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MWC May Struggle to Fill Bowl Slots

4 November 2010 Brett Richins 16 Comments
BYU is hoping for a fifth straight bowl appearance

BYU is hoping for a fifth straight bowl appearance

The Mountain West Conference could sure use BYU winning its next three games.

The conference already has three teams that have become bowl eligible with TCU, Utah and San Diego State all with six or more wins on the season.

Air Force is 5-4 and appears to practically be a lock to reach eligibility, needing just one more victory in its remaining three games against Army, New Mexico and UNLV.

The league has five bowl tie-ins however, and if the Cougars don’t qualify the Mountain West may not be able to fill one of its bowl commitments.

Both BYU and Colorado State have three victories a piece, while New Mexico, UNLV and Wyoming have already been eliminated from bowl contention this year.

Between the Cougars and the Rams, BYU has the easiest road to become eligible with home games against UNLV and New Mexico, and  a road contest at CSU before winding up the year in Salt Lake City against Utah.

Prevailing wisdom is that the Cougars need to win its remaining three games to get to six victories, seeing that are expected to be big underdogs in their game with the Utes.

Colorado State has two road games, at San Diego State and arch rival Wyoming, that sandwich BYU’s visit to Fort Collins. If the favored Aztecs knock off the Rams this Saturday, BYU would be the lone program with any hope to fill a fifth bowl game – that’s assuming the Cougars take care of business this week when the take on UNLV.

If Utah or TCU go undefeated and make it to a BCS game, then it becomes extremely difficult for the conference to fill all of its bowl slots. Then again I’m sure Craig Thompson and the rest of the league will settle for a BCS game over, say, the New Mexico Bowl. But if both BYU and CSU fail to qualify, and the Utes or Frogs advance to the BCS, then the league would be two teams short.

MWC Bowl Tie-ins

Las Vegas Bowl (vs. Pac-10)

Poinsettia Bowl (vs. Navy)

Armed Forces Bowl (vs. C-USA)

New Mexico Bowl (vs. WAC)

Independence Bowl (vs. ACC)

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  • guitarperry said:

    I do not think BYU deserves to be in a bowl game. They will no beat anyone with a winning record. They need to stay home get some new coaches and start over.

  • guitarperry said:

    Sorry about the typo but we do not need to be routed by a WAC, ACC or C-USA team. Let the humiliation stop with Utah and start working on getting our offense back.

  • Bill said:

    Sorry guitar but you are way off on this one. It would be extremely helpful for this teams confidence to go bowling. The extra practices would be extremely helpful as well. Not going bowling would be a disaster.

  • guitarperry said:

    Getting their butt kicked over and over again has really helped my Dallas Cowboys. We are sure to be in the Super Bowl this year.

  • guitarperry said:

    At any ones job your are rewarded for your production. You should not be rewarded when you fail to produce. People have to allowed to fail and feel the pain of failure so they will avoid it in the future. I know you love this team and want to see them play on but they need to feel what it is like to stay home during bowl season. So they will never want to do it again. Marxism and socialism does not work. In Proverbs it says to build your business before you build your house. My manager keeps repeating this to us every week. He says if you build your business first you will have money for your house. You can not build a house if you first do not produce and get paid for your work. Do the work first and the rewards will follow. Let’s not reward something that is certainly not working. At least on the offensive side of the ball.

  • Greg said:

    Guitarperry –

    I agree with your premise that BYU has underperformed our expectations this year. However, your analogy is complete nonsense. At your job, you are rewarded for production. If a salesman is expected to asked to sell $1,000,000 in merchandise, should he be rewarded for selling $1,000,000? Maybe he could have sold $2,000,000 if his manager had done a better job or if he weren’t straight out of high school, but if you get to the minimum required, you deserve a reward.

    The way the FBS is currently set up, winning 7 games guarantees a bowl game and winning 6 almost always earns a bowl game. BYU doesn’t deserve to play in a BCS bowl this year (next year would be nice), but it still deserves a bowl bid if it achieves 6 wins. End of story.

    Most importantly, bowl games are VERY good for young teams. BYU won’t get its butt handed to them by a WAC team as you suggest. Assuming that BYU can’t get much worse (see the Utah State game), they will markedly improve with an extra 20 days (I think) of practice allowed by the NCAA. Attending a bowl games essentially adds an extra mini-season between the regular season and Spring ball. Let’s hope we make a bowl game and use the time to improve.

  • Gorum the Old said:

    guitarperry said:

    I do not think BYU deserves to be in a bowl game. They will no beat anyone with a winning record. They need to stay home get some new coaches and start over.

    SDSU is 6-2, and BYU beat them.

  • Gorum the Old said:

    MWC will not be able to fill their slots. I think BYU will be picked for the Independence bowl will pick BYU even though AF will finish ahead of them (due to the head to head tie breaker). The main reason being is that they are BYU. They are a more prestigous program that travels well. It is like last year when the Sun bowl picked USC over Oregon St even though USC was #5 and Oregon St was tied for 2nd in the Pac 10. I could be wrong though. There is an Air Force base not to far from the stadium and that may help decide the pick in the other direction.

  • Seasider said:

    Hopefully it’s not the New Mexico bowl. That would be kind of a boring place to travel. No offense to those who live in that area.

  • Gary Jacobson said:

    Going to a bowl game is a big deal for a program, and gives advantages to rebuilding the team next year that cannot be overestimated.

    1) there are the invaluable 20+ days of practices to develop the team. There is a big loss in training if this time is squandered, that will hinder the development of next year’s team.

    2) It is much more than reward or punishment … for if BYU were to get to the 6 win plateau they will be deserving of reward to a lesser bowl, and if they don’t it will harm morale. Also, it is a fact that BYU is much better now than the team that lost to AFA and USU … if we played them again now, I like our chances.

    2) If BYU does not go to a bowl, recruiting may take a hit, which will irreparably influence the team’s abilities for several seasons.

    So in today’s climate, it is imperative that BYU go to a bowl if they can win 6 games.

    So, go Cougars! Make me proud!

  • WaybackCougar said:

    Guitarperry sings the blues:

    “May as well throw in the towel,
    No sense in getting better,
    We’ll just give up until next year.
    Now where’s my Utah sweater?”

  • kiyoshige said:

    If they go to Albuquerque I might try to make the drive from central Texas. As far as expectations, I think as a fan base we just took an 10 game win season as a given and worked our way from their.

    As pointed out, we have already beaten a team we had no business beating. Each year we have one of those games and I really like how we rise to the occasion and pick up an upset. In general, we have lost to the teams “we are supposed” to lose to and so I don’t know how this season can be considered a disappointment just yet.

    If we go bowling it will be a great success. If we beat the Utes it will go down as one of the biggest upsets in Cougar history.

  • Drakos said:

    Guitar Perry,

    What will you say when the Cougars not only go bowling but actually win? If you get 6 wins you get 6 wins.

    And your statement about the Cowboys says all I need to know about you. You are a Cowboy fan and you think they are “your cowboys”.

  • cougzag said:


    Your photo caption says that BYU is seeking a 5th straight bowl. BYU is in fact seeking its 6th straight bowl: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. 2010 would be 6 in a row.

  • RG in SG said:

    Interesting to see these comment pre-the UNLV blowout. Maybe I’m wearing rose colored glasses, but I think my Utah-BYU tickets just went up in value… could actually be a game! Nevertheless, I think BYU is improving, and having the extra game and practice time is nothing but a good thing for the program. They become bowl eligible and they, by definition, have “earned” the shot at a bowl.

    I guess that’s what being a real fan is… supporting the Cougs even when they’re having a bad year. Someone’s gotta love them!

  • YLife said:

    Guitarperry comments sure look dumb today. I’m not so sure BYU loses to Utah anymore. They are really coming together on offense and certainly on defense and fast. Nice game, Heaps. You suddenly look like a five-star QB again.

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