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New Mexico, how far you’ve fallen.

6 November 2009 Deep Shades of Blue 5 Comments

New Mexico Texas A&M FootballNew Mexico’s problems just keep getting worse. First a coaches meeting goes all Tyson vs Hollyfield and than Ms. Lambert decides to try and pull a Lady Cougar soccer players head-off, by her pony tail. Although, it looked like the Lady Cougars started the whole mess, meow.

Those Lobos must be liv’in the thug life down their in Albuquerque.

Oh and for any fans traveling to the game this year…Please keep your heads on a swivel and if possible tuck your pony tails into your shirts. But hey the Lobo’s secondary might want to recruit Ms. Lambert.

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  • Jonathan Chen said:

    Yeah… how obvious can that be… oh wait our player all of a sudden just fell to the ground. loL

    I just wonder if any Cougars retaliated back during the game.

  • Tim said:

    As I understand it the elbow by Carlee came after the first flagrant smack by Lambert, who started the whole mess.

  • Aaron said:

    As a lifelong soccer player, I can say that kind of back and forth goes on all the time, especially on set pieces, (direct kicks, corners, etc.) Though, I must admit, I’ve never seen it go as far as it did with the “Lady” Lobo. She went way too far with her aggression. Everyone loves aggressive gameplay, but that was ridiculous! How I do love a good cat fight!

  • Tyson said:

    “Although, it looked like the Lady Cougars started the whole mess…”

    I like the site and all but, Quinn, you might want to stick with football. It is a well known fact that, at all levels of soccer, players take dives and fake injuries. It’s true. But soccer is fairly physical anyway. Just like WRs and DBs hand check up and down the sideline, soccer players grab shorts and fight for position when marking one another. BYU #7 gets a nice little elbow in as she is fighting for position. UNM #15 punches her in the back in retaliation. Up to there I’m fine with it.

    But the rest was ridiculous. Except for the one part where, after getting taken down yet again, BYU #7 walks over to UNM #15, and with a big smile on her face, points directly at the scoreboard. That’s right, nothing beats scoreboard. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxGrTzDW33s

    And yes, I’ve seen the physical play involving UNM’s goalie. It was a physical match. But absolutely no blame goes to BYU. Plus, lots of respect for working those worthless Lobos on the field. And the scoreboard card is the ultimate card of all. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, all BYU had to say back was: SCOREBOARD.

  • DD said:

    Watch the video. Lambert retaliates with the pony tail pulling because BYU’s #21 had reached behind her and was grapping more than Lambert’s shorts. Not too many excuses for her over aggressiveness. But the retaliation wes because she was being touched indecently. So similat to what Zidane went through in WC 2006. Watch the video. Mazeratti, just before the infamous head butt, had tweaked Zidane in his nipple. And he retaliated as most would do. They tried futily to crucify him but he remains one of histories best. Watch the video, more than just short pulling and ask #21 what was up with that.

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