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A video tribute to the Holy War…

17 November 2008 Deep Shades of Blue 20 Comments

Here are just a few reasons why i love the BYU vs. Utah rivalry. The games have everything a fan could every want. Each game is filled with raw emotion, legal/illegal hits, good plays, bad plays, 4th down conversions and more.

The first video is from BYU’s last win at Rice Eccles and the second video is from Lavells final win against Utah, in Rice Eccles.
The first video picks up around the 2:52 point, I got chills remembering where I was when John threw that pass to Johnny. Enjoy, but don’t get in trouble at work.

I didn’t want to make the post completely one sided, so I threw this one in there. The best games are the ones where both sidelines bring their best performances. Watch out Jenkins!!

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  • LittleWillis said:

    Ahh Quinn… Can saturday afternoon get here soon enough… Watching the vids got me even more pumped. Cant wait for Saturday!!!
    BYU 48
    Yewtah 35

  • Matt said:

    Ahh the memories. I really hope Saturday adds to the list.

  • Steven Lord said:

    This is going to be a rough week for me, why do the BYU administrators insist on having midterms on rivalry week. Don’t they understand unless you are asking me about 4th and 18 i’m not gonna know the answer!!

  • Steven Lord said:

    Side note, let’s also win the food drive this year, apparently the utes have been donating more food than us over the last few years. We need to beat them at everything!! Support a good cause and donate to the rivalry food drive!

  • Alex said:

    Love it! Where Collie 4:18?

  • CoachC said:

    I have thought BYU is considerably better than Utah the past two years. The games have been close, but it seems the better team was BYU. Quinn, your thoughts on the talent of Utah as compared to BYU?

  • BOrton said:

    I love the part at 3:05 (Second Video from the Top) where the offensive lineman does the throat slash. AWESOME!

  • Matt10 said:

    I’m shaking right now! Great memories! Lets make some more this week!!!

  • Jay Green said:

    Did anyone catch the former Utah and BYU players on KUTV last night? I believe the Utah player’s last name was Gunther and the BYU player was Jake Karesa. The difference in class between the two players is very apparent. Gunther went on and on about how Jan Jorgenson cheats on his sacks and how he has no respect for him. I know he is trying to stir the pot this week, but come on, have more class then that. Jake Karesa represented BYU very well as a former player. If you have not seen it, go to KUTV.com and click on sports, then interview is on the right hand side.

  • ChrisB said:

    Ofahengaue’s “gesture” at the 3:04 mark of the 2nd video is one of the most deeply moving parts of this whole montage, especially when you know what’s coming next.

    Love it!

  • Mars said:

    I wish, FOR ONCE, that BYU would come out and play this rivalry game like it matters more to them than it does to Utah!!!

  • Quinn Gooch (author) said:

    Where is Collie on 4th and 18?? He’s running down the sideline, and he’s still open.

    I tryed to keep the videos to some of the best Rice Eccles moments.

    Mars, it’s not what happens at the beginning of the game or in the middle, for that matter. All that matters is the score at the end of the game. Let’s hope the good guys can keep winning.

  • Gunny said:

    Quinn, great job as always. I have tickects to the game Saturday, I can hardly wait.

  • Mark Anderson said:

    Hey Quinn:

    You probably know about this site, but just in case you haven’t seen it, http://justanotherdumb.com/byu/
    The version they have of the 2006 Utah game is IMHO the best. Check it out. The music is by POD “BOOM”. The lyrics just fit so well:

    Boom! Here comes the Boom!
    Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South
    Boom! Here comes the Boom!
    Ready or not, How you like me now?

    I said
    We rep. the South, so what you talking about
    I’m not running off my mouth, I know this without a doubt
    ‘Cause if you know these streets, then these streets know you
    When it’s time to handle business, then you know what to do (what to do)
    Me and my crew, we stay true, old school or new
    Many were called, but the chosen are few (were a few)
    We rise to the top, what you want? Just in case you forgot
    Rush the stage, grab my mic, show me what you got

    Anyway, if you haven’t seen it I think you will enjoy it.

  • Paul said:

    Do you guys know why the 2006 version of the Holy War will forever be ingrained in my memory? Of course the Beck-To-Harlene pass was awesome, but that was just the fuel for the fire. The best part of that game was witnessing RES and the fans in red go from complete madness and excitement to complete silence and shock!! I’ll never forget that moment for as long as I live. The Yewt agony was enough to make you just sit back and laugh one of those evil, scheming kind of laughs. You all know what I’m talking about, cuz you all did it too!

    With even more on the line for the Yewts this year, there will be no end to my laughter after the Cougars stomp Utah’s BCS dreams into the ground! GO COUGARS!!!

  • Nate said:

    check out this link for one more great clip of 2006. It’s done by KSL and is entitled “Behind the scenes”. Here’s the link:


    ahhh…the blood flows quickly now…time for the game!

  • Nate said:

    oops, wrong link…that prior link is to a clip called the ultimate BYU highlight video, which is equally inspiring, the behind the scenes clip is linked to here:


    enjoy…again and again.

  • Zak said:

    I can’t WAIT!!! I am so excited for another amazing victory in the enemy’s lair!

    When you’re livin’ right – Magic Happens!!!

  • vaughnzipper said:

    I remember Lavelle’s last as if it were yesterday! I remember bursting out of my seat when Stailey broke out on that big one…. then to cap it off with a huge td run! Thanks for posting that… good memories!

  • Doug Witt said:

    Okay, I was going to head to RES and get there by 2:00PM. Now, I’m thinking I need to get there by noon.

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