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3 November 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 24 Comments

It was good to see so many CSU and BYU alumni on the sideline and I was waiting for Beck or Denney to join in on the celebration. Personally I like to see that kind of excitement. I understand that it’s a penalty, but for that CSU team just think how much emotion that gave them.

Shortly after Porter’s display of Ram enthusiasm he left the stadium to get ready for his game against the Denver Broncos. It really is too bad that he couldn’t have been there for the Rams go ahead score in the fourth quarter. Oh wait….that celebration would have been about as early as the MTN handing out the Stihly player of the game to CSU’s Farris before the Cougars final drive.

Did Todd Christiansen second that “player of the game” vote?

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  • BagOTricks said:

    I thought the chest bump was awesome.

  • aemadrid said:

    I’m sick and tired of Todd Christiansen praising BYU’s opponents and barely mentioning anything positive about BYU. For crying out loud, send somebody else to BYU games! The guy cannot or will not praise BYU for a comeback win but will always pitty the poor loosing team. Just get on with it!

  • Jim said:

    Looked more like a thigh bump to me, but the message was conveyed nonetheless. :)

  • Gifford said:

    I wonder if TC is so critical of BYU because he’s afraid of looking like a homer if he goes the other way…

    Regardless, his comments during any game are terrible. I don’t care about his opinion, I just want him to tell me what’s happening on the field. I don’t need his conjectures and second guessing of the coaching staff.

    It seemed that everytime he questioned them, they proved him wrong and excelled on the next play.

    I especially loved when he asked why they abandoned the running game, when it was clear that they were giving Pitta room to get to the chains on every play and allowing him to catch it. Then, they tightened up a bit, so Max hands Harvey the ball for the break away run of his season for a TD.

  • West said:

    Gifford – yeah! That comment about abandoning the running game… I was like- wha? You’re kidding right? I should do what my brother does and just hit mute and listen the radio coverage instead…

  • aemadrid said:

    I can understand not trying to look like a homer. That’s why I can’t understand they keep assigning him for BYU games.

  • Joe said:

    I agree about TC. I think all that agree about his annoying commentating and any other complaint of his performance need to email the mtn. and tell them. If we dont voice our complaints we will continue to recieve pittifully sorry telecast for the future.

  • aemadrid said:

    @joe – You are right. I just filled out a comment on their website.

    “Please have Todd comment on any other game but BYU. I cannot know about his motivations but it is obvious he makes an effort to praise BYU’s opponent and barely mention anything positive that BYU does. I prefere somebody that is/feels free to comment about the performance of both teams.”

  • Markell Staffieri said:

    The number one comment of the night for me that showed complete ignorance was on a Draw play by Max Hall.

    TC said, “Look at Max, he has his eyes down field, sees it’s man to man so he takes off running, great decision.” Then on the replay he reiterated his remarks. Problem? Even on the live play you could see Dallas Reynolds (Center) pass set for two steps then take off up the field…That looks like 100% draw to me. It was a called run. Someone as “educated and experienced” as TC should have recognized that.

    If they don’t care about conflict of interest they should let Fowler do the BYU games. At least he does not sound like an ignoramous.

  • Markell Staffieri said:


    We all know that TC loves to sound super intelligent. Well, at our banquet last year he was chosen to hand out the award that goes to the top academic player on our team, who was David Oswald last year. When TC got to the mic he launched into some extravagant poem he had memorized. When Oz came up to receive the award he says, “Wow, I am a 4.0 student and I still did not understand a word of that.” The room erupted in laughter and TC’s face showed nothing but anger and resentment.

    …I wonder if he has made any positive comments toward Oz this year in the telecasts…probably not, after all Oz plays for BYU.

  • Parker said:

    I can’t stand TC either. He’s an idiot. That’s all I’ve got to say. Everything he says, we already know! It’s so annoying to listen to him. I could commentate better than him.

  • kiyoshige said:

    Here’s to you, you “intellectual sports play-by-play announcer.” Real men of genius. “You don’t worry about the X’s and O’s – your game preparation is Roget’s Thesauraus.” Gotta stump my listeners. “Your niche isn’t catchy phrases or cliches – your viewers like to play Scrabble during your telecasts”. Seven-letter bonus! For all you do, this one’s for you. Mr. “intellectual sports play-by-play announcer”…

  • Kimball said:

    I agree about TC. I was making similar comments about TC the entire broadcast. I wonder if there is anything we can do to get him replaced.

  • Seasider said:

    Speaking of chest bumps, I remember seeing an interview with Todd Watkins where he mentions being part of the piling on of players in the endzone after Beck threw the winning TD to Harline in the 2006 Utah game. Watkins of course was not on the team anymore that year but I guess the refs either didn’t see him in there or just didn’t care as it was the end of the game. But yeah, I’m all for our alumni being on the sideline and high-fiving the players as they come off the field. Yep, Mcmahon chest bumping Hall as he scores the winning TD against the Utes! It’ll never happen but it would look cool on TV.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Personally I would like to hear Tody Christiansan on the one’s and two’s in the booth. He has the gift of gab and a great personality.

  • Aldawg said:

    I was going to tell a good joke about TC but I shant.

  • Gifford said:


    Are you talking Toby or Tory? Either would do great up there. I wonder if Tory is even interested in broadcasting any more.

    Toby did a great job at the Utah game on Saturday. As soon as Kellen graduates, we’ll have Blain back up in the booth.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    I am talking about Toby.

    And that “shant” comment made the day. It’s some what of an inside joke, but that moment was gut busting funny.

  • Markell Staffieri said:

    I wonder if TC will make an appearance at the banquet this year…he will probably send the invitation back with a simply reply…”I shant be embarrassed anew.”

  • David B. said:

    I like Todd Christensen’s work on the games. Last year while calling the games, he was much more pro-BYU than this year. I think one of two things is happening. 1. I think his producers are reigning him in a bit on his praise of BYU this year. 2. I think he is a fan of the team and is frustrated that the games are tighter than we all hoped for. I hear myself saying stupid things to the tv. I’m glad I don’t have a mic in front of me. TC’s doing fine. I believe it wisdom that he continue his proliforate verbage.

  • chris said:

    I cand live with the bad announcing but someone get that dude some new duds. He doesn’t help the mtn get any credibility when he wears the suits/ties from the 70’s.

  • BagOTricks said:

    Does anyone remember seeing the cartoon of Meryl J Batmen in cougar stadium jumping up and down after a touchdown on the big screen?

    I’ve never seen it since, somebody probably got busted. But that was hilarious.

    I’m glad Todd Watkins snuck in there.

  • Mars said:

    Todd Christensen is TERRIBLE!

    I’ve actually emailed the Mtn. and asked that he be fired. I hate listening to him that much!!

  • Trina Panama said:

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