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Rose Could Look to Schroyer

13 April 2011 Brett Richins 13 Comments

Rose looking to fill void left by Rice

UNLV’s gain is BYU’s loss.

With Dave Rice taking the head coaching job at UNLV, BYU is left to figure out how to fill the significant void Rice is leaving.

Rice was an integral part of BYU’s success over the past six years that culminated with the Cougars advancing to the Sweet Sixteen this season.

He has a reputation of being a excellent offensive mind, a strong recruiter and someone that helped shoulder a good deal of the coaching burden for Dave Rose.

Although he wasn’t the flashiest candidate in Vegas, he was the right man for the job.

Dave has ties to the UNLV program as a player and served as an assistant there for 11 seasons. He also has strong recruiting ties to the area — his brother Grant is the head coach at nearby talent-rich Bishop Gorman High — and he will bring an up-and-down style of play to the Thomas and Mack that will be reminiscent of the days of Jerry Tarkanian.

Rice also knows the Mountain West Conference like the back of his hand. It would not be a surprise to see him coach the Rebels for the next 20-plus years.

Moving forward

Don’t be surprised if Rose looks to bring back Heath Schroyer to Provo to replace Rice on the staff. Rose and Schroyer are tight, having both been assistants under Steve Cleveland at BYU from 1997-2001 and helped rebuild a program that had fallen to 1-25.

Heath would bring a similar quality to the program as Rice, in that he would be able to shoulder a big part of the coaching burden, albeit as a defensive, rather than offensive mind. His wealth of experience would also be a big addition to an otherwise young group of assistant coaches.

Schroyer has served as the head coach at both Portland State and Wyoming since leaving BYU in 2001, and is looking for an opportunity to restart his career after being relieved of his head coaching duties at Wyoming during this past season. Cougar fans will remember Schroyer as a much more fiery personality on the bench that was Rice.

If Schroyer were to be hired to take over the defense, expect Rose, along with assistant Terry Nashiff to focus on coaching the offense. Nashiff spent some time this year getting himself up to speed on the offensive end in anticipation of Rice leaving the program. Rose is said to be interested in grooming Terry to move into a role of more responsibility on the staff.

Another name that has surfaced as a possible replacement for Rice is former Cougar Austin Ainge. However, Deep Shades of Blue has learned that Ainge is happy with his current situation as the head coach of the NBA D-League Maine Red Claws and a scout for the Boston Celtics, and is currently not a candidate for the job.

Other potential candidates to join the BYU coaching staff include current director of basketball operations and former player Mike Hall, as well as Lone Peak High School head coach Quincy Lewis.

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  • YLife said:

    I think Marty Haws would make an excellent coach for BYU someday – if he was willing to do it.

  • Seasider said:

    Schroyer is the safe choice because of his ties to Rose and BYU already knows what to expect with him roaming the sidelines. My problem is he kind of brings a “been there done that” feeling and I think Rose is someone who would prefer to bring in new blood which brings new energy and new ideas. Quincy Lewis did turn down an offer to join Ken Wagner’s staff at BYU-Hawaii so it’s possible he will do the same to Rose if approached about the gig. Wagner’s name has come up and he too has ties with Rose. They both coached at Dixie, Rose was an assistant on his staff but I think Wagner will prefer to finish his career in Laie. There are other LDS candidates out there. A few come to mind:

    Jarrin Akana: Currently with the Denver Nuggets.

    Alex Jensen (Utes will probably get him)

    Kerry Rupp (is he LDS?)

    Tony Ingle: Ok maybe not.

  • Dave in Colorado said:

    If they hire Schroyer, maybe he brings M’baye with him. I would be okay with that. An athletic big body who can score.

  • Steve said:

    All I’ve heard about Schroyer (from a former player) is that he drops the f-bomb every other word. Not sure that’s a great fit for BYU.

  • Mike said:

    I think Schroyer would not be the best fit personality wise, he seems more like Bob Knight than Dave Rose and I don’t think BYU needs that kind of coach on the court. Just my take.

  • NY said:

    Schroyer would be the best choice, by far, if he was willing. He is a great defensive mind, which BYU (and Coach Rose) needs. The offensive minds are in place. The year he left BYU to be an assistant at Wyoming, their defense improved immensely and they made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. His head coaching stint at Portland State was quite successful. I am not sure why he was not successful at Wyoming as a head coach, but I can tell you that he is a great motivator. He is excellent when his role is as an assistant coach specializing in defense.

  • Chad said:

    I confirm the swearing tirades, having worked custodial during BYU practices. He has quite the temper to go with that foul mouth befitting Wyoming, not BYU.

  • Melvan said:

    He may have been a ute but my vote is for Alex Jensen………..

  • Gary said:

    Bronco has cleaned house with the football staff trying to get like minded coaches who stay positive and fit the ideals of the university. At least it seems that way.

    Holmoe and others make it sound like Rose is buying into the same thing. A program that represents BYU in all the positive ways it can not just a good basketball team. Signing up for 5 more years I think he buys into what the future holds as far as “exposure” for the school and the Church.

    Hiring Schroyer back if he is indeed foul mouthed would be very telling.

    I agree with seasider. We have already gained from having Schroyer in the system and having him back does feel like “been there done that.” New blood with new ideas and new enthusiasm that also represents the Church well – member or non-member – is what I hope to see.

    How well did Rice represent the school? I know he isn’t a member but he always seemed like a nice, well repsected person.

  • Chodilicus said:

    I personally think that for hiring an Associate HC we need someone with a lot of experience and reputation. I think you need someone who has very good recruiting ties and perhaps someone who has been a HC at some level.

    Heath Schroyer may not be the ideal choice but we do need someone with his type of resume. My choice would be Jeff Judkins. I know he is already with the womens program and it might cause hard feelings in the athletic department. But he has the experience and is the type of recruiter we need.

  • Rev SJ Bobkins DD. PhD. (Church of BYU Football) said:

    The Utah version of “the perfect gentleman” is way too insulated and provincial for me. We’re not all people who as kids came the first time mom called and never got our pants dirty, and some of us have….hold on…facial hair and never wear all-white shirts on Sundays.
    I don’t think you HAVE to employ only coaches who are white and phony-nice or as Zombie-like as a rest home regular after a 2,000 mg dose of Halcion. I don’t give a ^%(# if a guy cusses, I’ve never watched, played for a guy who didn’t use some words that would give the Church lady epileptic seizures. Ever cozy up to watch and hear Norm Chow running dialogue directed at a player who was out of position?, or Roger French, Chris Pella, along with some current F-ball coaches? I can tell you an upset Dave Rose knows a few hell and damns himself and has used such words. You want a Relief Society president, you’re not going to have to worry, but you won’t win any games either.
    You’re looking for the best coach, best teacher you can find, you don’t look for a quietest, most reverent guy as the first attribute. If a guy comes to BYU he certainly is aware of the standards and adjusts his behavior thusly. If Heath hurt some tender ears when he was here, I sure he would apologize and shake your hand, but remember he wasn’t fired for doing so, he left in good standing with BYU. If he is the pick, so be it, I won’t be joining your hand wringing sessions.

  • Seasider said:

    I don’t think anyone here is under any illusions that BYU coaches should be immune to profanity. It’s just the nature of the business. Sports and athletics is an occupation full of intense and highly emotional moments and players and coaches alike sometimes get caught up in verbal colorful metaphors. Having said that, I don’t think it’s unrealistic for BYU fans to want and even expect a type of coach who is a little more mindful of what comes out of his mouth. I’m not expecting Rose to hire a General Authority but I don’t think he should hire Bobby Knight’s twin brother either.

  • steve said:

    As long as he’s not taking the Lords name in vain and he isnt saying it so that families in the stands with young children can hear I dont think its that big of a problem to have a couple of colorful words used. Just ask Health to work on it and I think he is respectful enough to Rose and the University to not swear as much. I can understand how some people are not comfortable with a BYU coach who swears though.

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