it feels like you injured your knee every time you turn quickly or move to fast. With the right amount of physical therapy the knee can return relatively quickly, depending on the severity of the sprain. He’ll be doing sets of leg press from Monday until Friday in hopes that the knee will tighten up and feel alright. Early in the week, Dennis will be fitted for a brace and what the brace and physical therapy doesn’t fix adrenaline will control.

Aaron Fransico played with the Dennis’ exact injury in 2004. Actually I think it was an MCL tear, and he strapped it up and played the whole game.

Injuries are a part of football -as any football player will tell you. If your playing football and your not banged up, your not playing the game right. I don’t know if that’s smart or not, but it’s the truth. I would expect both Harvey and Dennis to be in the game on Saturday and if they aren’t Fui and A. George will have to pick-up the slack.

Both Fui and Andrew are capable of playing the primary role. Kariyea and Latu could also help the work load and Anae could possible put another receiver in the game. There are a lot of ways to compensate, but I don’t think BYU will need to.

I am more concerned about Rey Fienga being out of last week’s game with back spasms. Without Rey our line plays significantly different. RJ will be a great player, but I don’t think he is quite ready to step into the prime time and perform like Rey.

The all important factor is adrenaline. When the crowd starts yelling and the intensity of the game picks up all the bruises, strains and damage can’t be felt. Your mind finds other things to focus on and your body reacts like nothing is wrong. Sunday is when everything is 100x worse.

Gett’er done.

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  • Steve Holmoe said:

    After all the years of football you played and all the injuries that came with it, you of all people should know that you SPRAIN a ligament and STRAIN a muscle/tendon unit. When you sprain an MCL, you either stretch it —grade 1, partially tear it —grade 2 or completely tear it —grade 3 sprain. Skill guys can possible play the next week with a grade one but are not usually effective with anything more severe. Lineman can sometimes get by with a partially torn ligament since they usually don’t spend much time moving anywhere except straight ahead and they can be braced-up and taped. It will be interesting to see if Dennis Pitta is effective with his injury.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Strain, sprain I’m not a doctor and I tried to avoid the training room at all cost. I don’t know how bad Dennis’ knee is, or what grade it is, but I know that I had a grade 1 one year in spring ball and I sat out 4 days and was back at it with a brace. It sucked, but didn’t hurt that much. It just felt weird when I would break and cut in a certain direction.

    I know Aaron’s injury was worse then mine and he played against Utah the next week.

    Dennis will make his own decision and if his body will let him he could play. If not, Andrew will take over and hopefully preform.

  • Markell Staffieri said:

    Andrew will not only perform, but he will do great. I love both those guys and I think that if Andrew were in Dennis’ role all year he would have had the same stats. Even with Pitta this week we will need a big game from George. Mike Reed needs to have a great week too.

  • Zak said:

    Note to Steve Holmoe

    Steve, get a clue buddy. You missed the message Quinn was trying to get across. Don’t rip him for not using the correct term, not all of us are Doctors or care to be Doctors. Most players avoid the training room/trainers at all cost, Quinn was no different. Just relax Steve and enjoy the point of view Quinn is sharing in his blog- it’s a point of view that most people don’t get access to.

  • Shane Edwards said:

    I heard a report today that Pita won’t practice until Thursday and should be available for Saturday’s game.

  • Adam said:

    Steve holmoe Relax buddy!!!!!!!

  • Jim said:

    Good news about Pita, Shane. Is Rey ready to go?

    On a side note from SI:
    “If Utah (11-0) beats BYU (10-1) this weekend, the eighth-ranked Utes will likely wrap up a BCS berth. The Las Vegas Bowl, with first choice of Mountain West teams, plans to select the Cougars for a fourth-straight season, win or lose…”

  • BYUJACK said:

    I said a prayer last night for Ray Feinga. If I had to take one of the 3 who are injured for this game and the match ups we need to win along with who the replacements are I would take Feinga. Don’t get me wrong, I want all 3 back, but losing Feinga is way more scary to me for this game.

    Dennis Pitta at 75% with a brace will still be open running all over the field and I dare Utah to try and cover him one on one while doubling 9 and 45.

  • Seasider said:

    I’m with you guys on Feinga. We really need him for this one but at the same time it’s not worth him risking permanent injury over. But the performance of our O-line will be a huge factor in determining how well we play on Saturday. I think both Pitta and Feinga will be ready to go on Saturday even if they’re not 100%. Either way, the team as a whole will need to bring their A game. Collie needs to be in charge of locker room speeches from now on.

  • Markell Staffieri said:

    Side Note on the OLine:

    I know a lot of people are worried about losing 4 of 5 OL next season. Keep this in mind. We have Matt Reynolds coming back (Obviously) along with RJ Willing and Terrance Brown, who both STARTED as freshmen. Terrance is every bit the beast that Travis Bright is and I think that RJ is very very good too. The biggest factor for next year is the C. We need a great one!

  • CoachC said:

    Playing Hurt:

    I played hurt from August through Dec. /Jan most of my life. My knees hurt, my back is hunched and my hands are a bit knarled.

    Quinn was a warrior and this blog is needed in sports today–especially in Utah where deep throats and pen pals are considered “insiders.”

    Also want to thank the past players for responding and blogging. It really is a cool site.

  • Gunny said:

    Quinn, This is off topic, but I would like to know more about how the Cougs prep for this game? Is it different because it is the Utah.

    Bronco states it is just another game and he does not want the emotion to become a distraction.

    Will Utah bring more emotion into this game? Will that effect the Cougs because Bronco says this is just another game.

    The U players seems to speak freely about the game, but the Cougs are tight lipped. Can you help me understand the strategy that Bronco employees with the team during rivalry week?

  • Markell Staffieri said:


    Let me just get his out there…It is not another game. Coach does not want us to get caught up in all the hoop-la and back and forth bantering, so the “Just another game” line keeps things more hush hush. the Coaches and the Players will approach this game with a different mindset. It is impossible not to. Sete Aulai is from Compton, CA and knew little of BYU and Utah. I remember talking to him last year about how much he hates Utah now and how much the rivalry lives in him. It lives in all of us, and always will. These weeks are different.

  • Ben Criddle said:


  • Jared Goulding said:

    Okay, here’s something that has been bugging me since the 2006 Beck to Harline win: on the play where Weddle throws Curtis to the ground late out of bounds, who is the guy on the sidelines that gets a shove on Weddle in retaliation.

    The Cougarboard lore is that it was a blue-shirting Max Hall (no mention of that other color at all this week). Anyone who was on the sidelines know the answer?

  • Seasider said:

    On the question of who the center will be next year, I think Ryan Freeman will be back from his mission. I remember him playing in 2006 as a freshman when Aulai was suspended and the coaching staff were pretty high on him. My guess is he’ll be in the mix for competing for a starting spot on the line.

  • HuskerCoug said:

    Unga shoved Weddle.

  • Cnation said:

    I heard that Rey practiced Monday FWIW.

  • Markell Staffieri said:

    Seasider…good point, I ashamedly forgot about Freeman.

    HuskerCoug is right. It was Harvey, I was standing right next to him.

  • Trey said:


    Thanks for addressing this for me. I feel the same way. I believe Fui and George will be great. I hope we can play two great tight ends in this game, especially if Feinga stays out. We may need the quick short passes, though we didn’t do so great with that against CSU. Fui will be key in keeping the defense honest. Let’s do this baby!!

    Bottom line… Kill the Utards!!!

  • Mark said:

    on players growing into the rivalry, I loved a quote from Texas product Michael Reed yesterday that people over the country don’t understand the BYU-U rivalry, “but in-staters, we understand it”. The Texan now a BYUtahn.

  • Joe H. said:

    WOW!!! Just ran across your site and I think I’ve found a new Homepage…Thanks for the insight and the info. You’ve truly got a unique angle that is fun to read.

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