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Utah Scouting Report

21 November 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 41 Comments

As the game closes in, I have been thinking a lot about how BYU needs to play in order to come out of Rice Eccles with a win.  After watching film I am sure a win is possible as long as a few aspects of the game swing in our favor.

As far as goals are concerned this week isn’t different from past weeks.  We need to start fast on offense and stop the run on defense.  The Cougs offensive success depends on the offensive line’s ability to protect Max Hall from the Utah blitz, while Collie and Co. work their routes against Utah’s secondary.  Harvey and Fui need to get as close to 100 yards as possible.  I don’t know how many carries they’ll get, but one of Utah’s weaknesses is an offense that can line up in power formations and pound straight into the teeth of that red/black Ute defense.

The Utes are a solid football team and they present a number of tough match ups on both sides of the ball. After watching thier games I am left asking myself, does BYU have enough magic left to finish out one of the best seasons ever?

I don’t know.  But I am sure that the character, determination, and will of BYU’s team has been molded over the past four years in a manner that prepares perfectly for Saturday’s test in Rice Eccles Stadium.  One thing that is different about this season’s game – BYU has nothing to lose.

The Utes come into this game with all the momentum in the world.  They feel like the past two years have left them hungry and motivated to destroy the Cougar’s hopes of winning.  They are riding the wave of an undefeated season, a second BCS berth, an undefeated MWC Championship, and a monster chip on their shoulder. I  am anxious to see how the Utes handle being the team with everything to lose.

Lets take a quick look at the offense and defense.



The Utes are lead by Brian Johnson.  He has been inconsistant during the first three quaters of most games but has pulled it together when it counted.  He isn’t a true pocket passer and his versatility has decreased significantly since his last injury.  He’ll make some mistakes during the game.   It is crucial that our defense maximizes those errors and that our offense then capitalizes on them.

Running Backs

Asiata is a beast.  The similarities between Harvey and him are astounding. I would expect Ludwig and his staff to rely heavily on Asiata in order to relieve some of the early pressure that Johnson should  be feeling. Like all big powerful backs he’s great when he’s going downhill, but struggles when he is forced horizontal and can’t find a hole right away.

Mack hasn’t gotten his touch this year due to Asiatas return from injury, but he is still a talented running back with dangerous capabilities.

The combination poses a serious threat.  Jan, Brett, Russ, and Ian must play physical enough to plug gaps and make it easier for our DB’s to come up and tackle.

Offensive Line

This is where we can win.  Utah offensive line really isn’t  great. They lack power, pass protection skills, and the ability to not make mistakes.

Some things to watch for will be if Matt Bauman, Matt Ahyou, Shawn Doman, Terrance Hooks and Colbey Clawson can find gaps in passing situations to disrupt BJ’s timing and force him to throw early. This is the one game where we need our linebackers to blitz like freaking animals.  They need to refuse to be blocked. This match up is something everyone needs to be watching – our blitzes against their blocking schemes.  I honestly think we can win, but it is going to take a great day from our LB’s.

Wide Receivers

Utah advantage lies in their ability to run four and five wide sets, with the occasional wild-cat formation. Casteel, Wilson, Wesson, Godfrey, and Brown are all quality WR’s when they get the ball in their hands. Ludwig hasn’t always been the best as using all his weapons and if he calls the game with “not losing” in mind, he’ll lose his job.

Utah has the advantage with their skill players. BYU has to control the explosive plays and make BJ be perfect when throwing the ball.  BYU’s secondary needs help from the DL and LB’s to insure that BJ gets rid of the ball quick and under pressure.  Our DB’s will hold up, but if the coverage is forced to hold on for longer than 3 seconds, WR’s will be running free and the risk of a big plays increases.


Defense has been Utah’s calling card all year.  They rely on their defense’s ability to create turnovers and big plays.  The Ute defense thrives against teams that think they have the ability to beat them sideline to sideline.  After TCU, Utah’s defense is the second fastest in the league. We won’t beat them by running sweeps and reverses.  We can win with power running and sound protection.

Defensive Line

Kruger and Misi are a great defensive tandem and if we can’t control them off the edge we could have trouble all day. Kruger has a great motor and great closing speed when he turns the corner towards the quarterback.  Misi is powerful and if Kruger is struggling, Misi is thriving.

Between the guards I think we are solid.  Matt is young and will most likely be one on one with Kruger most of the game.  Oswald has been playing better, but still has a tendency to stumble when facing a defender with good speed.  Honestly, these two have the greatest challenge and what a better stage to show how far you’ve come. With some strategic help from the running backs and with Max getting the ball off on time, BYU’s line will hold up and the offense will be business as usual.


The Ute defense has a great front, capable secondary, and a soft middle. The linebacking core is Utah’s weakest link.  They aren’t particularly big or fast and they aren’t physical like in years past.  They just do a good job of being where the defensive line isn’t.

The reason Utah struggles against power offenses is because this group can’t beat a block and make a tackle. Instead they will sidestep a block and grab at the running bakc’s leg.  Sometimes it works and sometimes they give up big plays.

This group has also been susceptible to underneath crossing routes, tight end match ups and option routes. This happens to be about 70% of BYU’s offense, with the other 30% being Austin Collie.  If our second and third receivers can win on the outside and pull coverage away from Austin our offense has a great chance of pulling out to an early lead.  Trust me, we need a lead heading into the fourth quarter.


Collectively they are a good unit.  I like their size and speed and the way they play the game.  I hate how many chances they take and how many big plays they give up to mediocre players.  But as Utes, you cannot expect them to be very smart.

Utah is going to start out in man  coverage and hopefully we are running our pick plays to free up guys running across the middle.  If Utah can’t control Austin, Pita, and George in man coverage, they’ll have to play zone.  If the Cougars can force Utah into zone situations I think our offense will open up and Max will be able to use multiple weapons without working Austin and Pita and George to death.

One thing our wide outs need to do is BE PHYSICAL.  Austin and Co. can’t let the Ute defenders get in anyone’s face without retaliation. Last year Mike found Tate early in the game.  This year we need something similar.  I don’t know who it’s going to be, but it better happen early and often if we want to establish our presence in Rice Eccles stadium.

Special Teams

You have to give this one to the Utes.  Sakoda has been clutch for them all season and BYU can’t count on misses or screw-ups.

Our coverage teams will need to be almost perfect. We have to win the field position battle, so…. Santiago, Payne, and Sorenson better strap their soccer shoes on tight and bring some extra leg.

I spoke to John Beck this week and he seems to think that this game will come down to which team can control the momentum in the first and half and adjust in the second half.  Utah always has something a little extra saved up for BYU and this year won’t be an exception.

I think all the emotion and rivalry feelings distract from the fact that Utah has shown weaknesses, but teams just haven’t been able to finish them in the final few minutes.  BYU hasn’t lost a close game in a while either. BYU is playing more consistent on defense and the offense is nearly unstoppable.  BYU does have some question marks coming into the game, but after 12 weeks everyone is banged up and hurting.  BYU has 60 minutes to steal everything and lose very little.  If BYU wins it will probably mean another trip to Las Vegas, if they loose it will probably mean another trip to Las Vegas. All you can do is make it happen.

I like BYU’s chances and I like how our team has developed throughout the year. Yeah we do have some weaknesses and we are susceptible, but every game presents a new challenge and by week 12 teams should have run out of challenges.

It’s time to play.

Cougars 32-28

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  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Hopefully that’s my final prediction. I’ve changed my mind a few time, this game is a tough one to predict.

  • Scott T said:


    I think your spot on with your prediction. If we take Asista out the equation by plugging the holes…. we will win. Thats not going to be easy. But I believe that is the most important key of the game. Nixon, Clausen and Ah You hopefully will be having their best games of the year and have hopefully watched 10 hours of film this week.

    Are you planning on coming to Arizona ?

    Your the man.

  • Willus said:

    My blood pressure just went up a few points. I’m not sure if I can handle another game like the last 3 vs the yewts. I’m pretty sure the three took a combined decade off my life.

    Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world though…

    Cougs 35 yewts 28.

  • Kirk said:

    Quinn – how does a player like yourself keep from getting discouraged when facing a possibly better opponent like this? If I was a player (and I am glad I am not going into this week), I would feel really discouraged facing a good team and knowing there is a good chance we might not win. I wonder how players feel when facing USC or any other top-tier program? Appreciate any insight you might have on this.

  • Seasider said:

    This game kind of reminds me of the 2001 game when we had a great offense but a questionable defense with our LB core under a lot of scrutiny. Utah in that game still moved the ball and scored but our LB’s and defense in general were the most fired up I’d seen them all season. Justin Ena suddenly started playing like he was Butkus finalist and it paid off as our defense kept us in that game until the offense finally got their act together late in the 4th quarter. I think we’ll see our linebackers come into the game with a giant chip on their shoulder. Nixon will make it his mission to shut down the running game. By the end of the game we’ll see a sign that says, “Nixon Impeaches Again!” Ok that was lame, but you get the idea.

  • Ken said:

    This site is awesome–thanks Quinn! If Utah’s LBs are soft in coverage, wouldn’t they put a corner or safety on Pitta as they did last year. Unfortunately, the Yutts were very effective in containing Dennis with this strategy last year (and a little defensive holding doesn’t hurt either right?). I think Dennis has improved in getting separation tremendously since last year, but will he be healthy enough to get separatation from a DB Saturday? Our WRs and DBs need to win the hand-fighting battles downfield for us to be effective.

  • DavidR said:

    How does a player think going into a game like this?

    My freshman high school b-ball coach said it all at halftime of our first game when we were thinking that the other guys were better than us he said:

    “We must not lose, we can not lose, we will not lose; now go out there and WIn!”

    …we won, never lost a game that year. I have repeated that phrase nearly every day of my life since then: “We must not lose, we can not lose, we will not lose; now go out there and WIn!”

    Cougars and Utah go to overtime, Cougars win 37-34

    Max gets hit hard and Collie shows his true calling as a running QB. (sorry Max…)

  • Travis said:


    I predict 35-28, but I feel like it could be more if BYU jumps on them early. I agree with everything you said. It is nice to be the underdog in this game. I feel like the U is ready for a meltdown game this year, we had ours against TCU, and they are ripe for a bad game.
    Go Cougars!

  • Mark Stoddard said:

    To Kirk and Quinn,
    I have a hard time imagining any player who actually goes in to any game fearing he might lose.

    I’ve played just high school football, wrestling, BYU soccer and rugby and I’d hear people talk about the opponents as great and it just fired me up… couldn’t wait to kick them on their butt. I recall one game we were down by 8 with a minute left and I just knew we’d win. I was delusional enough as well that we were down 21 with 2 minutes left and I STILL felt we would win. We didn’t, but, we gave it all the fight.

    What’s your take Quinn?

  • Mark Stoddard said:

    Oh, and my prediction is coated in sweet irony: BYU 24-21… we win on a last second field goal.

  • Bleeding Blue said:

    27 1/2 hours and I can’t take it any longer. Thanks for the insight. I’ve thought all week that we’ve got to jump on them early. That’s our strong point. Score early and often and HOLD ON in the 4th quarter.
    Why is no one predicting that we will score 40+??
    Cougars 42-34

  • Nate Kennedy said:

    BYU 38
    Utah 21

    They cannot stop us and the pressure will get to them.

    Nevada 38
    Boise St 31

    BYU Moves in to top 12 and gets Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

  • Tony said:

    I think you nailed it w/ the Utah Defensive End analysis. If we can contain them…we can win….if not….game over:(

  • Markell Staffieri said:


    There is no such thing. If you don’t think that you are better than the guy across from you, you do not have the competitive spirit to be playing major D-1 sports. The guys that are afraid of losing or being beat, often don’t see the field because they self select and screw up, while trying not to screw up.

  • Trueblue said:

    Great analysis, it is good to hear a little knowledgeable insight into the Utah strengths.
    I have to agree with a few of the others, I expect us to jump out to an early lead and keep it moving throughout the game. Hall will be poised, and there is no way that he thinks he might lose, and I don’t imagine that mentality from any of the cougars. If the facts say anything, they are saying that both teams come into this game very evenly matched accross the board. BYU is the underdog in record only, and that won’t mean anything tomorrow.

    31-24 BYU with the W!!!

  • Dave said:

    I agree that we need to stop the run, but our secondary’s woes concern me. I can’t grab the stats from the Utah-TCU game at the moment, but didn’t TCU commit to stopping the run and forcing BJ to pass? It worked for a good chunk of the game, but when it mattered BJ suddenly started completing passes all the way down the field.

    This game scares me. To win, we’ll need to go out and play nearly flawlessly, but that hasn’t exactly been our forte this year. We could overcome mistakes against teams like UNLV, CSU and AFA, but the Utes and their hostile stadium won’t be as forgiving with so much on the line.

    I agree that the pressure’s on Utah. We’re probably headed to Vegas either way. I just hope that the team realizes that they have nothing to lose at this point. Here’s to hoping we have a little of that “magic” left!

    Rise and Shout!!!

  • Scott said:

    utes SUCK! I am so excited to finally put them in their place!

  • Jim said:

    Anatoly Karpov, the great chessmaster of the 70s and 80s once said he prefers the chess game where the margin of error/winning is razor thin. It is much more satisfying that a decisive 15move win game.

    As troubling and nerve-wracking these close games with Utah have been, aren’t the close games the ones we enjoy and talk about the most (provided we win)?

    I’ll always prefer it close with Utah.
    BYU 34, Utah 32

  • J Bone (Jeremiah Webb) said:

    I agree with what Gooch mentioned in the scouting report. I think it’s about the LINE.

    My two keys to victory

    1. The “O” line: If Max gets time he will execute well. (Remember to run the ball Anae!!!)

    2. Whoever turns the ball over less will win. BYU is 1st in the country in forced turnovers this season

    Kirk. In commenting on your question I didn’ t play college but I was a kickoff returner for an arena football team. I can tell you that I have never heard anyone openly say they couldn’t beat another team, but I have heard, seen, and felt “quicksand” (The Replacement, 2001, w/Keanu Reeves)

    Shane Falco: You’re playing and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can’t move… you can’t breathe… because you’re in over your head. Like quicksand.

    The only way to avoid that is to be prepared. Sometimes it just happens but it happens when you get lulled into as a team. But if it starts to happen someone stepping up and making a big play can turn it around. Like a huge hit, or a play where the whistle blows but the RB is still on his feet cause he refused to be tackled.

    At the end of the day I the “O” line, and the “D” line will play their best games to date. I see the defense fighting, and I see a few forced turnovers that will change the momentum of the game.

    Offensively I hope Pitta will be close to full strength, but I think that George will play very well in his stead if needed. Collie will be Collie, and Reed will make some swagger like catches. Fui is the best blocking full back that BYU has ever had, and Unga will leave a trail of bodies as usual.

    BYU 34
    utah 33

  • Seasider said:

    I’m wondering if Utah’s defense will try to get BYU’s line to jump offside by having their lineman make phony shifts before the snap like what Air Force got caught doing. If they do, let’s hope the refs call them on it. I think that was the cause of some of the false starts TCU and Oregon St got called for.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    I can’t say that I have ever felt like I was scared playing against a team out matched us. The closest I came would have to of been agaisnt USC my freshman year. I was on special teams and didn’t really know what to expect. But on the first kick off I throw caution to the wind hit a guy as hard as I could…and he fell down. After that I was good.

    You learn a lot about yourself when you learn to overcome perceptions and instead let your action to the talking.

    Respecting your opponent is necassary, being intimidated is your own choice.

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Utahs D-line pulls that bush league move all the time. They do a jump shift in crucial situations, I think it’s crap. If I was an O-lineman the first red/black jersey I saw jump up in the air I would blast him and take the five yards.

    I understand that goes against my previous post, but I can’t stand gimmicks. Line-up play hard and let’s see who wins.

    I hate when someone or some team takes the game I love and uses gimmick tactics to inch ahead. I get why the do it, but it’s just one of those things that get’s my blood a boil’in.

  • AncientCougarFan said:

    How many times do people come into a game expecting a blow-out, defensive low scoring game, or an offensive High scoring game only for the results being the opposite??

    My mind expects a narrow victory for either BYU or Ewtah. Still, it has been many years since a dominating game by the men in Blue, especially at RES. For this reason I am going against reason:

    BYU 45
    Uwts 21

  • Gary said:

    Utah has not been dominating this year despite their undefeated record. Their quality wins have been at home against TCU and Oregon State and both games they should have lost but miraculously pulled them out in the end.

    Since Urban left the Utes have showed a tendancy to be unpredictable. Let’s hope this is their one game of the year they unexpectantly get blown off the field. Nothing could more sweet to beat them in their place when they were on the BCS doorstep and were expected to win.

  • Steven Lord said:


    I’m with you on the possibility of a big win for the cougs. I have to admit i’m hesitant to call it that way but I think if the Defense plays to it’s potential and plays with fire and consistency we could be looking at 35-17. If not then we win 35-31. Either way we paint the town blue on Saturday night and enjoy it.
    The utes are great at riding momentum but also great at being cocky and I think they overlook the BYU defense in the first half allowing BYU to get ahead. I would still much rather have Max in my corner in the 4th quarter than BJ!!

  • kiyoshige said:

    Great scouting report. I think you’ve hit two key points. One – stopping the Ute running game with Asiata and Mack. Two – if our offensive line can neutralize Kruger and Misi. Those 4 Ute players worry me the most.

    Yes, they have good receivers, but BJ is not as consistent a passer. He was better as a dual threat and now that he’s more one-dimensional he’s just not as effective (I can’t believe I’m saying that when he’s got more wins that any other QB in their history).

    So, if we control those 4, don’t make any turnovers, I see a nice day for our boys in blue.

    See you tomorrow in the KSL chat room.

  • Adam said:

    what is going through a players head the night before the utard game???

  • PJD said:

    Call me nuts…..I just feel it.

    BYU 38, Utah 17

  • vaughnzipper said:

    I think what’s different with this game compared to TCU (besides all the rivalry) is that with TCU we met a team pretty much unknown to us. They really gave it to us on a short week. Utah on the other hand, we’ve seen all that they can do and we have a full week to prepare.

    Like you said though, it’s almost impossible to predict this game. I just think the Utes are wrong to compare us to how we played against TCU on the road to how they played TCU (who really didn’t come with the same level of play) at home. We’ll just have to show them what we did last time a team came talking about how great their secondary is (UCLA).

    For us to win we have to come out with our blood boiling and hitting hard, hard, HARD!

    Great, exciting, thrilling game!

  • Witt said:

    No matter what happens, one thing is clear and this is an eternal truth that you should pass on to your grand kids.

    The Utes stink. Their fans are so obnoxious that they even annoy other Ute fans.

    I’m going to say this again. BYU by 13.

  • Guuny said:


    This is the best BYU read on line. Great work. I agree with everyone comments for the most part and you guys are world class people.

    Max, Austin, Harvey, Fui, Pita and Reed along with the “O” line CANNOT be stopped. 8 times this season the Cougs have scored 34 points or more.

    If TCU was the best team we have played this year they only put 32 points on the Cougs.We got ambushed in that game which I hope never happens again. The “D” has made improvments each game since that time.

    Keys to winning this game come down to three things in my mind:

    1) THE “D” has to play their best game with the same emotion they did with UCLA. This will take the fans out of the game and create the turnovers needed to give Max the ball.

    2) The “O” line has to protect Max. If Max has the protection he is dead on with Austin and compnay.

    3) The kicking game must be at it’s best. To many times this season on the kick off, Santiago has kicked the ball out of bounce, and giving the opponent the ball with great field position. This will kill us, we cannot afford to make stupied mistakes like this and win the game.

    When the Cougers put it all together they cannot be stopped. This team has not yet played its best Football since the UCLA game. If that team shows up Saturday the Utes world will be rocked. They will not know what hit them.

    In closing, I’m in the same ball park as AncientCougarFan , the Cougers WIN this game BIG.

    BYU 42
    Utah 27

  • Doug Witt said:

    Am I missing something?

    There can be TWO non-BSCS schools in their party IF a non-BSCS school is ranked higher than a BSCS conference champion.

    Well, look at the ACC and Big East, both performing way under the MWC. Miami just added another lick of embarrassment to the ACC and while the Utes and Cougars are at it, so will be the Seminoles and Terps. If FSU wins, that could mean the ACC champ will not even ranked in the BSCS standings. (North Carolina would be their only hope.)

    As for the Big East, Cincinnati and Pit play tomorrow and the winner should move up, but should remain lower than TCU and Ball State unless the Falcons upset the Frogs (wouldn’t that be nice).

    I guess it’s too much to hope that USC will lose to UCLA though the Bruins seem to rise from the ashes when they play the Trojans. Oregon and Oregon State still have to play each other on the 29th and the Beavers play the Wildcats in Tuscon tomorrow. All that means is more rubble piling up among the bottom nine of the Pac 10.

    More potential havoc: I know Michigan State was pummeled at Ohio State, and they are playing in Happy Valley. Nonetheless, the Spartans are in a position to further damage the BSCS system if they were to upset Penn State. The nice thing is, by losing the Spartans will probably fall below TCU and Ball State, which might even be better than beating Penn State. That would leave only the Buckeyes and Penn State in good standing among the cream of the BSCS crop.

    As with UCLA and USC, a Wolverine victory over Ohio State tomorrow is highly unlikely but would truly warm my heart. The chances of both of those things happening is about as good as me winning the Kentucky Derby Exacta on a $2.00 ticket.

    In other games, we can expect Nevada to give Boise State a game since they are playing in Reno but the contract-breaking Wolf Pack will still lose.

    See, with all of this going on there are a lot of BSCS vacancies among the top rated teams, notably any Pac 10 team other than the Trojans and any team from the ACC or Big East. Hopefully, it will fuel some discussion about why the BSCS continues to perpetrate it’s system of anti-trust and fraud upon our football loving nation.

  • Ben said:

    Just wanted to call my shot:

    BYU – 31
    Utah – 17

    I think two things need to happen:

    1 – We NEED to establish a solid run game. Harvey and Fui need to REFUSE to go down. We need to keep them on their toes.

    2 – We have to create at least one momentum changing turnover and score off of it.

    Lastly, I’m really hoping to see some serious passion and fire out of our team tomorrow.
    I’ll be rooting my heart out in a room full of Ute fans tomorrow.


  • Shane Edwards said:

    The difference between this game and the TCU game is preparation. Guuny was right when he used the term ambushed. The Y came in unprepared and it showed.

    If there is some positives that came out of that game it’s the fact that BYU won’t get caught off guard tomorrow. You can bet the guys will be focussed to play and the Coaches will have prepared them well. Also, I think Ute players and Ute fans have a false sense of security thinking that they’ll be able to do the exact same thing.

    I think the TCU game was the exception rather than the norm with this offense. Credit TCU for having a good D., but I also think the circumstances were just right to cause BYU to have an off night. The Offenses numbers in the other 10 games speak to that point.

    I’m expecting a good game out of Max and the guys, and if our D. can get a few stops and disrupt B.J. I think the Y takes this one in a fairly high scoring game.

    BYU 34
    Utah 27

  • mccainsatalkin said:

    “It’s just motivation for me, him being the No. 1 receiver. I can’t wait. I’m going to go out there and play my best and do what no one else has been able to do against the best receiver in the nation.”

    When McCain learned that Collie was just 35 yards away from being BYU’s all-time leading receiver, he said that provided a little more motivation for stopping him this week.

    “Oh, he is? Only 35?” McCain said. “Oh, congratulations to Collie. I’m impressed, really. It’s a little extra motivation.”

    Collie, ever the competitor, welcomes McCain’s challenge and said that he’s excited to face a defender that’s so motivated to face him.

    “I wish him all the best,” Collie said. “That’s awesome that he has such confidence and that’s awesome that he has that mindset. That just means it’s going to be more of a battle and it’s going to be a hard-fought game.

    “To be quite honest, I’m a little flattered if that’s all that guy’s thinking about. I hope he does try that hard because I’m looking for a battle, I’m looking for a big game, I’m looking for a challenge.”

  • Indian Joe said:

    It won’t be a close game cause BYU Lost to TCU in a old fashion butt kicking, they also didn’t play that great against a not so great colorado state. I don’t know where you get your statistical stats cause
    I’m sure you’re not including point margins and defens cause Utah unlike BYU don’t allow as many points and rushing yardS!!!

  • mac said:

    I’m going to be sitting down in church somewhere in Asia just about the 5:00 mark of the first quarter. I’m not going to know what happened until it’s long over. However, I’m going to be praying really hard that the team wearing blue brings its “A” game tomorrow and gives it everything they’ve got. I believe if BYU plays another game like UCLA, they humble Utah. Anything less and it’s going to be close.

    Both good and bad breaks happen in football. If BYU can walk off the field tomorrow saying they left everything they had on the field, they’ve done as much as anyone has the right to expect.

    Quinn, for Cougar football fans this venue is the best there is. Period. End of story. Thank you so much for doing this–we all owe you (and Staff) a lot!

  • Gunny said:


    I am assuming you are serving in the miltiary overseas. If so, I have been there too my freind, 21 years USMC. I am retired now, but every weekend I get the oppertunity to take in a game at LES, I am always thinking of my fellow comrades around the worls and wish them well.

    We will also be praying for you and your family my freind! Take care

    Semper FI

    The Gunny

  • Ben said:

    I am Indian JOe an’ I can naught spell so good, and I come on web-sight to say TCU is beat BYU so Utah defens gooder than them sew BYU should looze.

    Sorry Indian Joe! The Utes are going DOWN!!! I’m AMPED FOR THIS GAME!! GO BYU!!!

  • Kurt said:

    I am going to pick BYU 35-28! it is going to be a great game. When BYU gets up 14-0 early it is going to be over early. As long as the COUGS are able to stop Asaita and Mack they are going to roll! I have watched the Utes games all year and I am not all that impressed.

    !!!!!!!RISE AND SHOUT BOYS!!!!!!

  • BCSx2 said:

    Now that we all have your FAIRYTALE PREDICTIONS, let’s see what really happened?

    UTAH 48 BYU 24 !!!

    Max “Heisman Candidate (LOL) Hall: 5 INT’s & 1 Fumble

    Austin Collie: He must not have been living right on and off the field. Must be because he SUPPORTED A NO VOTE ON PROP 8

    How was it watching your Fougars get their “bums” handed to them?

    Were you all serious about the “QUEST?” The answer is YES. You are simply delusional, arrogant, fantasy world living “guys”!!!

    Have fun watching UTAH play in their 2ND BCS BOWL !!!!!

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