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Where are they now, Matt Allen?

21 November 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 18 Comments

I, too, praise Quinn for keeping this blog running and for the unique insight that is given daily. Not only that, but thanks to him for taking the TIME to do it. Quinn tried to elicit my assistance a couple of months ago and I agreed to help out with the blog, only to subsequently become engulfed in my studies and not get an opportunity to contribute. I probably could have made time if I really stretched myself, but I didn’t. Quinn DOES make the time and DOES stretch himself! We all appreciate what is being done here.

This is Matt Allen and I really miss playing BYU football on Saturdays (and sometimes Thursdays). I miss doing the Haka before the game. I miss calling the coin toss and seeing Nate Meikle out there with his microphone and head set doing KSL’s dirty work. I miss the green grass, the blue stands, the yellow flags and the red-faced opposing coaches. I miss the BBBBBBB – YYYYYYY – UUUUUUU – COUGARS late in the second half. I miss signing autographs (although I did sign someone’s scriptures and a pass-along card the other day at church). I miss Coach Mendenhall coming into the locker room jumping up and down after a big win! I miss the players most of all, but its fun to see their names and comments pop up on this website every once in a while.

I am now removed, physically, from Provo. My family and I are living in South Pasadena, California while I am attending Physical Therapy school at USC. Every time I tell people that I go to USC they ask me if I’m a Trojan fan now. I tell them that it’s hard to convert when the program that I put so much energy into over the past 5 years has an identical record as this perennial powerhouse. Needless to say, I’ve made a lot of BYU fans out of my classmates. That being said, I regretfully have only been able to watch a few BYU games this year as Time-Warner Cable doesn’t carry the MTN. Thank goodness for Greg Wrubell on KSL.com. Here in California we have learned to live with the smog and the traffic, and ignore all the “No on Prop. 8″ protests. We actually really love it here.

This is a very important week for all of us, and while I have so many great memories of my playing days that I would love to reflect on right now, it would be inappropriate to mention anything other than the BYU/Utah rivalry past and present. Above I mentioned things that I really miss about donning the Y on my chest on the weekends. However, there are also some things that I do NOT miss, and most of them revolve around this week. For instance: I do not miss trying to ignore all the hype created by the fans and media. You hear it said all the time and I know it is annoying, but as a player it really is just another game. So much is made of this rivalry by the outside that the minute you give into hype, your focus is gone and it’s difficult to not get distracted. However, now that I’m on the other side, it is easy to see what the fuss is all about. All I want to do now is read more about what this coach may have said or what ward these two opposing players grew up in together. As a fan it’s awesome!

I also do not miss the irritating phone calls, text messages, and emails I received from cowardly, anonymous Ute fans (not players) telling me – in their own derogatory descriptive words – how BYU was going to lose. Many of our players started receiving these gestures immediately following our game the previous week (we literally had not boarded the airplane to come back to Provo before our phones started ringing) and continued to receive them right up until game time the next week. Yeah, I don’t miss that at all – GET A LIFE!

I will never miss playing games at Rice-Eccles Stadium. In fact, if I never make it back there again, it’ll be just fine with me. Aside from how they treat our fans (many of you will know more about that than myself), the Ute faithful have a definite impact on the game. Some players will tell you that they can completely ignore the crowd while they play. That is impossible up there. First of all their “fight” song is annoying! All of their fans are in red which color has been proven to elevate one’s heart rate by just looking at it. And just when your heart starts pounding, your ears begin ringing from the deafening crowd noise. The loudest opposing stadium I have ever played in (the only time I’ve ever heard anything louder was the earthquake that erupted after we converted on 4th and 18 last season). I have never felt like fans were able to impact our players’ execution on the field. But not being able to hear your own voice clearly as you yell at the top of your lungs to the player lined up next to you, wears on you after a while.

One of the best moments of my life was when that noise was silenced! Johnny on his knees with a ball in his hands. For just a fraction of a second there was no sound at all. I still remember that moment as if time were standing still. The silence was broken by the overjoyed celebrations of the Cougar faithful in that stadium. A vast minority in that venue, but their voices were proud representations of cheers being hollered in unison all across the nation.

I’d give just about anything to be back on the field listening to those cheers again this Saturday.

Go Cougars!

Welcome to the Deep Shades of Blue Community!


  • YLife said:


    You are a fantastic WR. I’ll never forget some of those passes you caught. I remember one TD where the pass was too high but you still came down with it – was it AFA? You had another spectacular catch against TCU that you had no business catching. Fantastic.

    This is what I’m talking about:


    Yeah, we miss you, too around here. Thanks for sharing your memories of your playing days. You’re a great example of why I cheer for BYU.

    Go, Cougars! Beat the utes!

  • Bleeding Blue said:

    I remember listening to Greg Wrubel call the winning Harline catch in my apartment in Cleveland in ’06. Neighbors upstairs and down complained to the leasing office the next Monday. I also remember your high-flying touchdown grab against AFA last year at LES. Thanks for your contribution to the team the past couple of years, Matt.

  • Scott said:

    New Mexico. THANK YOU!

  • Paul said:

    Thanks Matt for your very vivid description. I too will cherish the memory of RES being silenced and stunned by John Beck and Johnny Harline. I’m looking forward to witnessing how the 2008 version will go down.

    Good luck with your endeavors and thanks for being such a good example.

  • Trey said:

    Thanks for writing to us Matt. How do you like USC? The Prop 8 protests seem crazy to me. Anyway, you will always be appreciated by Cougar Nation! I remember being on the edge of my seat in that beautiful game. The whole time I thought to myself, “There’s no way we’re gonna let them beat us again.” We all held are breathe the last seconds of the game that felt like eternity. Then we all roared. I have to admit that I have cried watching “The Answered Prayer” on youtube with the Rudy music in the background. I know that game represented a lot more to you players, but for us fans who resisted the tauntings of the fair weather bunch, it meant a lot too. Thanks for your contribution to an excellent season that got BYU rolling again!

  • Felix said:

    Matt Allen, are you kidding me? Quinn, there is nothing like this sight, anywhere.

    You are the man Matt, we know you played injured and still out-performed everyone.

    So glad you were a part of BYU football.

    Thanks for your hardwork and sacrifices so that we could jump up and down and act like nuts when you would catch the ball.

    Good luck at USC, glad to know the converts are rollin.

  • Scott T said:

    Matt Allen, Ben Criddle, John Beck, Markell Stafferi…. This is awesome guys… Thank you for doing this. This website is 10 times better then any other BYU football site.

    You guys are 1st class, keep up the good work. As a side note, this is the best year the conference BYU is a part of did, by far… Be it WAC or MWC. When a 4-8 New Mexico team is beating a 6-4 good Arizona team…. I met matt’s parents at at that Arizona game in 2006. Good people.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Scott T said:

    QUINN and MATT…

    Both of you guys are from AZ. Tucson for Gooch and Glendale for Matt. Do you plan on coming back to Arizona ? And what do you think we could do to get a larger chuck of good Blue chip Arizona guys to play for the Cougars.

    It seems like we have had good luck with Arizona guys, like Max Hall and John Beck and definetly you guys… Do you think Arizona is big on Bronco’s radar?

    You guys are the shiz
    Scott from Chandler

  • Justin said:

    Matt, thanks for the post, it’s good to hear from you. I’ll admit, it would have been nice to have another Cougar here in Uteland, but congrats on getting into the #1 school in the country! Glad to hear things are going well for you and your family. Good luck in school and keep converting those Californians to the blue side!!

    GO COUGARS!!!!!!

  • Greg said:


    Thanks for all your clutch grabs all while keeping a toe in bounds. BYU definately would have a few more losses on their record if it weren’t for you.

  • Chad said:

    BYU misses your grit and scrappiness! Quinn has the most amazing blog about BYU football around. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Witt said:

    Quinn says he misses dogging you in practice.

  • Witt said:

    just kidding :)

  • appleseed said:


    It was great watching you play while clad in blue. Was you cousin Heaps ever close to choosing to play for BYU? I think he would have fit in great playing for the Y.

    Also, you’ll never regret choosing you career path. My time in PT has been the most enjoyable career I could have ever chosen. Good luck!

    Go Cougs!

  • Mars said:

    Matt Allen = Awesome Blog

  • Cade said:

    Matt you inspire me. You are the greatest. My Cade time shirts dont hold a candle to you. I only wish you could keep up with me on a surf board.

  • Petey said:

    I’m in PA school in Glendale AZ and a local kid in my class keeps telling me about this fast Mormon kid who was smooth with all the ladies at Cactus HS. He said his name was something Allen.

  • Michael E. Roberts said:

    I have your Jersey dude, maybe not an actual one, since I got it from a DI in Logan, but a real BYU jersey. Maybe its a Covey? HAHA!! Thanks for sharing! GO BYU!!

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